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1:1 coaching

1:1 Coaching

“Melissa is amazing to work with. She has helped me find so many answers to health concerns over the last few years that doctors were not able to answer for me. Since I’ve worked with Melissa, I’ve felt more energetic, my body feels like it should and I don’t have nearly the issues that I had before. I highly Recommend Melissa! “

Amber Trail Warfordsburg, PA

Melissa offers a profound technique in her unconscious coaching that quicky resolved a very long-standing craving I’ve had (pizza, in case you were wondering). I found the process easy and fascinating. I highly recommend giving it (and her) a try!

Laura Di Franco Bethesda, MD

Melissa was so great to work with! Extremely knowledgeable and always eager to assist and guide the way when needed. I always felt she made the time for me and any questions I had during my protocols (Liver Detox, Parasite Cleanse and CBO Protocol). She made it all so much easier to manage. I highly recommend working with Melissa on your health care journey!

Krista Yates Whitby, ON

Working with Melissa has been an incredible experience – she is awesome.  I was initially introduced to her because I was struggling with the side effects of anti-hormone medication after  breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Melissa suggested a 21-day detox, which was amazing (and easier than I thought it would be) and I felt wonderful afterwards.

From the beginning, she has been attentive to my needs, symptoms and unique circumstance with a customized, personal approach incorporating all of her specialties… something that is not practiced in traditional medicine.  Her warmth and genuine interest in my well-being was apparent.  I was so impressed with the thoughtful check-ins in between appointments, informative resources and continual wealth of information.  I have felt so supported the past 8 months and have noticed a physical, mental and emotional transformation… thanks to Melissa.

I am grateful we met and highly recommend her for anyone looking for a caring, knowledgeable practitioner who uses a comprehensive approach to resolve your issues.

Ivy Menchel NY, NY

I had been struggling with a health concern for multiple years that the doctors didn’t believe when I explained my symptoms or they just prescribed a prescription. Thankfully I met Melissa and ran the labs she recommended and went through the 21 day detox. When she went over my labs with me I was so surprised at some of the findings. Food I had been eating my entire life was flagged as high intolerance! (Your body changes over time!) I had no idea what I was eating was causing my issues! By changing what I eat for just a month now I have went from an allergy pill every day to now every 4 days…and we expect it to only get better! You should definitely contact Your Guided Health Journey and run your own labs!

Missy Schott Garrett, IN

Melissa truly cares about the health and wellbeing of her clients. She is very knowledgeable and provides clear instructions for achieving your goals. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a personal health coach to help them get healthier and improve their lifestyle. Her dedication to her clients makes her stand out from the rest. Thank you Melissa!

Patty Daigle Summerfield, FL

Amazing experience; must give a try. She addresses at the root level of the problem and gets rid of it. Highly recommend it.

Sue Pats California

Dawn Bennet Red Wing, MN

I went to Melissa to help me get over my craving for chips. It was my “go to” comfort food for decades. After 20 minutes with Melissa, my cravings are gone. I no longer have to use will power, as it is no longer even a thought. Thank You Melissa!

Diana Benson Phoenix, AZ

2 days after a horrible and scary accident, I had one of the toughest mental days of my life. 36 hours+ running on no food, no sleep and feelings of mental and physical depression, I felt at my lowest points and could see no light around me.

Melissa offered me the opportunity to do some energy healing with a new device she is using in her business, and after doing the initial vibration to get a reading on my energy field, the main feelings that were detected were so spot-on I was honestly taken back. What I needed most was the cleanse/calm vibration sequence and after completing it in full, I felt like I had been recharged. My body and mind felt like they were finally starting to relax. Over the next 4 days, I had completed 1-2 vibration sequences of the cleansing/calming vibration sequence and each time it finished, it felt like I had progressed so much. I felt like my recovery was very expedited because of this.

After one week of the vibration and energy work, I was so astonished with how well I felt versus the severity of the accident. I had been feeling so far down and deep in this trauma-hole, when I finally started seeing light again I knew that something inside me had changed and that my energy was healing.

Though I still have a ways to go in recovery, I would not be where I am today without the help, guidance and power of Melissa’s energy healing.

