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I had the most wonderful experience being inside of the hypnotherapy certification course Melissa and Billie teach!! Not only did I learn so much, Melissa was the greatest at breaking things down and making sure I truly understood the lessons. Plus she really stood behind who we serve and it was so eye opening for me to be in that space as well! I can’t wait to have her as a teacher again!

Kat Polsinelli, Murfreesboro, TN

Melissa is an excellent coach who made the 3 day online hypnotherapy coaching session wonderful and fun filled. The tools taught in sessions , gave me a new angle to apply my spiritual wisdom and experience to combine with the scientific methods to help people in a broader way from a healing perspective. Thank you Melissa!!!! 🤩! Kudos love and light ! 💖 💫

Roopashree G Winnipeg, MB

Melissa Deally is the Real Deal.  She is an incredible healer, and she is the one that you want by your side to help you unlock the healer within yourself.  She will walk confidently with you down the path, as she has already walked down it herself.  She not only knows what she is doing (She is living proof of that), but she uplevels and upgrades her skills continuously through many different modalities to ensure that her toolbelt is better equipped than that of any other healer I have met.  Not only is she the “Friendly Toxin Slayer”,  She also teaches you that you are in control, you are powerful, and you will prevail.  A better Doctor, Teacher, and Human Being I have not met.   Thanking you Melissa, so sincerely, you have helped me change my life and regain my control.

Dawn Tedesco Langely, BC

I am an ICF accredited coach, and I want to share a wonderful experience that I had working both with Melissa Deally and Billie Aadmi on my practitioner training for NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. What a great combination the two of them are, they both bring their own flair and their own strengths to it and working with the two of them was fantastic. I highly recommend their combined program for certification, I came for the CEU credits and got so much more! This is absolutely the coaching program you need to take!

Deepak Saini Calgary, AB

Melissa, thank you very much for incredible weekend of new learnings. With your help and guidance I feel so confident in my hypnotherapy skills. Now I know how to use Krasner Method of Hypnotherapy with such a solid foundation that you taught me. You are such a patient and knowledgeable teacher . I always feel in good hands when I learn from you and the best part is I am always able to bring my skills into action right away. Really grateful and wish many more people to meet you, as you are so magical and empowering for success and overall wellbeing


You are such a natural teacher–warm, kind, insightful, articulate, able to distill a complex idea into its essence simply. I had such a lovely experience being and learning with you and the group of extraordinary women you’ve attracted into your world. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for opening my eyes so unexpectedly about the power of this work. My unconscious mind met my conscious mind this weekend, in my awareness, thanks to YOU! Mind. Blown. So looking forward to continuing this journey with you. 🥳🥰😃

Heidi Rome Livingston, NJ

Thank you Melissa for the beautiful weekend of Hypnosis Designation Training! I had so much fun and learned so much! I am deeply grateful for the experiences and learning and to have met everyone and for the amazing training you and Billie hosted …it was really phenomenal !!!  Thank you, thank you , thank you


Jennifer Baloga Freeland, PA

Billie and Melissa’s “8 Day Mind Body Practitioner Training” is truly exceptional. Both trainers, demonstrated expertise and clear communication of NLP concepts. The curriculum covered a broad range of NLP, TLT, hypnotherapy and coaching topics, creating a comprehensive understanding of all practices.

The training sessions were thoughtfully structured, fostering a supportive learning environment for participants of all levels. Billie and Melissa’s passion for the subject made each session not only educational, they were also enjoyable.

What sets this training apart is the practical applicability of the knowledge shared. Billie and Melissa didn’t just present theories; they provided real-world examples and exercises, empowering us to apply the learning in our daily lives.

This training exceeded my expectations. I left with valuable insights and renewed enthusiasm to incorporate these teachings into my professional practice.

