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So, I’ve been blogging weekly for about 10 months now, and I really don’t love it! I try to put out helpful health related information, but I wonder if anyone even reads it, enjoys it, sees it? I wonder if the time I spend doing it, is worth it, or if I should be spending that time doing something I enjoy alot more, like coaching! Or maybe I need to find a different way to brand my business and reach potential clients. Am I being inauthentic in doing something I don’t enjoy?

If you are reading this and have become a follower and like my content, let me know. At the risk of ego, and some possible social media ‘faux pas’ I would like to know if my time is well spent or not! If not, I will know it’s time to move on.

Sometimes looking after our health, is looking after where we spend our precious time, so that we can create more time to look after ourselves, and give the world, the best of us and not what’s left of us!

Your feedback is welcome, with suggestions for future topics that you’d like to read about.

To Your Health!