Leigha Henderson Pemberton, BC

Melissa’s blogs and podcast episodes always seem to come out right at the most perfect time. I had a very stressful situation I was dealing with, and felt like I was losing my mind. I was hyper ventilating, and just stuck in a negative mind-set. I kept thinking this is never going to end, and just bad thought after bad thought just kept going on in my head.

I took a few minutes and read her blog post “The Power of Your Unconscious Mind!” I just have to say that once again Melissa was right on point, and her message was on point right when I needed a kick in the behind, LOL. I calmed myself down, and things went much smoother as I told my subconscious brain to take a breather and just relax.

Thank you, Melissa for always being positive, and helping others learn to stay in the right frame of mind, so we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to. If you are having a hard time getting your subconscious mind to slow down, and stop making things worse, and you want to take your life to the next level….I highly recommend reaching out to Melissa!

Rebecca White Sylvania, Ohio

I have worked with Melissa Deally on a few areas of her work. She has advised me on my supplement intake, supported me with a modified detox, and most recently helped me with removing trigger foods from my diet. In all sessions, Melissa is a true professional in her field. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of holistic health and so passionate about her work that you can see and feel it in her conversation. She is most helpful and will go the extra mile for her clients.
I highly recommend working with Melissa if you are looking to improve your health and nutrition.

Janice Porter North Vancouver, BC

Wow! I had such an interesting experience doing the NLP technique of removing trigger foods with Melissa. We used my favorite type of cake (tiramisu to be specific) and within just 10 minutes of using this technique I no longer have any desire for it. An amazing experience!

Candy Motzek Vancouver, BC

I have always had a love for sweets and at times they just seem to call out to me. Recently, Melissa guided me though a process linking two very specific items I like, to two very specific items I dislike. Having worked with Melissa for some time on several aspects of improving my overall health, I have found her to be knowledgeable and her one-on-one approach is very supportive and effective. I am happy to say I have lost interest both the specific chocolate and licorice treats and more importantly, I know I have the power to change my thinking so I can change my behaviour. Thank you, Melissa for showing me the power of tapping into the unconscious mind, you truly are a trusted guide.

Patricia Eagar Vancouver Island, BC

Melissa found me last fall thanks to the natural healing of Equi Life, since then she has been a God send. In June of 2021 I was having all kinds of stomach issues due to being told to stay on Prilosec for way too long following a stomach ulcer diagnosis. Fast forward to the fall of 2021 I had developed food intolerances and had constant indigestion type pain under my ribs. I was on my path to healing while doing the CBO protocol from Dr. Cabral when Melissa took me under her wings and guided me to healing. It was a very long, hard, struggle with many frustrations and tears. Melissa was with me every step of the way. Her support and kind, uplifting words are something I will forever be grateful for. Fast forward to 2022, my gut has healed, I no longer have food intolerances and have never felt healthier or better. Not only did Melissa teach me about gut health she has also taught me it was ok to not be ok and to make time for me. I have learned stress relief techniques to calm the nervous system that I have also used in my fiesty toddler. Melissa is a wealth of knowledge and truly cares about her clients she goes above and beyond. She truly cares! Thank you Melissa for all you have done for me and taught me! 💓💓💓

Jamie Muscavitch Rices Landing, PA

Melissa is wonderful! She has such an immense depth of knowledge which she applies uniquely to each person. In my case she tailored everything to exactly fit my unique situation and has helped me immensely! My chronic joint pain is effectively gone, and I’m leaner and healthier than I can ever remember being. More importantly, I’ve cultivated an ongoing pragmatic attitude towards enjoying life, while also constantly improving my health and the way I feel armed with knowledge I didn’t have before. All thanks to Melissa!

Jonathon Wilson Bozeman, MT

Melissa does wonders! I have had CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for decades and very little has seen only minimal improvement – but after Melissa did her assessment and I started taking the supplements she recommended, it’s like the clock was reset by 30-40 years! I’ve had so much more energy!  That’s a good thing!  The house has also gotten more picked up, things put away and cleaned, so this is all good.  I also made a full sized quilt for my bed, complete with 2 matching pillow cases and 4 throw pillows for the foot of the bed.  It took me 9 days of 10-12 hours work – which I haven’t been able to do for decades! – but now I can! I cannot say enough of how this woman really knows what she’s talking about!

