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I am continuing this week by talking about heart disease and the fact that it is a lifestyle disease. It's something that you can make different choices in your lifestyle in order to avoid or to come back from and taking action to mitigate your stress is really important.
In this episode, I share with you one thing you can do that will significantly improve your health outcomes, start to reverse symptoms of chronic illness, or prevent you from ever getting those symptoms in the first place. This is something that your doctor never talks about, as it isn’t taught in medical school. If you care about your health span, you want to live a long, vital, and vibrant life, then this is the key to being able to do so, and I explain why it is so helpful. This is something I practice in my own life as I choose to be empowered in my health and I do focus on my health span, as I have a lot to do in my time here on this planet and I’m sure you do too! Tune in to learn more!
I would like to talk about heart disease because unfortunately, it is the number one killer in North America. It doesn't have to be that way. It is a lifestyle disease.
Rounding out my series on type two diabetes, and today I want to talk about toxins and diabetes.
I'm continuing to talk about diabetes and the different lifestyle factors that you can adjust in order to be putting your type two diabetes behind you. Today I want to talk about sleep because sleep is really important for insulin sensitivity.
In this episode, Laura shares her journey from being a top 10 bodybuilding athlete to then finding out she had Hashimotos when doing blood work for IVF treatments. Laura knew that she didn’t want to be dependent on medication for life, and while she used it initially to bring her thyroid into balance and support her pregnancy, she also dove into her own research to figure out what else she could do to support her healing journey. She learned the lifestyle changes she needed to make in order to be able to get off her meds and has now been off them for 7 years! The body is designed to heal when we create the environment for it to be able to do so! Free Gift: Free two weeks of just use the code "Podcast" and the first two weeks are included.
Today I want to talk about stress and type 2 diabetes because stress is something that is a huge factor in our world today. If you have type two diabetes, and you're trying to adjust all of your lifestyle factors in order to put it behind you, stress is one of the areas of your life that you must focus on.
As I continue talking about type two diabetes. The fact is that it is a lifestyle disease, and therefore if you change your lifestyle, you can get your blood sugar levels balanced again and not have to worry about this disease in your body
Today, I am continuing to talk about diabetes and your relationship to glucose.
  • “Self-care is the most selfless act, as it allows you to show up and give the world the best of you, instead of what is left of you”.