Natalie Wong Vancouver, BC

I am blessed to be a part of 8 day Mind & Body Practitioner Training guided by Melissa and Billie. I am so grateful for all my new learnings and a powerful, profound breakthrough I just had myself by creating new neurology, clearing all past negative emotions, limiting beliefs/ decisions and planting new positive suggestions into my mind. As of now I am highly skilled and a certified practitioner and I am excited to serve all the people I am about to empower by using new knowledge and skills I learnt. Melissa and Billie are truly dedicated and they are there for you to succeed. I am so grateful to have them as my teachers, as they opened up the whole new world of unlimited opportunities for me. I made the best decision by taking this course. Thank you, Melissa and Billie ♥️

Olya Zhilinskaya Vancouver, BC

Melissa is a fantastic health coach and has greatly improved my overall well-being! I just finished a detox cleanse with her and I am a 51 year old man that feels better than I did at 31. I also took her course on self-hypnosis and it has helped me sleep better, focus clearer and learn things about my health that I never knew was possible. My mental, physical and emotional health is far better after following her coaching than a lifetime of traditional “modern” medicine. She has a fun and pure way of bringing us back to our natural state, where the body can do what it’s designed to do, and heal itself. She’s extremely knowledgeable about all facets of what keeps the body in harmony with the brain and I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re already taking 1 of her courses, congratulations, you’re going to feel better soon!

Matt Rigsby Salmon, ID

I did the 21 day detox because I was feeling blah, menopausal, and was looking for more energy, more balance, more control, less inflammation in my body. As a result of this guided detox program, I’m feeling much lighter, more clarity, great sleep, I’m getting lots of deep sleep that I never used to get and am waking up with more energy, excited for the day, happy to get out of bed! Digestive wise my stomach feels lighter, I have no more joint pain, I feel more youthful and I have a lot more energy! Thank you so much for guiding me through this program.

Lisa Marie Gauder Oakville, ON

I have worked with Melissa in several capacities now, and she excels at them all. My husband and I worked with her on some health issues and cleansing. She was compassionate and understanding and most of all provided the flexibility he needed to get through.

Recently, I’ve studied hypnotherapy with her. She is a gentle and effective teacher and mentor, helping each person in the class to master the skills and mindset needed to become board-certified hypnotherapists.

I plan to continue my learning journey with her.

Jeanne Andrus Covington, LA

I am absolutely thrilled with the Hypnotherapist Designation Training that I completed with Melissa Deally! It was well worth the money and time invested, and I feel like I’ve gained so much from this experience.

Melissa is a truly exceptional hypnotherapist who was incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging. She created a warm and welcoming environment where I felt safe to learn and grow.

Throughout the training, I was given plenty of opportunities to practice and hone my skills. What I appreciated most about this training was the level of personal attention and support I received. Melissa was kind and thorough answering all my questions.

Overall, I would highly recommend this Hypnotherapist Designation Training to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of hypnotherapy and learn how to use this powerful tool to help others. It was an amazing experience!

Linda Orsini Oakville, ON

I signed up for the cleanse/detox because it was time for me to take care of my body. I wanted to see what my body would feel like when it was actually “clean”. I am so thankful I gave my body this gift. I am extremely thankful I chose Melissa and her program to help guide me. Melissa is so well educated and experienced, it put my mind at ease and I trusted her guidance. My body has never felt better and so happy I signed up and gave my body a gut reset.

Celeste Pennington Kelowna, BC

I loved this!  It sounded like a long day, this one day self hypnosis course, but it did fly by. The main thing I really enjoyed about this session was the science, the data, really giving the background, the history of hypnosis, and also the science behind it. Not that I am skeptical, but it really helps you validate it to others who really just don’t understand.  I thought it was really powerful.  I am so relaxed, so, so relaxed! I loved what I learned to do for myself today. So thank you so much.

Jill Knerr Dayton, MD

Melissa has been amazing to work with. For years, I’ve asked my doctor to just listen and help me figure out what was going on with my body. After years of no answers, I met Melissa. I finally have answers! I competed a detox with her and continue to coach with her along the way. I already have so much energy and feel like “me” again! I love working with her!

