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Liver Detox Clients

I highly recommend Your Guided Health Journey for helping you heal! It was my very first time doing a detox and now I plan on incorporating them into my life forever going forward. It helped me learn a lot about myself, my eating habits, and my culture’s eating habits. I also feel so much better physically than I did before. It has helped me in a huge number of ways like with my mood, sleep, and overall health. Melissa made everything easy to understand and easy to incorporate into my life. All you need is the desire to make it work!

Emily Royalty Murfreesboro, TN

I met Melissa at a point in my health journey where I felt lost and defeated. My gut health and overall diet was slowly killing me.

Melissa took me under her professional guidance and walked me through every step of my detox. I never felt like I was doing it alone. I had her as a resource to ask questions and get answers.

I recommend Melissa to anyone who is struggling with gut issues or general health issues. Her certification makes her specialized to take on whatever you need.

Awesome human being.

Lukas Baker Bulter, PA

I am so grateful for Melissa Deally’s nutritional guidance as a Health Coach answering my questions and supporting me through a safe detox process using Dr. Cabral’s Equilife shake and herbals. This 21-day safe detox protocol helped me experience greater absorption of all the foods and nutrients I consume; ensured I am daily receiving proper nourishment especially at breakfast and 3 pm snack with the yummy shake which has helped me reduce fatigue and body pain; assisted in creating more recipes and diversity in my diet daily to support my lunch and dinner meal plan; improved joint, ligament, tendon, and muscle flexibility; restored skin and tissue health; increased energy, vitality, and stamina. The Equilife compilation of ingredients is the first supplement and detox protocol which safely helped me detox my liver and gallbladder as well as, deeply satisfy and support my metabolism and absorption problems. Eating dinner at 6 pm or 6:30 pm is a profoundly healthy habit and game changer for improved sleep, absorption, digestion, and elimination.

Mary Gillian Vellet Vancouver Island, BC

I met Melissa through a friend and quickly joined her growing community. The beauty of working with her is that she meets you where you’re at – sans judgment and with practical, consistent, and empathetic advice. My ‘big ahas’ included recognizing how unconscious sugar was sneaking into my day and how easy and refreshing it was to give up my daily dose of caffeine. Seeing a physical transformation is exciting, but what’s even more fulfilling is enjoying a better night’s sleep and discovering health as a way of life.

Ruchira Dasgupta Saratoga, CA

This program was phenomenal and I’ve studied nutrition in the past. Melissa covers all the bases and addresses all aspects of healthy eating as well as offers superior support throughout the entire program. I feel SO much better and my energy levels are consistent now, plus I have MORE energy which is fabulous. I love the recipes and will continue to eat this way, being now able, after the program, to tune with more awareness of what my body needs and can fine tune my nutritional needs. Loved following a schedule (I usually resist schedules but this one was easy to abide by and helped me tremendously with my ‘grazing’ habit!) Highly recommend this experience. Melissa is very knowledgeable and being in a group where we learn from each other was a great bonus. Thank you Melissa for an uplifting and enlightening experience.

Maryann Hesse Prescott, AZ

Melissa Deally of Your Guided Health Journey is beyond knowledgeable in all things health. Her resources are extensive and has provided me with information for a variety of concerns for not only myself but my family as well. I have done the detox program 2x and felt amazing!! Next I have ordered some at-home tests to further examine my concerns. I am so happy I’ve found Melissa!! Contact her, you will be amazed at her extensive knowledge. Thank you Melissa!!

Heidi Koch Arroyo Grande, CA

The 21-day detox with Melissa was sooooo good. Dropped a ton of weight (results vary, so I won’t say the amount), and have felt better and more productive during my day than I have in years. Best part is Melissa’s wealth of knowledge and her unwavering support. SUCH a good reset and kickstart for my greater health goals.

Elizabeth Purvis Portland, OR

There is no question—Melissa Deally is the one to call if you want to do a functional medicine detox.  What a blessing that my breast cancer coach recommended Melissa’s services to me.  Since my diagnosis, surgery and radiation treatments a year ago, I knew it was time to turn my attention to integrative health care and to learn as much as possible about nutrition and detoxification.

