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Guided Detox Programs to regain your health.

Are Your Trashcans Overflowing?

You’d never let that happen to the heavy-duty ones you regularly put out in the street. It’s just not good waste management. Is it?

Yet, are you aware that, figuratively speaking, there’s likely a trash overload happening right now inside your body? It’s time to clean up that mess!

Guided Detox Programs

The liver and kidneys are the organs in charge of your body’s waste management. In addition to processing any unhealthy choices of food and drink you ingest, these organs also deal with all the impurities that enter your system through water and air. Since World War II, almost 100,000 chemical toxins have been introduced into our atmosphere.

Is it any wonder that your liver and kidneys eventually get bogged down and can no longer eliminate toxins as efficiently? It’s extremely important to address this waste management issue as soon as possible and help your body take out the trash.

In Latin American, Asian, and Ayurvedic cultures, routine detoxing is considered as essential to good health and hygiene as brushing your teeth. In our Western world, cleansing our outer body is commonplace, but, conversely, the concept of washing out our internal systems is relatively unknown. This is essentially counterintuitive to Hippocrates’ famous assertion that all disease starts in the gut.

Learn About My Guided Detox Programs

There are so many signs, some subtle and others as overt as stubborn belly fat, that can indicate it’s time to clean out your internal trash cans. You can take my Discover Your Toxic load Quiz to discover your toxic load and the signals your body is sending you! This short video explains my Functional Medicine Liver Detox program, a brilliant next step for you on your health journey. What I love about this one, in particular, is that, on our fasting days, we are still nourishing the body with delicious shakes. Thus the program is quite easy to integrate into your everyday life.

The resulting benefits that so many experience make any minor lifestyle adjustments while on the program well worth your while:

  • Revitalized, youthful energy
  • Lower inflammation levels
  • Crystal clear thinking
  • Deep rejuvenating sleep
  • Improved memory recall
  • Re-balanced hormones
  • Increased libido
  • Improved digestion & eliminated bloating
  • Weight loss that happens naturally & effortlessly

Convinced the detox program is the right choice for you? I can offer you guidance in two ways:

Option 1 –  5 week group program:

Week 1: Get set up for success on your 21 day detox plan – This includes everything from the above program, including the app.

Week 2: Debunking nutritional myths & discovering the RIGHT way to eat for your unique body

Week 3: Optimizing Digestion – You are what you absorb, not just what you eat.

Week 4: How Not To Retox After Your Detox. Make detoxing part of your lifestyle so that you CAN create a body that is inhospitable to disease!

Week 5: Kick Sugar to the Curb – It’s in everything! Discover where it is sneaking into your diet and how to eliminate it.

PLUS: Upon completion you’ll receive an invitation to join my Detox Graduates Membership Program”  for free to stay in the community, have monthly Q&As with me to get your questions answered and more!

Option 2 – 1:1 Success Session:

In this coaching consultation, I explain how the 21 day detox plan works, providing recipes, tips on hydration, meal planning, along with additional tools and resources.

We discuss your start date, and I show you how to use the app through which we’ll communicate for the duration of our collaboration and I’ll provide you content on how not to re-tox after your detox! This is a guided health journey for a very good reason. Those who come to me for support during moments of self-doubt when discouraging self-talk is getting them down actually have a 100% success rate in completing the program. I have the answers to your questions, and I am here for you. You need only to reach out for my help.