Amber Trail Warfordsburg, PA

Dina Legland Boca Raton, FL

Jill Knerr, Hey Taxi , Columbia, MD

Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt, The Grand Connection Victoria, BC

I am so impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the Krasner hypnosis course facilitated by Melissa Deally and Lisa Marie Gauder. These two are highly skilled facilitators in a very important area of expertise. They far surpassed my expectations of the course and I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to deepen their relationship with Hypnosis and the power of the unconscious mind.

Cheryl Brewster, The Intuitive Life West Vancouver, BC

Michelle Abraham, Amplify You Ruby Lake, BC

Melissa is knowledgable, attentive, and genuinely interested in helping you along the journey. She was able to customize a program that worked well for me. I highly recommend working with her on the 21-day detox program!

Angie Vendetti Lambertville, NJ


Colleen Biggs Phoenix, AZ

I have been raving about the Self-Hypnosis Masterclass!  I have seen noticeable shifts in my productivity from our work on Friday. My suggestion was around giving and receiving love, but for the first time in soooo long, I had an extremely productive work day today. I was able to set clear expectations for what I would do, and I didn’t beat myself up for things that didn’t get done; I simply scheduled them for later in the week. I also saw some household things that I’ve been neglecting, I was able to prioritize them over work. I know that Ron’s love language for receiving love is acts of service, so it is related to my suggestions. My focus and happiness increased so much that Ron asked me what was going on with me today. Lol.

I admit that I was hesitant and fearful about hypnosis in the beginning, but the approach that you took in breaking down myths, sharing the history, and really making the information relatable before diving into the practice made me comfortable. I also appreciated being in a small group that I felt safe with. You shared so much information and reminders that I could put into practice immediately. For instance, I’m much more aware of what I watch and listen to before going to sleep.

Aisha Winfield Philadephia, PA

Melissa’s 1-day self-hypnosis Masterclass was a home run. Not only did I brush off the dust of my pendulum and bring that back to the forefront of my decision-making, but I also learned the EXACT steps I need to take regularly to access my unconscious mind through self-hypnosis. It’s so worth the time as it flies by quickly because Melissa keeps the workshop motivating and active!

Colleen Biggs Phoenix, AZ

I LOVED the 1 day Learn Self Hypnosis Masterclass! Melissa is an amazing teacher, and she is passionate about sharing WHY it works as much as HOW it works!  I really appreciated that aspect.  This was a very hands on workshop, with many opportunities for interaction, the time flew by!  I highly recommend adding this valuable tool to your own personal toolbelt, and to your business toolbelt as well! Accessing your Inner Magic is powerful!

Dawn Cermak, Hey Taxi Columbia, MD

My 21-day Detox journey with Melissa Deally this past July turned out to be a royal success. It was not only physical but emotional, mental and spiritual as well.
In the emotional/mental/spiritual space, I completed the process of an accident I sustained 35 years ago which showed up as unresolved pain. My eating and sustained increased weight was a way to mitigate the unresolved pain I was feeling. While I did not eat badly my body was holding on to the stress and eating sweets became a habit.
I reduced 10lbs on the program, its been 4 months and I’ve maintained my new weight, I have no desire for sweets and my sleep is deeper due to my intake of more protein in the form of midday shakes.
Thanks Melissa for your guidance, you have been a true blessing.
I will continue monthly accountability and quarterly weekly detox.

Sharon A Glenview, IL

If you are concerned about maintaining (or reclaiming) full and vibrant health then I would highly recommend Melissa. She is a heart-centered guide with a wealth of knowledge and her passion for the work she does shines through.

Candy Motzek Vancouver, BC

This program was phenomenal and I’ve studied nutrition in the past. Melissa covers all the bases and addresses all aspects of healthy eating as well as offers superior support throughout the entire program. I feel SO much better and my energy levels are consistent now, plus I have MORE energy which is fabulous. I love the recipes and will continue to eat this way, being now able, after the program, to tune with more awareness of what my body needs and can fine tune my nutritional needs. Loved following a schedule (I usually resist schedules but this one was easy to abide by and helped me tremendously with my ‘grazing’ habit!) Highly recommend this experience. Melissa is very knowledgeable and being in a group where we learn from each other was a great bonus. Thank you Melissa for an uplifting and enlightening experience.

