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Detoxes are hard but not with the help from Melissa Deally! She provided me with so many tools to understand and get through the detox and cleanse for my body. After taking the toxicity test, I realized just how many toxins I had in my body. I had trouble sleeping, I needed to nap every day and I felt jittery without a cup of coffee a day. Over Covid, my alcohol consumption increased somewhat and my skin looked horrible. Melissa explained thoroughly what and how the detox would help me. When I was having concerns or just not sure what to eat, Melissa answered me promptly on text. She even reviewed a restaurant menu for me and helped me pick good choices. After the detox, she reviewed with me how NOT to retox after the detox as it is helpful to see how to reintroduce new foods back in. I feel healthy, strong, energetic and my skin is glowing. I have not needed to nap at all in the last week after the detox and my craving for coffee and alcohol is gone. I can have a few sips of wine and that’s enough and when I have that latte again, it will be a treat and not a needed item each day to function. I would highly recommend Melissa’s coaching to go along with the detox as she provides information, guidance and support throughout and even after completion. Cheers to good health with Your Guided Health Journey.