For starters we needed to determine which tests I needed.  During our discovery call, Melissa figured things out right away.  Within days I had my test kits from Equilfe and got rolling.

Melissa has steered me through the detox process with clarity and care.  Turns out I did not have the estrogen dominance issue we suspected, but I had other issues, including mold in my gut.  Melissa recommended the 21-day detox designed by Dr. Stephen Cabral, followed by a yeast elimination protocol, and then a mold detox protocol.  Right away I said yes, yes, yes.  Let’s do it.

During the five months I have worked with Melissa, my health has improved dramatically.

I completed the 21-day detox two weeks ago, and I feel better now than I have in decades.  The steps for the protocols are simple, but I think it would have been challenging for me to undertake them had I not been highly motivated.  What a surprise–the protocols have all been smooth and pleasant, and now the reasons are obvious to me.  Number one, I love my life and I want to be as healthy and whole as possible.  Number two, Melissa Deally has provided highly personalized support to me every step of the way.

Melissa’s style is warm and friendly.  She is superbly well organized.  And by the way, she must be a great cook, because she gives you fabulous, easy recipes

A.B., retired professor, Duke University, Durham, N.C.

The last two years have been extremely stressful and I did not take full control of my health which is unusual for me. The result was a gain of excess pounds and the realization in January that I needed to get back on track.I was introduced to Melissa Deally and heard about her 21-day Detox Program and after a consultation decided to go for it. In three weeks my health is stronger than it has been in a long time. Craving for sugar has gone, my mild asthma has cleared up, and I even gave up my nightly wine habit. And I’ve lost some of those pounds and on my way back to normal. Can’t recommend Melissa’s health program enough. If you have the will there is a way to get back on track with this program.

Jacqueline Wales Vallejo, CA

1 What was the biggest (health) challenge for you before working with me?
I had worked with a health coach in her group program for 6 months prior, and due to perimenopause, I was discouraged to find couldn’t keep the weight fully off. I also wasn’t motivated to increase my movement, and I didn’t feel good in my body at about 20 pounds over my goal weight, with most of it hanging out in my mid-section. I didn’t implement some of the strategies my coach was suggesting because I couldn’t wrap my head around stopping the keto way of eating I had adopted in the past 3 years that had initially worked so well until my body changed.

2. What were some of the strategies in Your Guided Health Journey’s Detox that made the biggest difference?The explanations of WHY my body was doing some of the things it was doing and the suggested way to specifically detox over three weeks initially, with a quarterly detox “tune up” week, broke through the “clouds” for me, and I was so enthusiastic about the potential results I did the 3-week detox straight away in December, right before the holidays!

3. What have been the results so far? I released about half the weight I desired to drop in just 4 weeks and felt so much better in my body that I started to create a workout space in my lower level for HIIT first thing in the mornings. One of my knees, which sometimes complains going down stairs, stopped complaining. So, I’m walking and moving more. Post detox, I continued with liquid smoothies that are super nutritious, which helps me eat way less than I was thinking my body needed beforehand throughout the day. And, my husband is more interested in having intimacy with me, which is extremely generative in many areas of my life, including business and money. In fact, my ability to manifest made a quantum leap while I was detoxing, and I energetically booted clients who were no longer a fit out of my ongoing program to make room for ones who are a fit. I embraced plant-based proteins for most lunches and leave the animal proteins for dinners, which are fun to cook together with my husband. I am eating according to my metabolic and blood types, which feels so much more aligned. Oh, and my husband has started replacing one of his meals now with shakes/smoothies as well, so he can shed some pounds, too!

4. What are some of your biggest insights, inner shifts and realizations? I realized that having a way of eating that honors your body is extremely important, especially as we age. Melissa’s method does just that and is an easy-to-live approach. I feel much less stressed about meal planning and prepping than before, am eating more fruits and veggies, and drinking the appropriate amount to stay hydrated. My whole system feels harmonized and ready to take on the world!

