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Working with Melissa has been an incredible experience – she is awesome.  I was initially introduced to her because I was struggling with the side effects of anti-hormone medication after  breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Melissa suggested a 21-day detox, which was amazing (and easier than I thought it would be) and I felt wonderful afterwards.

From the beginning, she has been attentive to my needs, symptoms and unique circumstance with a customized, personal approach incorporating all of her specialties… something that is not practiced in traditional medicine.  Her warmth and genuine interest in my well-being was apparent.  I was so impressed with the thoughtful check-ins in between appointments, informative resources and continual wealth of information.  I have felt so supported the past 8 months and have noticed a physical, mental and emotional transformation… thanks to Melissa.

I am grateful we met and highly recommend her for anyone looking for a caring, knowledgeable practitioner who uses a comprehensive approach to resolve your issues.

Ivy Menchel ~ NY NY

Exploring Health Innovations: CGM Advancements and Mold Testing Breakthroughs

Welcome back to another exciting blog, diving into cutting-edge health resources that can transform your well-being. As always, my mission is to share valuable insights to empower you on your health journey. So, let’s jump right in!

Melissa's results on the Theia app

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and Thea App: Revolutionizing Metabolic Health

I’m excited to introduce a game-changer in the health tech arena – Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and the innovative Thea App. Boris Berjan, the founder, embarked on a mission to globally combat metabolic diseases after overcoming two chronic illnesses himself. Frustrated with the inefficiency of updating multiple doctors on his health journey, he envisioned a solution.

CGM provides raw data, but interpreting it is time-consuming for practitioners. That’s where Thea App comes in, transforming raw data into meaningful insights for both practitioners and clients. Receive a daily metabolic score, color-coded for easy interpretation. This powerful tool unveils the impact of food, exercise, and sleep on insulin levels, fostering a deeper understanding for clients and facilitating tailored interventions by practitioners.

But that’s not all – upcoming features include hunger level assessment with meal recommendations, real-time practitioner engagement, and more. I personally tested this for two weeks and experienced eye-opening revelations about my own health, showcasing the potential for everyone to benefit.

Personal Insight: Unveiling My CGM Experience

While I don’t have blood sugar concerns, my two-week journey with Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) provided fascinating revelations. Incorporating a simple 20-minute walk after meals significantly expedited the return of my glucose levels to the desired “zone.” Even during a recent trade show, where my routine shifted, I maintained healthy food choices, opting for a quinoa spinach salad for lunch each day and altering my breakfast to scrambled eggs and sourdough toast, rather than my normal smoothies.

Surprisingly, the days at the show which involved prolonged standing and walking for eight hours, recorded my highest scores in the entire two weeks! What intrigued me was the impact of standing and walking on my blood sugar levels, which wasn’t even logged as exercise in the app!  Surprisingly my restaurant dinner of fish tacos and a coconut margarita produced higher scores, than a favourite home-made veggie curry, offering valuable insights into meal & exercise effects on blood sugar, as the day I ate at the restaurant was one of the tradeshow days!

These revelations are pivotal, especially for those dealing with diabetes or early signs of blood sugar issues. Understanding how certain meals, despite healthy ingredients, influence blood sugar response empowers better choices for returning to healthy levels. The CGM experience underscored the importance of personalized insights for informed health decisions.  To learn more, tune into the full interview with Boris Berjan in episode 147 of the “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” podcast.

If you’d like to  purchase CGMs for yourself and use this app, you can do so here

Or book a call with me to chat here.

We Inspect’s Ultimate Screening Source: The Dust Test for Mold Detection

Shifting gears, I share a ground-breaking mold-testing approach by We Inspect. Brian Carr, an expert in the field, spoke at the Re-Imagine Health Summit, and I couldn’t wait to explore further. Mold-related health issues often go undiagnosed due to generic symptoms, but the Dust Test offers a comprehensive history of your home’s air quality and can help you rule out mold, or quickly understand the type of mold you are dealing with.

I want to share some common myths around mold:

Myth 1: “Most homes are not water damaged” – 90% of homes have something going on.  It is the norm, not the exception, despite what people think, mold is not just a problem due to a flood.

Myth 2: “Mold stays trapped behind walls” – no it doesn’t stay trapped! Air pressure moves the mold through the walls and into our breathing zone, just like if you open 1 door, and another closes as a result

Myth 3: “Air samples will tell you if there is mold” – it’s the wrong test to use – we need to test where we think the source is – testing air three feet away often shows up negative to a positive mold test at the source

Myth 4: “There must be active water for mold to grow”  Mold can dry out and then start getting blown around and spreading, it’s more of a problem than if there is water!

As an affiliate with We Inspect, I’m excited to offer you access to their patient education portal.  This portal not only educates you about mold, it also shares powerful information regarding remediation, what to do in a move, so you don’t bring the mold with you as well as covering legal advice if you need to break a rental lease.  Brian also has a podcast called Mold Finders Radio.

If you have mold concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your health is paramount, and these resources can be transformative.  Learn more on my “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” episode 148, coming out December 16, 2023, where I interview Brian Karr himself.

If you’d like to purchase the Dust Test, you can do so here.

Empower Your Health Journey: Taking Action

Whether it’s optimizing metabolic health with CGM or ensuring a mold-free living environment, this information equips you with essential knowledge. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs and podcast episodes, and remember, health is your true wealth.

If you find this article valuable, share it with someone who needs it. Your support fuels our mission to make human health a global priority. Wishing you a vibrant and healthy week ahead! 🌿💚