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I have always had a love for sweets and at times they just seem to call out to me. Recently, Melissa guided me though a process linking two very specific items I like, to two very specific items I dislike. Having worked with Melissa for some time on several aspects of improving my overall health, I have found her to be knowledgeable and her one-on-one approach is very supportive and effective. I am happy to say I have lost interest both the specific chocolate and licorice treats and more importantly, I know I have the power to change my thinking so I can change my behaviour. Thank you, Melissa for showing me the power of tapping into the unconscious mind, you truly are a trusted guide.

Patricia Eagar

Vancouver Island

Do You Know the Power of Your Own Mind?

One of my all-time favourite quotes that I go back to over and over again for myself was written by Henry Ford:

“Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you are right!”

So, what kind of stories are you telling yourself in your own mind?

Are you telling yourself that you can’t?

Are you telling yourself that you are awful?

Are you telling yourself that you’re a loser, stupid?

If you stop and think about the way you talk to yourself for a moment, and then think about talking to a friend the way you talk to yourself, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t talk to your friend the way you talk to yourself, or you wouldn’t have any friends. We are so often unkind to ourselves in our own inner dialogues. Especially if we’ve not yet created the awareness and skills to change our thinking!

Unconscious Mind

Instead, we are beating ourselves up, telling ourselves we aren’t good enough, we don’t deserve it, we aren’t smart enough and so on. The more we do that, the more we create the habit, and accept that as being our “normal” and then find ourselves stuck in this negative loop!

This is very ‘normal” human behaviour, driven by our brain that is responsible for keeping us safe. You are not alone if this is you, However you probably don’t want to just live a “normal” life, you want to live an exceptional life, full of joy, vitality, and good health, service to others, so let’s start shifting your mindset today!

How Do You Get Stuck In This Negative Pattern?

It’s all because your brain is trying to keep you safe!  Your brain knows you are safe right now, as you are alive, and right now you are probably sitting very comfortably in your comfort zone!   It’s where we spend a lot of our time. Whenever you start taking new action to learn something new, whether that is at work, a new healthy routine, like my detox program or maybe its a new hobby,  you are stepping outside your comfort zone and your brain will take notice.  It will start chatting to you with comments like “What are you doing?  This is new, do you even know what you’re doing, this feels hard, maybe you should just give up and go back to what you were doing before”, because this way your brain can get you back into your comfort zone, where it knows it can keep you safe!   If you listen to this regular internal dialogue from your brain, you might just give in and give up and go back to your comfort zone, not even aware of how your brain just manipulated that outcome!!!

Now that you are aware your brain can be your best friend for instance when keeping you safe from stepping in front of a bus, or your worst enemy by keeping you stuck in your comfort zone, you can choose to talk back to your brain!  YES, I said that!!  I know that in the past talking to yourself would have you thrown into an asylum; however, it is really healthy to do, and it is something we all need to be doing more often!

We Need to Talk More and Listen Less

I know we have two ears and 1 mouth and are told to talk less and listen more, and that does apply when interacting with other humans, BUT when we are interacting with our own brain, I recommend to my clients that they talk more and listen less!!

That is because so much of what we are listening to is our brain trying to keep us in our comfort zone, little messages that aren’t even true, little worries that might never happen, that end up holding us back!  When we instead have awareness around what is going on in our mind, we can talk back to it and explain what we are trying to achieve and why, and then invite our brain to come along on the journey with us and assure it, that it’s safe!  So, I have my clients tell their brain that they do know what they are doing with my detox program and that they can easily get their questions answered by messaging me and that the detox program is safe, and at the end of it both their body and brain will feel better, so let’s keep moving forward.

You can have that conversation with your brain regarding anything that you are embarking on in your life, inviting your brain to come with you. This is where having a coach or a mentor is really helpful as we do often give up on ourselves when our brain is talking to ourselves. It is easy to go back to our comfort zone. Where if we are working with someone else, we know that we have committed to them by scheduling another session with them in a week, or we have some homework to be doing in between sessions etc. we are so much less likely to give up because we have that other person helping to hold us accountable. We can say this to our brain “Do not give up on ourselves!”