5. What’s up for you next? How will your experience impact your results in the future? I will continue with the smoothies for breakfast, because I like how easy, fast and delish they are as well as how I feel consuming them. I look forward to my quarterly detox “tune up” week and continuing that for the foreseeable future, as well as hearing my lab results for any additional tweaks I may need to make so I naturally and completely heal myself back to a healthy, harmonized physical system. I know this will continue to increase my ability to manifest whatever I desire. Thank you, Melissa, for being my guide on this wonderful journey!

Susan Glusica Equinunk, PA

Melissa Deally is a top notch expert in her field of health. As a client, I was highly impressed with her support and accountability in coaching. Melissa customizes a health journey for you, and is driven to make sure there are support tools in place no matter what you may need.

Julie Jones Fountain Hills, AZ

Before I worked with Melissa, I felt foggy and tired all the time; I couldn’t keep up with my day without the force of coffee. Within three days of my detox with Melissa, my energy shifted, now I wake up energized and excited about my day. I can focus better, and I’m NOT reliant on coffee to get my day going. I can’t say the detox was easy and I’m glad I had Melissa on my side supporting me and making it easier on my body and brain. I wouldn’t be able to go through the detox without her. I highly recommend her; it is easier to become and stay healthier with her knowledge and support.

Anahita Shahrvini North Vancouver, BC

Melissa is amazing! I have been blown away by Melissa’s extensive knowledge as well as her patience and encouragement. I was super hesitant to do the detox because I have had so many bad experiences in the past, but it was literally one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have been struggling to lose weight for quite some time because of hormonal and other issues. I did the detox and felt GREAT – I was full of energy, was never hungry, had fewer headaches, AND I lost 13 pounds! Now that I have been off of it and have gone back to eating some of the junk I ate before, I can tell better than ever what my body just doesn’t like. And I’m adjusting accordingly! Even better, I managed to keep the weight off through the holidays by eating healthy food that I truly enjoy – and I even met my pre-Christmas goal weight! WOO HOO!!! Thank you, Melissa, for getting me on track healthwise!!!

Lori Osbourne Yulee, FL

“While I’ve done a lot of cleanses in my life, I’ve never done one that felt so supported. I loved that there was an app and Melissa was only as far as my phone in terms of answers I needed or input. I had big aspirations for this detox and certainly I couldn’t possibly achieve all of them, but I DID have significant benefits and I am very happy I did it. I’m more conscious about how I eat food – perhaps even more so than about what I eat! Because, for me, that’s a massive issue. SLOW DOWN. I plan to do 1 week again in the near future after having done the 3 weeks.”

Ronda Payne Maple Ridge, BC

Kyna Baker Delaware

I just completed the 21 day detox. the thought of 21 days was a bit overwhelming to start with. Once I got started I was impressed how easy the program is to follow. I was expecting headaches, grumpy mood coming off sugar and caffeine, neither of these happened for me. During this detox not only did it reset my gut. it also reset my mind around water, food, and portion sizes. I was very dehydrated prior to starting the detox. Now I am drinking the right amount of water to keep the gut moving. The benefits from the detox included for me, clear mind, better able to focus, positive self talk, more clean energy, less pain and getting off pain medication, weight loss (24 lbs), getting back into cooking at home with delicious recopies and motivation to continue a healthier lifestyle. Melissa offers wonderful support answering any questions I had, as well as a wealth of knowledge when I experienced symptoms such as nausea and constipation during the program. Thank you Melissa for the support and guidance through this detox, I feel so much better having done it!

Jenni Cranbrook

I have been one of the readers in the side line wondering what a digestive re-set cleanse was all about.
For a few years I have had different comments by foot massage staff that I must have digestive problems. I never thought I did. I thought I ate pretty healthy, lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. I was careful not to eat too much red meat. I try to keep active by maintaining a regular fitness routine. After hearing Melissa talk about the benefits of this cleanse, I decided to try it out. COVID-19 had disrupted my husband and my life anyway, so I decided to add something else to the havoc.