Maryann Hesse Prescott, AZ

Melissa Deally of Your Guided Health Journey is beyond knowledgeable in all things health. Her resources are extensive and has provided me with information for a variety of concerns for not only myself but my family as well. I have done the detox program 2x and felt amazing!! Next I have ordered some at-home tests to further examine my concerns. I am so happy I’ve found Melissa!! Contact her, you will be amazed at her extensive knowledge. Thank you Melissa!!

Heidi Koch Arroyo Grande, CA

The 21-day detox with Melissa was sooooo good. Dropped a ton of weight (results vary, so I won’t say the amount), and have felt better and more productive during my day than I have in years. Best part is Melissa’s wealth of knowledge and her unwavering support. SUCH a good reset and kickstart for my greater health goals.

Elizabeth Purvis Portland, OR

Before I did the 21 day group detox with Melissa, I was a bit of a detox skeptic, and also pretty scared I wouldn’t last a day in detox. I had some pretty bad food habits I just couldn’t seem to shake (sugar cravings, night snacking) so gave it a try. The detox totally did the trick. I broke existing patterns and came out of it with new much healthier habits I am now maintaining. My terribly painful feet got much better, and I lost weight. Melissa is a really great guide. She has a wonderful way about her, is great at sharing the knowledge she’s developed, and did a beautiful job of creating a supportive community within our group. Thanks!

Monique S Vancouver, BC

Thank You Melissa for your intentional care and concern for all of us participants in the January group of your Health Kickstart and Detox Program. Not only did you make the material and steps easy to follow, you provided WAY more support and information than I could have ever expected.

I have done a variety of health cleanse programs the last several years but your 21-day Detox program is legitimately and by far the most comprehensive and most realistic cleanse I have ever completed.

Your guidance and availability as I figured things out the first week were above and beyond! Having the APP to remind me when to take supplements as well as tracking water intake, exercise and sleep was a bonus that I quickly learned to rely on to keep me on track.

I highly recommend this Health Kickstart and Detox program to people who are serious and committed to taking care of their nutritional health and who feel like they need a nutritional reset.

Furthermore, I highly recommend Melissa to be your coach/practitioner as you navigate the program. She is intentional, articulate, has a wealth of knowledge, and is truly invested in helping her clients attain their health goals.

Jaci Finneman Saint Augusta, MN

1 What was the biggest (health) challenge for you before working with me?
I had worked with a health coach in her group program for 6 months prior, and due to perimenopause, I was discouraged to find couldn’t keep the weight fully off. I also wasn’t motivated to increase my movement, and I didn’t feel good in my body at about 20 pounds over my goal weight, with most of it hanging out in my mid-section. I didn’t implement some of the strategies my coach was suggesting because I couldn’t wrap my head around stopping the keto way of eating I had adopted in the past 3 years that had initially worked so well until my body changed.

2. What were some of the strategies in Your Guided Health Journey’s Detox that made the biggest difference?The explanations of WHY my body was doing some of the things it was doing and the suggested way to specifically detox over three weeks initially, with a quarterly detox “tune up” week, broke through the “clouds” for me, and I was so enthusiastic about the potential results I did the 3-week detox straight away in December, right before the holidays!

3. What have been the results so far? I released about half the weight I desired to drop in just 4 weeks and felt so much better in my body that I started to create a workout space in my lower level for HIIT first thing in the mornings. One of my knees, which sometimes complains going down stairs, stopped complaining. So, I’m walking and moving more. Post detox, I continued with liquid smoothies that are super nutritious, which helps me eat way less than I was thinking my body needed beforehand throughout the day. And, my husband is more interested in having intimacy with me, which is extremely generative in many areas of my life, including business and money. In fact, my ability to manifest made a quantum leap while I was detoxing, and I energetically booted clients who were no longer a fit out of my ongoing program to make room for ones who are a fit. I embraced plant-based proteins for most lunches and leave the animal proteins for dinners, which are fun to cook together with my husband. I am eating according to my metabolic and blood types, which feels so much more aligned. Oh, and my husband has started replacing one of his meals now with shakes/smoothies as well, so he can shed some pounds, too!

