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Caution: I’m sharing my story below, this is not medical or cancer treatment advice, I’m not telling you what to do, I’m simply sharing what I have chosen to do for me.

I first had a melanoma removed from my left elbow back in June 2013. In 2014, I had a melanoma “in-situ” diagnosed on my lower right leg. I was told it was like thick icing on a cake that doesn’t go down into the skin and we’d just watch it. I see my dermatologist every year. 2 years ago it started changing, I had him look at it and he said it was fine. Last May I had him look at it again as it was really peely and turning dark. Again I was told, it’s ok, don’t worry about it.   That dermatologist then retired and in January my family doctor suggested a biopsy as I was still somewhat concerned about it, it simply didn’t look healthy to me.

Walking My Talk Part 1

The biopsy came back malignant invasive melanoma. Good thing I double checked!!  The doctor was surprised that it hadn’t spread much faster, given that I’d been concerned about it for 2 years – perhaps my detoxing, fasting and healthy lifestyle helped slow the development? I’ll never know, however this further fuels my desire to take proactive action in my health and always get second opinions AND to trust my instincts!

I was then scheduled to see a surgeon on March 4.  I went to that appointment thinking I was having the mole removed in her office, like what happened back in 2013. When I got there however, it turned out, that I was simply there to meet the surgeon and have her lay out my “plan”. This plan included the recommendation to have a lymph node biopsy to determine the spread of the cancer, and she explained all the side effects of that, none of which I liked. It also meant getting pumped full of radiation in order to light up my lymph nodes and determine which ones they would remove for the biopsy, which she said could be up to 4. I like my lymph nodes where they are and didn’t want any removed, especially when she said I had a 9 – 12% chance of the cancer having spread, based on an Aussie and US data base system that calculates this.  That seemed pretty low to me, for a very invasive procedure.

I told her I’d think about it and didn’t sign the waiver for the lymph node biopsy. She also pointed out they use the biopsy to determine my treatment of immunotherapy, chemo and radiation, none of which I would do, so again it seemed a moot point.

I drove home that day, thinking about my options – grateful that I am familiar with many alternative cancer treatment options and that I have an amazing network of healers around me to support me.  I also realized I had some new fear instilled in me by that surgeon about why I should follow her protocol. I felt like I was at the top of a luge track, and they wanted me to jump on immediately with both feet – except once I did that I knew there was no exit. I needed time to calm my mind and determine what would be right for me and my body. It is my temple after all, and I only get 1 in this lifetime! I also know that going into a place of fear, simply trashes my immune system, at a time when I needed it most. So what did I do? I stared asking “How is this happening for me?” I realized this was happening for me, so that I had an even more powerful story of healing that I could share with more people, letting them know they always have options on their healing journey and the reason behind me sharing my story here. I also moved  into action, instead of feeling helpless.

I contacted my Naturopath,  and planned my High dose Vitamin C IVs,  I booked an appointment with a New German Medicine Practitioner, as I know that these cancers are triggered by significant emotional events, and I needed to work backwards to understand what caused it to show up in 2014, then do nothing for all these years, and what second event had caused this flare up. Once we figured that out, I was then able to release those emotions during a Time Line Therapy® session with a colleague, Dr Toni Reid,  that was coincidentally already in our calendars.  This powerful session blew out the inklings of fear that were still there and allowed me to stand in my power. I also booked an appointment with a powerful energy healer, David Ross (check out my podcast episode 151 to learn more about his work) to have him work with me throughout this process.   In my community, I’m connected to many people who practice Magnified Healing and so I asked them to include me in their healing work as well and they all graciously have done so.

As you can see I created a powerful healing protocol for myself, the next step was to let the medical professionals know of my choices and ask for their support.

I met with both surgeons independently 8 days before surgery, (the oncological surgeon and the plastic surgeon), I let them both know I would NOT be doing the lymph node biopsy and told them my treatment plan instead, including high dose Vitamin C, NuCalm healing frequencies (tune into my podcast episodes 160 and 161 to learn all about these) and I asked to use these frequencies during surgery.  The plastic surgeon was very supportive and agreed with my choices. The oncological surgeon upon hearing my choices, told me “I have to tell you that this is not my recommended protocol, I just need you to know that”.  I said I understood and then she agreed to allow me to do my own plan.  She also suggested that if I’m not doing the biopsy, I should do ultrasounds every 6 months to see if the cancer is spreading, to which I agreed, as that doesn’t involve radiation of my body! I’m still perplexed as to why this wasn’t offered as the first option. I guess it all comes down to  money and ultrasounds every 6 months cost more than the biopsy…

In my next newsletter I’ll share the story of my surgery experience with you. Stay tuned.