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Self Guided Health Kickstart + 21 Day Detox

Health isn’t everything, but without it, EVERYTHING else is nothing.

Think about it – if you don’t have your health, can you​

  1. Generate an income?
  2. Care for your family?
  3. Live the life you want to live?


No, you are too busy lying in bed trying to heal, wishing you didn’t have to be there, and could be getting on with your life…

There is something you can do about this, starting now!





Make today the day to start looking after YOU!

Are your trashcans overflowing?​

I don’t mean the ones you put out on the street…..I mean your liver and kidneys.

After a lifetime of eating and drinking and getting toxins inside our body through our food, waterways, airways, our liver and kidneys are getting bogged down and can’t get the toxins out as well as they should. Our toxic loads are higher than ever and this sends signals in your body to turn on disease.

What is your Toxic Load? Do the quiz below to find out….

Your toxic load score is an indicator of the environment you have created inside your body. Is it time to clean it up?

Self Guided Health Kickstart & Detox Includes:

5 * 1 hour+ video lessons to support your detox and learning,

A variety of additional resources to support your health journey. 

30 minute follow up call with me after session 4 (value $175)

Ongoing access to my community quarterly 7 day detoxes at no charge to keep you focused on your health journey

Bonus series on the why and how of Supplements

All for just  $147 CAD /  $109 USD (approximately)​

The Detox kit is NOT included in the course price. It is $297 USD. 

If your toxic load score (discover that below)  is higher than 20,
for best results you will want to purchase the 21 day detox kit, which you can purchase here

Important Note For Anyone Using Prescription Meds:

While the ingredients in this detox kit are all plant based, there can still be contra-indications with your medications.  Please click here to download the list of  ingredients for the detox product and then ask your pharmacist for approval to do this program.  It may mean that you have to adjust the timing of your meds around your shakes and your pharmacist can guide you in how to do that.

Each Detox Kit will include a 1 week supply of:

  • Meal Replacement Shake
  • AYU Detox
  • FM Detox supplements

Theses supplements offer the best of both Functional Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine and help support your body with Phase II of liver detoxification, by supplying much needed vitamins and minerals to optimize this process (which are hard to get through our food supply these days).

The Meal Replacement Shake covers 7 breakfast and 7 snacks, plus a few more meals on your fasting days.


What others have to say about this program…

90% - 95% of diseases are triggered by the environment we create inside our body...

This is really empowering as it means you have a choice!  The choice to create an environment that is inhospitable to disease, you just need to know how to do this!

Perhaps you're already struggling with an unhappy gut, food issues, hormone issues, fatigue, brain fog, leaky gut, or auto-immune issues and are tired of feeling like crap!   This detox will help reduce your inflammation, your symptoms and lower your  discomfort, and open your pathways to healing.

So let's get started! First, we'll remove the toxins through a 21 day functional medicine liver detox!  You'll be feeling better within the first week, and learning about the benefits of autophagy, and what those gurgling sounds in your stomach really mean!   You'll receive delicious recipes, a shopping list and a handy guide to make this easy, along with video lessons you can go back to time and again t refresh your learning. BONUS:   You'll lose some weight too as those toxins weigh something!!  Average weight loss is 3 - 4 pounds / week!

The following 4 sessions provide you the education to be able to accelerate and optimize your health! Knowledge you'll have for the rest of your life to share with loved ones.   That's priceless!

A man can have 1000 dreams until he doesn't have his health,
then he has but ONE.

So why do we take our health for granted?

Because we've been taught that if we get sick we'll go to the doctor and they'll make us better.
But that isn't working so well these days is it?  The world is the sickest it's ever been, more sleep deprived, more stressed out and with more chronic illness than ever.
It's time for a shift in our mindset! 

​If we want a different outcome, we need to do things differently...

We need to learn how to optimize our health, and there is no time like the present to do so! You might already know that you want to prioritize your health, you just haven't been sure how to get started, or where to learn how to do that!

Watch this short video to learn more about emptying your trashcans....

Do you let your "cleaners" out to do some deep cleaning?
What does that gurgling sound in your belly really mean?
Check out this interview to learn more!

Detoxing helps to:

  • Reduce toxic load
  • Rebalance hormones
  • Improve immunity
  • Enjoy crystal clear thinking
  • Improve memory recall
  • Allow for deeper sleep
  • Remove digestive stress
  • Support healthy levels of inflammation
  • Natural weight loss (the toxins have weight to them!)
  • Rejuvenate the body with life

What exactly will you learn from the Health Kickstart & Detox

Learn to optimize your health in just 5 sessions!

Session 1:

Let's get started

  • Setting you up for success on your 21 day detox
  • Introducing the app to guide you through!
  • Recipes, meal planning, shopping list and more.

Session 3:

Nutrition & Digestion​

  • Healthy snacks
  • Timing and frequency of eating - does it matter?
  • Digestion - how to optimize it for more energy!

Session 2:

Mythbusters! What to believe / not believe?

  • Let's get to the truth when it comes to nutrition
  • Is there a perfect diet?
  • How should I eat for me?

Session 4:

How Not To Re-Tox After Your Detox!

  • What good habits are you going to carry forward into every day life?
  • How do you start re-introducing foods you haven't been eating?
  • What is next for me in terms of continuing to prioritize my health?

Session 5:

Sugar! It's in everything!

  • What is sugar doing to your health?
  • Where is it sneaking into your diet and how to get it out!

It's A Journey!

Create Lasting Results!

Now that your physical body is detoxed, continue your health journey by detoxing your mental and emotional bodies for lasting results and step into your magnificience!  Learn more here 

Watch this video to learn more about why my detox program works.



Yes, I want YOU to get RESULTS, not just go through the motions for the sake of it.  I don't have a single client who has ever gone through my program and said "I wish I didn't do that, I don't notice any difference"!  Everyone enjoys a variety of the benefits listed above and you can too!  Click here to read other testimonials from happy clients!

Why choose this program?

Care | Empathy | Support

Learn how to optimize your health in a safe and supportive community.

100% success rate

Every client I have taken through this program, that has committed and engaged, has regained energy and felt wonderful in just 5 weeks!

Saves you time!

You don't have to waste time figuring it all out for yourself, just watch the lessons, be guided, trust in the process.

Make 2024 YOUR year!

Invest in your health, because your health is  your greatest asset!

$147 CAD / $109 USD (approximately)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost of the detox included in the course price?

No. You need to purchase that yourself to have it shipped to your home. Click here to order the kit..

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! If you watch all the lessons, commit to your detox and reach out to me by email with questions (  and still feel that you haven't benefited from this program after the 5 sessions, please email me  for a 100% refund. The Detox is not included in this money back guarantee, as it's product that you will have purchased directly and used.

Is there a link to Equi.Life FAQs about the detox?

Yes there is. Click this link: Equi.Life 21 Day Detox FAQs