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Lowering Stress

In today’s do-do-do world, we are more stressed out than ever. The problem is, that when you look around you and see everyone else is stressed out too, you accept it as normal and think it is ok, but it isn’t.

Stress impacts our healthy in many ways, over 90% of doctor’s visits are due to stress, 60% of diseases are caused by stress. Click here now to learn more about what you can do to lower your stress.

Brain Performance

We use our brain 24/7, and yet have never been taught how to look after it. Alzheimer’s and Dementia is nearly epidemic, and yet there is more we can be doing to look after our brain.

Click here to read more about why it is so important to learn how to take better care of your brain.


Do you know someone who has a concussion and is struggling with their recovery, tired of being told to slow down and do nothing?

Click here to learn more about the work I do in the field of helping people recover from concussions, that both educates and empowers them to listen to their body and understand their symptoms, as well as the stages of recovery.

  • “We have a health care industry, that doesn’t care about our food and a food industry that doesn’t care about our health”. ~ Ocean Robbins, The Food Revolution Network.