How Do We Change This Negative Behaviour?

Awareness of the power of our mind is so important, as it will allow you to change everything, and we do this by tapping into our unconscious mind, the part that has been charged with keeping us safe!  It’s been doing this ever since we were a young child and has us running on this operating system that needs to be updated now that we are adults!

Our brain gets 12 million bits per second of information, which is way too much for it to be able to cope with and as such it must delete, distort, and generalize that information down to a manageable size of about 128 – 134 bits per second through our filters.  Our filters are our attitudes, values and beliefs, language, time, space, energy, decisions, memories and more. Therefore three different people can experience the same event and re-tell their experience entirely differently to each other afterwards, as they are telling it through their filters.

For example, 3 girls can be walking in a park and see a snake slither across the path in front of them.

One girl shrieks and runs away. The second girl kneels down and gently picks up the “cute little snake” then moves it gently off the path and into the grass, so it doesn’t get stepped on. While the third little girl looks at it and doesn’t do anything!

The first girl had learned to fear snakes, the second girl perhaps grew up on a farm and loves all animals and has experience handling snakes and she wants to protect it so she moves it gently onto the grass, and the third  girl had no experience with snakes one way or the other, so she didn’t have a filter telling her how to react – yet.

As a result of our brain deleting, distorting, and generalizing in this way, we are literally creating our own version of reality every day – different to everyone else’s version of reality.  We can therefore also choose the type of reality we want to create – happiness is quite literally a choice! You can wake up every morning and make a choice to be happy! Now some readers might be saying “you have no idea what my life is like, if you did, you would know that I can’t choose to be happy”…if that’s you, I want to let you know that you can choose to change your operating system and update it, so that you are in a place where you can make happiness a choice.

How To Reduce Our Limiting Beliefs and Negative Emotions

So, if you are stuck, not achieving what you want in life, then it’s time to assess your limiting beliefs and negative emotions that are holding you stuck.  These are all part of the programming that is holding you back, and the great news is that we can use Timeline Therapy to reprogram your unconscious mind to release those negative emotions and release your limiting belief(s), many of which have been in place since our childhood.

When did you last update your phone? It probably hasn’t gone 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years without an update, right? You’re updating your phone; you’re updating your technology all the time. Well, it is the same with updating the programming in our unconscious mind. We just previously didn’t know that we could do that, but now that you know that, you can do that, how powerful is that?

When you master your unconscious mind, 90% of your mind power, you can get what you want in life!  Yes, your conscious mind, is your thinking, logical mind is only 10% of your mind power.

When You Master Your Unconscious Mind, You Get:

Master Your Unconscious Mind

Be Willing To Let Go Of Control

Mastering your unconscious mind is highly effective and quick, you just have to be willing to let go of control of your conscious mind, and trust in the fact that you are here reading this article for a reason, and the resources you need to take your life to the next level are being shown to you right now!

The belief(s) you have right now, trigger the thoughts you have, and the words you use, which then trigger your actions that get you results.  So, if you aren’t getting the results you want, you need to go back to the root – your beliefs. Just like when I work with clients in their physical health we go back to the root, it’s the same when dealing with the mind – we must go to the root and from there we detox the beliefs that are no longer serving and reprogram new beliefs that trigger different language and thoughts to cause different action and get the results that you want!

If you’d like to know more about these techniques that I use to update your operating system, and reprogram your unconscious mind, please book a complimentary call with me! I’d be happy to help you discover whether you are ready to master your unconscious mind to be able to live the life you really want!

If someone came to mind while you were reading this article, and you feel the information I shared would help them, please send this article to them, and help me create the ripple effect of reaching more people in creating a healthier, global community.

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