I can say I learned more about healthy foods and tried some great recipes which I have now added to my own recipe book. During the process, I can say I didn’t always follow the program by 100% but I mostly did. If I slipped, the next day I just refocused and kept going. During the 2-3 week process I did not feel any different but it taught me to be more mindful of what I was feeling after a meal, 1, 2 , 3 hours after. It helped me to start identifying issues and understanding why I might be having bloating and gas. I never used to have gas but as I grow older( now 64), I am having more gas. If you digest well, I believe you should not have gas.

I have continued to keep up the lemon and flax drink routine as I feel it helps me void more on a regular basis so I don’t carry the toxins with me for longer periods. I have definitely lost 5 pounds which I have kept off. Now that I have done this once, I have moved through the unknown, and will now repeat this 1 – 2 times / year.

Diane Ottawa

So far I’m halfway through the functional medicine liver detox with Melissa and I have noticed a great difference after the first couple of days! My inflammation and bloating virtually disappeared, my skin is looking clear, and my organs (mostly my liver) are feeling far less tight and painful. It really was a great feeling by Day 3 to notice no gut issues for 3 days! That is unheard of for me! I saw my acupuncturist after 6 months of separation and she noticed the exact same things and was very impressed! I am grateful I trusted Melissa’s support and guidance; and I am excited to continue working with this detox!

Daniela Vancouver

I’ve always been interested in being in top notch health, and I understand the importance of eating well. When I heard about the 21-Day Liver Detox and emptying my trash cans, it made so much sense to me; so I jumped in. The first few days of meal replacement shakes were tough the first week, but by day 4 or 5 I felt amazing. Literally! I was sitting at the kitchen table and I thought – WOW – I have not felt this good in years. I felt alive, vibrant, clear headed & energetic. I started doing things I have not done in a long time. I am so blown away with the difference in just a few days. Week 2 meal replacement shake days have been much easier, and I’m so excited to see what results wait for me at the end. And I have made changes to my supplements so I continue this quality of health. And I could not have done this without the incredible advice and care that Melissa has given me during the process. She has meticulously answered all my questions, and been such a valuable source of inspiration.Highly, highly recommend the 21-day liver detox. Your life will change for the better.

Olive Salmon Arm

I have been learning about how to eat better and what supplements to take to support health, but I realize now, after working with Melissa, there was a lot I did not know. I had “planned” on doing a detox for 15 years, and last month I did the 21-day liver detox recommended by Melissa. I was amazed to see how quickly my body responded. I did not realize how much weight I gained over the past year and how much better I feel and look after just 21-days. I will definitely keep going with the new habits I gained during the detox program. Thank you Melissa!

Elizabeth Estonia

21 Day Liver Detox video testimonial below from Robyn.

Robyn ZavalNevada

Hello My name is Marc and I am a 54 year old male. I started working with Melissa around 25 days ago. on her 21 day functional medicine liver detox program. I followed the program and found it was easy to follow. I also found that Melissa was awesome when I needed to reach out with a question. Here are the statistics. I’ve gone from 270 lbs down to 242 lbs, my blood pressure was 154/102 and is now 126/ 86 and my glucose was 6.9 and is now down to 4.27, all in just 3 weeks on the detox plan!

I have more energy then I have had in a long time

Marc Paquette Ottawa

My husband and I have been impressed with Melissa right from our first meeting.My husband is a retired doctor and we have a supplement business so we are well-educated in both the medical arena and the health industry.Melissa was confident and thorough in her explanations of what she offered. There was no pressure to buy or commit to anything until we were educated and knew the next step was the right step for us.We opted to do the 21-day detox as Melissa suggested and to have certain lab tests done.We are now on day 20 of the detox and it has been amazing. My husband was concerned that as it was a massive disruption to his normal eating and sleeping pattern it would be a negative experience. On the contrary, he adapted quickly and by day 5 he was feeling better, eating better and sleeping better.I was worried that I would be hungry but that wasn’t the case. The shakes are filling and nutritious and kept me satisfied even on the fasting days.