Sandra Wollf San Diego, CA

If you have any health concerns at all I highly recommend connecting with Melissa, first listen to her amazing Podcast Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call and then reach out, Melissa is a wealth of knowledge. As her client she has helped me get focused of my health and held me accountable. She has also been so helpful supporting my kids on their health journey’s too. She cares so much about her clients and their health. I can’t recommend Melissa enough!

Michelle Abraham Ruby Lake, BC

Before I worked with Melissa, I felt foggy and tired all the time; I couldn’t keep up with my day without the force of coffee. Within three days of my detox with Melissa, my energy shifted, now I wake up energized and excited about my day. I can focus better, and I’m NOT reliant on coffee to get my day going. I can’t say the detox was easy and I’m glad I had Melissa on my side supporting me and making it easier on my body and brain. I wouldn’t be able to go through the detox without her. I highly recommend her; it is easier to become and stay healthier with her knowledge and support.

Anahita Shahrvini North Vancouver, BC

Melissa’s group and one to one programs focused on improving your overall health and wellness are invaluable experiences. After spending several years losing and stabilizing my weight by eating healthier and exercising regularly my gut issues continued to get progressively worse, I found myself in constant abdominal pain and a growing number of other health issues. Following the 3-week detox and several lab tests, Melissa worked with me to create a supplement plan customized to support and heal my weak digestive system and eating plan to reduce triggers. The constant pain in my abdomen is gone, rashes under control and several of my routine blood results have improved. Melissa’s ongoing support and guidance over the past several months has been and continues to be amazing.

Patricia Eagar Vancouver Island, BC

My daughter’s eczema seemed to be getting progressively worse and worse, always red and sore, she even had open wounds on her neck that she scratched in the night. The only solution her Dr. could offer was cortisone cream, so we turned instead to Melissa for help and guidance., with the ability to run lab tests and see what was really going on! Within 3 weeks of my daughter being on the elimination detox diet, we saw a huge transformation. Now a month later, my daughter’s skin has pretty much completely cleared up! We now know with clarity what the allergen/trigger foods are and what supplements we can give her and how to support her whole system to heal. As a family we are all eating so much more healthily and Melissa’s guidance and support through the whole process has been amazing. She went above and beyond every step of the way.

Kathy White Crofton, BC

Having experienced concussion, and understanding how difficult and at times isolating the healing process can be, I found Melissa’s person-to-person approach to concussion support refreshingly different in that it is both recovery-focused and individually centered. Melissa is someone who understands concussion, and as a result is able to provide guidance, support, as well as practical tools to help you during your concussion recovery.


I have loved working with Melissa as a coach. Not only have I grown tremendously, I have also been able to clearly track and celebrate my accomplishments. From my experience, when states of stress and anxiety lift, it can be easy to forget how much my life has changed for the better. Melissa has made my growth process full of insight and ease, while being supremely organized ,helping me see how all of the little changes can add up to a significant difference. I am so glad to have invested the time and energy into my well being.

Lauren Vancouver Island

Melissa always eloquently delivers her keynotes with passion. Her ever evolving knowledge is apparent and she consistently provides her audiences with information that will help improve their health and their lives. She is an expert in her field of Health Coaching who always inspires anyone she talks with. Having Melissa as a speaker to your group or organization is always the right choice.

Blair Kaplan VenablesPresident, Blair Kaplan Communications

Over the past 12 weeks Melissa has been my health coach. Before we started I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into, but I was excited to learn about how to be healthier. I would just like to say that it has been an amazing experience. I have made a few small changes that have led to a much better Dylan! Working with Melissa has been a total game changer for me. By taking care of myself I can put my best self out into the world, allowing me to better help my family, my friends, and my business. I would recommend to anyone that is looking to make some changes in their life, to talk to Melissa.
Thank you Melissa!

Dylan Whistler

I completed the detox programme with Melissa 2 months ago now, and had her help getting my kids and I tested for food sensitivities, gut health etc. I can’t recommend her enough! I’ve always strived to be healthy but started to feel overwhelmed trying to sort out my own digestive health and my kids’ mental health. This was EXACTLY the path we needed to take and the results have blown my mind. Melissa’s programme is full of great information, fully supported and easy to follow. Thank you Melissa, you truly rock!

