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Welcome to the “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” Podcast!

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I am continuing to make recommendations of some great documentaries focused on your wellness and the body's ability to heal. Documentary number two that I'm recommending is called: "The Earthing Movie."
Dive into the latest episode where I unravel more insights gained from my recent attendance at the transformative “Re-Imagine Health Summit.” 🚀 In this installment, we focus on the fascinating realm of metabolic health and introduce a groundbreaking app designed to decipher the mysteries behind your CGM numbers. But that’s not all—discover a game-changing home […]
I want to share with you some documentaries, where you might be able to find additional resources in learning more about your body's innate ability to heal itself. The first documentary I want to share with you is called: "How The Body Heals Itself, The Inside Effects."
Today, I want to talk about when is the best time to do your gratitude journaling.
"The more you find in life to be grateful for, the more you will find to be grateful for." As you build a practice of gratitude, it starts to shift your mindset, and your brain starts looking for the good that happens in each and every day.
Join Jumana Adler as she shares her healing journey and how her journey opened her eyes and mind to the world of holistic health, leading to her becoming a health coach, not so she could coach others, but simply so she could better understand her own body, mind and soul and the steps she could take to heal, along with working with other health coaches. Jumana’s health journey gave her the clues she needed to discover who she was really meant to serve, such that she left her career of 17 years and she now thrives in her health, her business, her life, living in alignment with her mind, body and spirit, helping businesses come into integrity and alignment with their customers and greater purpose.
Today I want to talk about gratitude because Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it is a time to think about what we are grateful for.
Your unconscious mind is your goal-getter and how can we tap into it to access the other 96% of your mind?
The number one responsibility of the unconscious mind is to run and preserve the body, but it also stores all of your memories for you.
  • “Self-care is the most selfless act, as it allows you to show up and give the world the best of you, instead of what is left of you”.