I have lost 9 pounds, my clothes fit better and my face looks slimmer which I am happy about because I teach on Zoom much of the day. But best of all, I am sleeping through the night most days which I haven’t done in years.I am now looking forward to having our test results analyzed by Melissa and we look forward to following her protocol as she has truly been professional, knowledgeable and helpful in every way.Her service is first-class and I cannot recommend her highly enough.I firmly believe that Melissa’s work has enhanced the quality of our lives significantly and probably added a few more years also!

Jan Janzen Sell Like a Queen.Com Kamloops

I was skeptical at first to start this detox as I feel that I live a pretty healthy lifestyle already. But when I completed the quiz and saw my number was well above the acceptable limit, I knew I had to take action. During the detox, I slept really well and my body felt really clean. I know how to eat clean, but I was congested a lot and had this rash that would show up when I would sweat! That’s gone now! Melissa helped me realize that we do not have to “age” in pain. I’m feeling better than ever and my body feels clean and strong! Thank you for the guidance, support, and knowledge on how to live an even healthier life.

Colleen Biggs Arizona, Founder Lead Up For Women

WoooHooo! We just finished the 21 day detox with Melissa and are all feeling lighter and more energetic! I am so proud of my husband and two teenage daughters for sticking with it!

Melissa has a high level of support! At the pre-starting meeting, she explained the program, how detoxifying works ad provided delicious recipes. Throughout the cleanse Melissa quickly answered questions through the app, text or email. Melissa even checked up on us after we finished the detox!

Melissa checked on all of us individually along the way and was able to coach us through some other health issues that cropped up during the program.
I would highly recommend Melissa’s program to anyone feeling less than amazing!

Lee Erickson Whistler

Detoxes are hard but not with the help from Melissa Deally! She provided me with so many tools to understand and get through the detox and cleanse for my body. After taking the toxicity test, I realized just how many toxins I had in my body. I had trouble sleeping, I needed to nap every day and I felt jittery without a cup of coffee a day. Over Covid, my alcohol consumption increased somewhat and my skin looked horrible. Melissa explained thoroughly what and how the detox would help me. When I was having concerns or just not sure what to eat, Melissa answered me promptly on text. She even reviewed a restaurant menu for me and helped me pick good choices. After the detox, she reviewed with me how NOT to retox after the detox as it is helpful to see how to reintroduce new foods back in. I feel healthy, strong, energetic and my skin is glowing. I have not needed to nap at all in the last week after the detox and my craving for coffee and alcohol is gone. I can have a few sips of wine and that’s enough and when I have that latte again, it will be a treat and not a needed item each day to function. I would highly recommend Melissa’s coaching to go along with the detox as she provides information, guidance and support throughout and even after completion. Cheers to good health with Your Guided Health Journey.

Karen Pulver Chicago, IL

Catherine Mellon Vancouver

I started working with Melissa’s recommendations last summer, given some chronic health issues I had been dealing with on and off for years. After completing the 21-day detox, I noticed a dramatic improvement with my mood and energy. I no longer had the fatigue, I lost 11 pounds, and the depression symptoms were gone! Upon completing the food sensitivities test, it showed Candida Albicans in my gut. So Melissa recommended I pursue Dr. Cabral’s 12-week CBO protocol to get rid of Candida and rebalance my gut. Upon completing the protocol, I went to get my thyroid labs drawn recently. Not only am I feeling great, my TPO & TG antibodies from Hashimoto’s have gone down to <1 and 0. Wow, I am seeing the power 1st-hand of rebalancing my gut! I have proof now in the lab results which has not only improved my thyroid health, energy, and mood. It’s also helping to prevent any recurrence of Stage 1 breast cancer from 2018. My oncologist even remarked “keep doing what you’re doing.” Melissa has been instrumental in this process — supporting me to shift from being a breast cancer “survivor” to a real thriver! It feels so empowering and I’m excited to “pay it forward” with my clients to create the same transformational results.

Anne Crook Nashville, TN