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We are now hearing the word micro-biome alot more frequently. If it is new to you, it is referring to the living eco-system of microbes, bacteria, and fungi living in your body, working very hard to keep your body functioning optimally. Our main micro-biome is in our gut, and houses 70% of our immune system, but our skin, our respiratory system, our brain all have their own “micro-biomes” as well, all communicating back to the the micro-biome in our gut.

When our micro-biome is unhealthy, or out of balance, is when our health also starts to go sideways. Our immune system won’t function as well as it should and so we get sick. When there is inflammation in our micrio-biome, we will also have inflammation in the rest of our body, a known pre-cursor to many chronic diseases.

The latest research is showing the link between a micro-biome in disbyosis and many chronic diseases, such as cancers, auto-immune diseases, obesity, heart disease and more. We also now know that children with autism very often have 25% less variety in their gut flora, compared to children without autism. This is exciting, because we are now looking at boosting the variety of the gut flora as one step in helping kids with autism be able to heal.

Today, I got an email in my inbox about the link between the health of your micro-biome and Alzheimers. This email states “ Thanks to a breakthrough study from Lund University in Sweden, we now have proof that there is a direct link between your gut microbiome and Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, you can dramatically lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by regulating your gut microbiome…

Harvard University has also recently published over 13 studies, each of which confirms the gut as the root cause of mental deterioration.”

Last night I received a link to another article about the micro-biome and how vitally important it is to our overall health, to look after the health of our micro-biome, entitled “Eat more avocados”. This is looking into the future and our ability to create personalized meal plans for people to optimize their health. We aren’t there yet, BUT, but there is alot to be said of existing programs I have available today, that can teach you how to listen to your body (what it likes and doesn’t like), how to re-set your digestive system, and navigating a path to better gut health by understanding the foods your body will benefit from, and those that are not serving you.

I offer a first complimentary session so you can determine if you like my style of coaching and learn about my programs and which might be best suited to your specific needs. No risk, no pain, just click here to book a little time in your day, to honour yourself and your health for today and all your tomorrows.

Cheers to you and your healthy gut