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NLP stands for “neuro-linguistic-programming” and is the study of excellence and how to reproduce it. It delves into our senses, neurology, language, and unconscious programs that shape our outcomes. It provides a series of tools within a framework which coaches can use to guide their clients towards achieving excellence in their own lives.

Think of yourself as being born as the hardware of a computer and then for the next 7 -9 years we are downloading all the software we need to learn how to live within our family unit, within our community, school and society as a whole. This programming then becomes the way we run our life and can run very well for years, and then simply stop working for us. When was your last upgrade?

What Is NLP

Using the tools of NLP we help our clients achieve their “upgrades”, providing new strategies and programs on which to run their lives, that better serve the stage of life they are at now, the goals they want to achieve now. We work with the unconscious mind to re-wire their neurology and create new strategies and programs. It’s very quick and effective, much quicker than conscious coaching – which is asking clients to create new programming using only the tools of the conscious mind, which rely heavily on will power to create new habits. Yet every year we see that will power isn’t effective as most people fall off their New Year’s resolutions before the end of January!

What really sets NLP apart is that we do not require the client’s story – the story they are very often stuck in. Instead we focus on creating the compelling future the client wants, and shift their focus towards that. Clients are always surprised how easy and fun this work is and how quickly we can re-wire their neurology. Then we provide “tasking”, or action steps they must do before our next session, so that the new neurology gets developed from a little bunny trail into a 2 lane road, then 4 lane road, then a highway and then an 8 lane highway, because we keep using this new “trail” or neurology through the tasking. Nowhere in that process did they need to tell me their victim story. Their unconscious mind already knows it! I simply move them off that story and into their compelling future with ease and grace.

NLP can be used across industries, in fact it is used by the military, in business to improve selling and negotiation skills, to host more productive meetings, to create deeper connections with clients and colleagues, to better communicate using more precise language! It is used in health and wellness, it can be used to improve relationships between couples and/or families. It can be used in education to help children access the correct part of their mind to be able to learn to read or do math. In NLP we do not believe in learning disabilities, we believe in teaching disabilities – when we know how to support each child’s learning, the child can learn! in fact the uses of NLP are limitless, as once you learn the tools you will find yourself using them every day!

When you can help your client get the results they want in just a few sessions, they will rave about you and tell their friends, filling up your calendar! As an NLP-certified coach, you gain a competitive edge, enjoying the prestige of an elite designation. Elevate your coaching practice and have a profound impact on your clients’ lives. To explore the possibilities of becoming an NLP-designated coach or practitioner, email me at

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