4. What are some of your biggest insights, inner shifts and realizations? I realized that having a way of eating that honors your body is extremely important, especially as we age. Melissa’s method does just that and is an easy-to-live approach. I feel much less stressed about meal planning and prepping than before, am eating more fruits and veggies, and drinking the appropriate amount to stay hydrated. My whole system feels harmonized and ready to take on the world!

5. What’s up for you next? How will your experience impact your results in the future? I will continue with the smoothies for breakfast, because I like how easy, fast and delish they are as well as how I feel consuming them. I look forward to my quarterly detox “tune up” week and continuing that for the foreseeable future, as well as hearing my lab results for any additional tweaks I may need to make so I naturally and completely heal myself back to a healthy, harmonized physical system. I know this will continue to increase my ability to manifest whatever I desire. Thank you, Melissa, for being my guide on this wonderful journey!

Susan Glusica Equinunk, PA

Melissa Deally is a top notch expert in her field of health. As a client, I was highly impressed with her support and accountability in coaching. Melissa customizes a health journey for you, and is driven to make sure there are support tools in place no matter what you may need.

Julie Jones Fountain Hills, AZ

Melissa is amazing! I have been blown away by Melissa’s extensive knowledge as well as her patience and encouragement. I was super hesitant to do the detox because I have had so many bad experiences in the past, but it was literally one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have been struggling to lose weight for quite some time because of hormonal and other issues. I did the detox and felt GREAT – I was full of energy, was never hungry, had fewer headaches, AND I lost 13 pounds! Now that I have been off of it and have gone back to eating some of the junk I ate before, I can tell better than ever what my body just doesn’t like. And I’m adjusting accordingly! Even better, I managed to keep the weight off through the holidays by eating healthy food that I truly enjoy – and I even met my pre-Christmas goal weight! WOO HOO!!! Thank you, Melissa, for getting me on track healthwise!!!

Lori Osbourne Yulee, FL

As an Arbonne Consultant, I have been focused on being my healthiest self, eating clean, using toxin free products for more than five years. Recently, I had some health issues come up that I needed to address – a frozen shoulder, unexplained weight gain and sleep issues. I decided to work with Melissa Deally, run some labs and do her functional medicine detox. I’m so happy to say that working with Melissa has completely healed my frozen shoulder, in just 2 months, that I had been struggling with for a year! I can now fully lift my arm again and have joined a Dragon Boat team! I also enjoyed losing some weight, and am experiencing improved sleep. Melissa provided me with a personal wellness protocol to help re-balance my hormones, based on my lab results, and I’m feeling awesome, even as I can feel my body continuing to heal! I’m so glad I listened to my body and decided to work with Melissa to regain my health when I did!
Thank you Melissa!

Hillary Spivak Lambertville, New Jersey

I recently went through the 4 week Health Kickstart + Detox program with Melissa and highly recommend her program and services! To supplement, she provided excellent “bite sized” education that was very easy to understand and implement. Many programs have so much info that it is overwhelming. I loved the emailed handouts as well as the videos. I appreciated the videos being recorded so that I could look at them at my own pace when I was unable to attend class. It was also encouraging and beneficial to hear the others in the group talk about their experiences. She had excellent follow-up and has a way of explaining things in layman terms so anyone interested in becoming more healthy should have no problem whatsoever. Thank you Melissa!!!

Nancy Gaskins Pensacola, Florida

I have to say that from my first conversation with Melissa I knew I had to do something to combat my health. I was fatigued all the time, bloated, my pain levels were at about a 12 (1-10), and I just knew I had to do something. I took her 21-day Detox and it changed my life. In 21 days, my pain level was down to about a 2, my cravings were gone, I am no longer bloated and miserable and my energy levels are amazing, plus I am sleeping so much better and I didn’t even know that was an issue. I would highly recommend working with Melissa, she guides you through step by step to make it as easy as possible. My life has been changed. You want her guidance.

