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“Your Health Is Your Greatest Asset, Don’t Take It For Granted, Prioritize It, Invest In It Now, Or Pay Later.”

For health empowerment crusader Melissa Deally, your guided journey back to a vibrant, thriving, perfectly balanced state of wellbeing, mind, body, and soul is an attainable goal well worth every effort to achieve. Moreover, this elemental wellbeing is our birthright, deeply foundational to everything we could ever want in life, the solution to most if not all of the problems we are experiencing on every level.

Our wellbeing is our birthright, foundational to everything we could ever want in life.

They say the Universe has its mysterious ways. In retrospect, it seems clear that Melissa was being guided herself to her ultimate vocation, given the series of events that took this commerce and finance major, secure in her career as national sales director with a major hotel chain, to who she is today, a passionate integrative health practitioner making a profound difference in so many lives.

It all became truly personal when both her daughters sustained concussions mere months apart, turning a budding curiosity about brain health into a determined quest for essential knowledge.

“When I got the phone call to pick up Samantha from school due to a suspected concussion, I was driving to Vancouver. I literally, looked up at the heavens and said, ‘Really? This is how you show me my new path? Please, STOP taking out my children.’”

It all begins with a mindset about-face. Instead of taking our overall wellness for granted, trusting in today’s overwhelmed, inefficient healthcare system to fix us before we topple over the brink of disaster, we must take charge now, ourselves, to learn everything we were never taught about ensuring our wellbeing. Our return to optimal health must be our first priority.

Melissa will remind us that it’s never too late to get started. As this enlightened advocate wisely puts it:
Health isn’t everything but without it everything else is nothing.

It was definitely a pivotal moment that served as the catalyst for the concerned mother to further not just her understanding of brain health in support of her daughters in the “thick of healing”, as she describes it, but to launch her into a whole new way of life and an accompanying business. Melissa’s first awareness of holistic health, however, had begun much earlier.

“People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.” author & thought leader -Wendell Berry

It is possible to get the answers to healthcare issues if you determine the why

“When my migraines had suddenly gotten worse at work, my doctor just wanted to give me a prescription. I didn’t want drugs. I wanted to know WHY this had happened because then, I could do something about it to fix it. My logical brain told me to seek out the reasons, so I turned to a naturopath. My first functional medicine lab test revealed that my progesterone was really low. Thanks to a tonic suggested by the naturopath, after a couple of months, the migraines had almost entirely disappeared. This proved to me it was possible to get the answers to healthcare issues if I followed the WHY.”

Despite her natural frustration, Melissa persisted. Just as she had determined previously with her oldest daughter, food intolerances were the source of the problem, causing everything from apathy, inattention, mood swings right on through to physical pain. Fortunately, Melissa was able to put in the time researching the intricacies of the imbalances and concocting new recipes for two different sets of food issues. What struck her most prominently, however, was that despite the obvious seriousness of the situation, there was an astonishing lack of support and available guidance for those facing these challenges.

This important discovery was game-changing for Melissa. Like the rest of us, she was used to following the advice of the medical powers-that-be. Now, she was beginning to see there was so much more behind the cause of our various ailments. When her six-year-old, normally a social, active child, began to lose interest in her regular pastimes, complaining of constant stomach aches, all the doctor said was, “All little girls get tummy aches. She’ll grow out of it.” When she asked about the cause, she was informed, “Oh, there are so many reasons. We’d never narrow it down. It could be anything”.

“Within two weeks of adjusting her diet, my daughter was back to her normal self. I told her doctor about the success we’d had with the food intolerance testing, thinking she’d want to know to help others, and all I got was, ‘There’s no proof in any of that testing.’ Here was my daughter, living proof, standing right there, obviously so much better after a matter of weeks, when supposedly all I could do before was ‘wait for her to grow out of it.’ In that moment, I was done with mainstream medicine and the apparent unwillingness to see alternative options to healing.”

There may have been no assistance available when she needed it, but now Melissa has become the support you need.

Now, having earned numerous health and life coaching certifications, Melissa is genuinely galvanized by her experiences. There may have been no assistance available when she needed it, but now Melissa has become the support you need, dedicated to your success. An expert in transformation mastery, this integrative health practitioner is the proven professional you want by your side as you follow your path back to wellness, no matter whether your journey involves major healing from chronic conditions or proactive preventative measures to keep your body in the prime condition that serves you so well.

Caring holistically for your overall wellbeing is a much more aligned, empowering way of working with the body. Your body is never the problem. It’s what you do with it, what you put in it that bogs things down. Working together with Melissa Deally, using her signature functional medicine approach, NLP, Timeline Therapy and hypnotherapy, you’ll discover the root cause of any issues you’re experiencing so your body can truly heal. You will come away with physical, mental and emotional healing, and a personalized wellness protocol including the right foods and supplements, all specifically designed to truly revitalize you and help restore your body to its natural state of radiant, energized rejuvenation with  lasting results!

Growing older is inevitable. Feeling old is your decision. What will YOU choose?

“Don’t get me wrong; the medical system is excellent at acute care, but they are failing the human race suffering from chronic illness. It’s been said that our current health care industry doesn’t care about our food, and our food industry clearly doesn’t care about our health. This has certainly been my experience. I want people to realize they have a choice!”

A champion for women’s empowerment and the right to education for all, Melissa has realized her dream of starting a foundation to support young girls in developing countries with the advancement of their studies.
GirlsMatter is slated to have a significant impact on breaking the poverty cycle and boosting the national economies in its locations. It’s estimated that India, for instance, could grow their GDP by $5.5 billion simply by educating 1% more of their young women. Clearly, girls really do matter!

Education should be a right, not a privilege.

The idea for the foundation’s creation had been holding space in Melissa’s altruistic heart for several years until recently, when the time was finally right to bring it to fruition. Now, things are happily underway, with a board of directors in place, partnerships secured with schools in Nepal and Uganda, and a website up online.

With GirlsMatter effectively launched, let the fundraising efforts begin!!! If a woman’s absolute right to education, no matter her age, cultural background, or social status, is close to your own heart, please reach out to Melissa to learn how you, too, can make a tremendous difference!

  • “Health isn’t everything, but without it, everything else is nothing”.