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Melissa here to talk to you about health and self care! But what does that have to do with my car? Well, I had someone say to me the other day, after I completed a talk about the micro-biome “Why wouldn’t we invest in our health, after all we spend money on the health of our cars all the time”. I was euphoric, finally, someone who “got” it……but there are so many who don’t. Why not? Because we take our health for granted, until we don’t have it…..

I realized this comment actually highlighted several reasons people haven’t been investing in their health so far.

1) It’s more inconvenient for our car to break down for a few days, than to be sick for a few days.

After all we NEED our car to be from A to B, and what an inconvenience it would be If it were to break down, we’d have to take the bus! So we pay for regular services, and hope we don’t ever need a tow truck, or have our car out of commission for too long. How much do those services cost…..oil changes, new brakes, new tires, new emission system, new spark plugs? All of those add up to thousands of dollars over the time we own the car, not to mention insurance as well. We all consider this part of owning a car. But what about our body, when it breaks down, we miss a few days of work, it’s inconvenient, for a while we can get sick pay, so we aren’t losing an income,. We just don’t stop to think about what we’d do if we had a chronic illness, and how we’d manage.

2) When we get sick and go to the doctor, our health care is free in Canada, so why do I have to invest in preventative health care?

Yes mainstream medical care is free, and that has been ingrained in our Canadian society, BUT we have more chronic illness than ever before, and people struggling long term as a result, not just a few days and back to work. Many chronic illnesses like auto immune disease, cancers, leaky gut, ADHD, Autism, can be healed holistically. Our government doesn’t cover many holistic practitioners, including Health Coaches, so it becomes an out of pocket expense for the consumer. Consumers who have been trained to believe they don’t have to pay for their health.

It’s time for a change in mindset – we have to look after the health of our mind and body, the way we do our cars. That means investing in prevention. In doing so, you will learn about nutrition, learn to care for your micro-biome, and guarantee your own longevity, without a future of chronic illness. Afterall, we only get one body, you could always buy a new car!

Which path do you want for yourself? It’s time to put yourself first, and care about your health. It’s not your fault you haven’t been taught the latest nutritional science at school, university, or via public health. But now you have a chance to understand the connection between the signals your body gives you, how it digests that food, how stress and sleep play a role, and change how you feel now and for the long term. No more gut discomfort, no more achey joints, no more brain fog, watch your sleep improve and your energy soar. Click here to register for a FREE discovery coaching session with me, so we can review your health goals and get you on the path to healing and /or prevention when it comes to your health!

To you taking action in your health!