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  What quality of life do you have, if you are suffering with a chronic illness or confined to a bed, or worse, in a nursing home and don’t even know who is visiting you?   Let’s talk about health span vs life span.   

In today’s age we are living shorter and dying longer, and this offers no quality of life. That is not what I want for me, I want to die shorter and live longer, like my Grandmother did, living in her own home, by herself, fully cognitively functioning until the age of 101! I subscribe to the way the health care system worked back in Ancient China and India – their doctors were not paid if their villagers got sick! They were motivated to teach their villagers to take proactive and preventative measures in their health. They were focused on a person’s health span!   This is what I also share and teach all of you, because we can do this!

Unfortunately our medical system today is a “sick-care” system – you only see your doctor if you are sick and even then, sometimes they tell you nothing is wrong with you, come back when you are really sick….what we need is a “health care” system – that teaches you what you can do, so that you don’t even have to get sick. This system exists today – it is the holistic health care system – often labeled “alternative health”, as if it’s a secondary option. It’s not funded by extended benefits and insurance companies, because they are tied to the sick care system.  The great news is that this is all starting to change, as more people start to demand that change, because they too care about their health span.  I’m part of the Health Coach Alliance in Canada, and they have let me know that 3 Canadian Universities are currently studying the benefits of employees working with health coaches, in order to provide the data to insurance companies to get this work covered on employee benefit plans. It will still take time, but it’s a step in the right direction. 

10 years ago Chiropractors and Naturopaths weren’t covered on benefit plans either.   I have a friend, Patrick Louie of Living Well Solutions who is also creating programs to show employers the benefits of offering broader employee benefit plans that include a range of holistic healing options in addition to the traditional services that are covered.   If you are in Canada and know of a business that would be open to learning more about this, let me know, trust me it will save them money in the long run!  If you are in the US, you are actually ahead of us in terms of the research being done to show that offering holistic services of health coaches saves companies money…there are many such studies that have been done and the tide is turning, which will give more people more access to holistic health, and that focuses on health span!  I’m seeing medical doctors and nurses leaving mainstream medicine because they can help more people truly heal on the holistic side.  

These are some of the interviews I bring to you this month in my podcast – a Canadian nurse, Cheryl Prince, who no longer works in hospitals and has her own holistic business – an American Doctor, Dr Tom Acklin, who has left mainstream and is forging his own path, with a focus on the microbiome and nutrition in helping people truly heal.   I also interview Scott Donnell of Hapbee Inc, who is bringing wearable technology to the market that can improve our mood, improve our sleep, help us relax, boost our focus, and more! These are things we all want, but use alcohol or drugs, or nicotine or coffee in order to achieve them – all with varying degrees of side effects!  With this wearable technology you get the results without the side effects!

 All of these experts provide information as to how you can improve your quality of life, not just for today, but for all your tomorrows, in other words, improve your health span.  When we all start to focus on our health span and demand a medical system that focuses on this, we will live a longer, quality life.  Isn’t that what we all want?  We just need to have the knowledge in how to create this for ourselves, take responsibility for our health and recognize that masking symptoms isn’t the answer.  No one went to bed last night and woke up with a disease this morning, that disease has been growing inside your body for some time….when we know how to create a body that is inhospitable to disease and choose to take actions to create that, we are choosing health span!