Larissa Russell Edmonton, Alberta

If you are looking to make a change in your health and haven’t been able to do it yourself. I would highly recommend working with Melissa Deally. She made what seemed like a difficult process easy, with the incredible support, accountability and resources. It was wonderful not having to do it alone. When I was deciding whether or not to join I asked myself this question. “What do I have to gain by doing this?” I encourage you to do the same.

Jenny Ryce Vancouver, BC

I took Melissa’s 4-week detox program and all I can say is “WOW”. I’ve taken many courses over the years on my healing journey and have done many detoxes but none of them have gone in-depth like Melissa’s. Her expertise, knowledge, and passion to set me up for success were clearly evident in how she structured the class. Our weekly calls were always so full of downloadable PDFs filled with knowledge, step-by-step processes, recipes, best practices, and the list goes on. Melissa’s program is a One-Stop-Shop to getting yourself back to feeling healthy, vibrant, and energized!

Lynn Vollmer Edmonton, Alberta

I was fortunate enough to have Melissa as a coach to do a detox during a stressful time of transition. It truly helped me stay focused on all that I had to do without going off the rails:). I was focused on my self care which really really helped! I highly recommend! And Melissa is an excellent coach!!

Elise Victoria

As someone who strives to reduce inflammation while eating a healthy, vegan diet I found Melissa’s cleanse eye opening, especially during the reintroduction phase. I knew I had sensitivities to certain foods already but it made me more aware of what might be right for my body and the things that weren’t working. It was also great to commit to a routine with the program and to become more conscious of the habits that served me as well as those that didn’t.

Emily Whistler

Thank You to Melissa Deally for the 14 day reset cleanse program. I’m now in day 12 and I must say I am very happy with it. Whilst my main objectives were around feeling better and having more energy, I have also lost 7 pounds which is a great bonus. I am sleeping better, I have more energy especially in the afternoons when I am usually drained, and my brain is working better (less ‘brain fog’). Melissa has coached me through the process, she explains the science behind the program very well, and I am already forming habits that will sustain these benefits beyond the cleanse. My biggest take away is the education that I have gained through the experience, you can read up on these things all you like but there’s nothing like actually doing it to make you understand how your body reacts to the foods you consume. Thanks Melissa.

David Whistler

I would like to express my gratitude for your guidance and coaching in my recent Sugar Challenge. When I initially signed up for the Sugar Challenge, I didn’t know what to expect. I have never been interested in diets and generally dismissive towards restrictive food regimes. This program was not like that at all. I learned so much about sugar and understanding it’s impact on my body and how to look for sneaky sugars. It was so easy to follow the program with Melissa checking in regularly. Figuring out what foods are best for your body and making new habits to support that is so key. This program is perfect for a fresh start or to just try something different. Melissa is an empathetic listener and understands that every body is different. I really felt supported and appreciated all the encouragement and coaching along the way.
Thanks very much!

Jennifer Whistler

28 Day Kick the Sugar Habit Program. This program, under the guidance of Melissa, has been life changing for me. As an older woman I have been faithfully putting pounds and inches on every year, just like research has shown. I tried to maintain what I thought was healthy eating and a regular exercise regime but nothing was working. I even bought the JJ Virgin Sugar Impact book., but looked through it and it felt overwhelming, so I did nothing. Having Melissa guiding this program, along with her regular advice and coaching app has been great, I have lost inches as well as pounds at a healthy rate. Plus I feel so much better with more energy, a clearer mind and less cravings. As well with the knowledge she has given me, I am sure I can maintain most of what I have learned. I definitely would take another course from Melissa. Thank you. Mahalo.

Sandy Maui

Hi Melissa I hope you’re new year is off to a great start! I wanted to reach out to thank you for helping me kick off my weight loss again because even through the holidays I stayed in track better then I ever have and since November I have lost 15 pounds!! 😄 Thank You

Marlene Vancouver