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How has your week been? Do you struggle with stress, or brain fog, perhaps memory recall problems, or emotional roller coasters, not enough energy to make it to the gym? If so, perhaps you’d like to know about Nootropics. The definition of Nootropics can be found here, but in a nutshell, they are nutrition for the brain to boost cognitive function. The one I like, is called Mastermind, and it is made of 19 natural herbs, all of which have been proven to boost some aspect of brain function, but combined they create the broadest nootropic on the market today, helping all areas outlined in the image in this blog. They also help boost oxygenation and blood flow to the brain, taking more nutrients to the brain. We know that feeding our body well matters to our health, feeding our brain well is just as important, and it’s harder and harder to get the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients from our foods, in the right quantiles to give our brain what it truly needs for the demands we make of it.

Since starting on Mastermind in December 2015, my sleep was the first thing I noticed improve….about 5 days in. I noticed about 6 weeks in that my memory was improving as well – I was at a meeting and met 12 new people and still remembered all their names at the end of the day, even though the meeting was first thing and I hadn’t seen most of them since! That was impressive as I was someone who didn’t remember the name of someone I just met 5 minutes before! About 3 months in, I had a bit of an ‘A-ha” moment, when I realized that I hadn’t, over reacted in a very stressful moment, and that instead I had stayed calm, didn’t even raise my voice. Then I started noticing that even with two teenage girls in the house who knew how to push my buttons, that I wasn’t reacting the way I used to, I was calmer, and there was less yelling. I liked that in feeding my brain what it needed and helping balance my hormones, that my cortisol wasn’t peaking and the adaptogens in this product Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola Rosea, American Ginseng and Gingko, were helping my body and brain cope with stressors.

The benefits are many, there are no side affects, and I love knowing that I am looking after my brain! After all, I need to use my brain, all day, each and every day! If you are on prescription meds, you should take the ingredient list (found under “Supplement Facts”, lower down on this page) to your pharmacist to ask if there are any contra-indications before starting to use this product. If you aren’t on any other medications, you can start using this all natural product now, and it will help you maintain a healthy brain and body and hopefully you never need to go on a prescription med. (If you have any questions about dosages, feel free to comment and ask questions, I’m happy to reply) It is never too early to start looking after your brain, after all you can have Alzheimers / Dementia for 20 – 30 years before diagnosis. Don’t become another statistic.

“Make your BRAIN your BEST investment”, Allysian Sciences ships Mastermind to Canada, USA, Australia and more countries. Check out the website here.

To your Health!