Kym Adams Pemberton, BC

stress, anxiety, anger, fatigue, overwhelmed, poor eating habits, disconnect, hopelessness
Melissa’s 90 day coaching:
understanding, guidance, awakening, structure, self fulfillment, awareness, support, clarity…..POSSIBILITY CREATOR!

Layna Squamish, Possibility Maker

I really enjoyed working with Melissa to achieve my goals of learning how to eat well to maintain the weight level that I want, for the rest of my life, so that I can die “feeling young, at an old age”! Melissa is passionate about her work, I could feel it in our weekly calls, and I also appreciated her flexibility to work with me, as I was travelling between White Rock, Montreal, and the Shuswap, during our 12 week program. I learned ALOT from Melissa in regards to nutrition, digestive stress, and listening to my body. I even realized that I enjoy cooking good food for myself! I now have the skills to continue looking after myself and my husband in a very healthy way for the rest of our lives. Merci Melissa

Carole White Rock

I really like our connection. It’s like a root sternly planted & I can’t fall. I can always go there. My safe place. Ty ty ty!

Sue Whistler

Melissa’s 90 day Total Transformation Program has exceeded my expectations. I now have the tools to work through the challenges that come my way. This program has assisted me in becoming unstuck and being honest with myself to learn and grow, assisting me in making healthy decisions. Melissa is a wonderful coach, guiding and customizing the program to meet me where I am at, and keeping me accountable to my goals to move forward, and finding greater success as a result, as opposed to if I were to try and accomplish this on my own.
Thank you Melissa!

Jenni Kootenays

Meeting Melissa at Triangle Wellness was a real turning point for my partner and I. It was the first time that we truly felt as though someone else could truly relate to what we’ve been going through.

Melissa was able to support both my partner (the sufferer) and myself (the partner) as well as checking up on us several times after our appointment, it’s nice having someone care especially when we don’t have many friends or family in the country.

The science behind the concussion was explained to us in a way that we understood and the advice given has now put us on a better path that we could have got to by ourselves.

Sinead Whistler

Melissa’s 3 month health coaching program has been truly life changing for me. Coming into the program I had a large amount of wellness and nutrition knowledge, but lacked the ability to turn my thoughts into actions. Within the time we worked together I created tremendous momentum in my self care routine, and created many daily habits that have helped me succeed in all areas of my life. I was able to complete an online course I had been struggling with, reach fitness goals, and let go deep rooted food and body image issues I didn’t even know existed. Melissa’s down to earth approach at educating on how our brain can function both as friend and foe has been integral as I have grown into a new comfort zone of success and wellness in my life!

Lauren Whistler

The service that Melissa is providing the community is invaluable. In a destination community where so many people are without the support of their families nearby, she offers that much-needed supportive approach that empowers the individual to be at the helm of their healing journey. Concussions are a very muddled subject, with a great deal of conflicting information. Her research has enabled her to offer up-to-date, thorough, helpful, and positivity-based advice towards an action plan of progress. This enables the individual to utilize proven methods to ensure an effective, encompassing, proactive recovery.

I learned so much from our session, even after seven months of recovery and information from several other specialists – about how the brain works and how it recovers.

I had just had a very discouraging relapse in symptoms 6 months post-concussions and after 4.5 months symptom free. She helped me understand what contributing factors made this possible, how to deal with those and avoid another such strong response, and gave me the hope that I now feel I am doing everything I can, vs a previous ‘am I better yet?’ wait-and-see approach.

If you or a loved one has suffered a concussion, I could not recommend a session with Melissa more!

Shannon Pemberton

I would like to thank you, Melissa for helping a good, old friend, Connie, that has been suffering from a concussion for a very long time. She has been very distraught as the pain has not subsided completely and she has too many bad days. Since taking your Mastermind, Connie told me that her life has improved immensely and that she’s feeling much better. She hadn’t been able to go back to her original work as a policewoman and now she’s back on the job!

Peter Whistler

Melissa is an amazing gift to wellness. She is experienced in wellness, nutrition, gut health, and brain injuries. She is intuitive, passionate, and compassionate. She is an incredible guide. As a wellness practitioner myself, I trust Melissa to work with my own family

Tiffany Denver