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Melissa is a fantastic health coach and has greatly improved my overall well-being! I just finished a detox cleanse with her, and I am a 51-year-old man that feels better than I did at age 31. I also took her course on self-hypnosis, and it has helped me sleep better, focus clearer and learn things about my health that I never knew were possible. My mental, physical, and emotional health are far better after following her coaching than a lifetime of traditional “modern” medicine. She has a fun and pure way of bringing us back to our natural state, where the body can do what it’s designed to do and heal itself. She’s extremely knowledgeable about all facets of what keeps the body in harmony with the brain and I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re already taking one of her courses, congratulations, you’re going to feel better soon!

Matt Rigsby, Salmon, Idaho

If you care about your health, you are in the right place! I love sharing my knowledge as I learn it with you because it is my mission to heal the world from chronic illness, and have more people know that it is possible, and the steps they can take to do that.

I recently attended Dr Cabral’s Re-Imagine Health Summit and I want to share with you what I learned over 2 blogs.

Firstly, I love the name “Re-imagine Health”, and I hope it inspires you to think about your health differently.  What we’ve been doing as a society is no longer working, with 6 in 10 Americans suffering from 1 chronic illness and 4 in 10 suffering from more than 1, we have an epidemic of chronic illness that our current medical model is clearly failing all these people, unfortunately.

Our human body is meant to heal itself, when we create the environment for it to be able to do so, and yet these people aren’t healing, they are being given a drug to “make them better”, except very often that simply leads to side effects, that then lead to another drug and on it goes.

EWOT Training with Live02

What if we start to do things differently? What if we re-imagine our health and Re-imagine what real healthcare is, because it is not sick care!

Health Care is Not:

  • Keeping an eye on it.
  • Waiting for it to get worse.
  • Running your annual bloodwork and treating the numbers and not the person.
  • Medicating away the symptoms.

Think about this too:  the absence of disease isn’t necessarily health.

Top 5 Causes of Mortality

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s / Dementia

Auto-Immune “Dis-eases” Are Growing Rapidly

This will affect 1 in 5 people in your lifetime, and is growing at an alarming rate, compared to the amount of auto-immune disease we had back in the 1960s/1970s.

What If You Could Find Things at An Earlier Stage? What If You Could Reverse These “Diagnosis”.

The great news is that today we can do both!  Every imbalance has an underlying root cause. Let’s talk about some of those.

Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s & Cancer Dis-ease The Root Causes Are: (very often more than one of these in the list below are in play)

  • Improper longevity nutrition (eating too much sugar, salt, and fat)
  • APOE genotype e3/e4 or e4/e4 (these put you on a path to be more predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia)
  • Hardening of the arteries
  • High cortisol (triggered by high stress)
  • High androgen levels (triggered by high cortisol)
  • High / low thyroid
  • Low estrogen (post menopausal)
  • Uncontrolled blood-sugar (multi-factorial)
  • High blood pressure
  • Imbalance of Omega 3 / 6
  • Smoking, alcohol, drug use
  • Physical inactivity
  • Gut & digestive imbalances (very common in today’s world because of poor sleep, high stress, and it’s also factored into were you bottle fed or breast fed. Were you a vaginal birth or were you a C-Section.)
  • Vitamin / mineral nutrient deficiencies (we have so much obesity in our world today, and yet many people are nutrient deficient because they are living on the standard American diet which only contains 17 of the 90 nutrients that the human body needs to thrive.)
  • Total toxic load
  • Inflammatory dis-eases
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Kidney & liver dis-ease
  • Medications like NSAIDs (example: Advil)
  • Mental / emotional / physical stress

All these factors contribute towards our health outcomes. Many of them are lifestyle factors.

What Do You Need to Do?

  • Catch them early!
  • Find the root cause.
  • Rebalance your body.

Every single one of those root causes can be found on the Big 5 labs that I offer and running them shows you what is out of balance in your body so you can bring it back into balance easily.  I am not a doctor, I don’t diagnose, I don’t cure, I simply look for the toxicities, deficiencies, and imbalances in the body, so that we can remove the toxicities and deficiencies, thereby bringing your body back into balance so it can heal itself.  

What’s Next: Going Beyond “Dis-ease”

There is always a next level when it comes to your health! Your health is a lifelong journey.

The future of health is already here with many tech advancements:

  • Semi-annual bloodwork run on your own with AI diagnostics, giving you a summary of your results, and diagnostics.
  • Functional medicine at home lab testing for underlying root cause imbalances (toxicities and deficiencies, as mentioned previously – the Big 5 Labs are an example of this)
  • We are getting to the place where 75 years old becomes the new 50, and 100 becomes the new 80 (we are 10 – 15 years away from really making this happen), and people will look forward to an additional 25 years of life, but not 25 years in a nursing home. This is 25 years of quality life, with good mobility, good mental function, how amazing would that be?
  • Scientists are already reversing blindness and grey hair in mice, and so in 10 – 15 years this will likely be possible in humans, because the DNA in mice is actually quite similar to humans.
  • Today they are already printing ghost organs. They are being grown from your own cells and using 3D Bio-printing, reducing the risk of rejection in transplants. There will be no risk because it is being grown from your own cells.

Plus, there are many new devices being developed that will enhance your health and / or healing journey and some of these are what I want to share with you today and next month in part 2 of this blog!

Everything I have shared with you thus far are from the notes I took from Dr Cabral’s opening keynote, and I was inspired and motivated and given so much hope as to where we are at, and what we can do with our health, how we can take action, and how we can truly heal. We no longer have to be stuck in that place of believing that when we get sick, we must take a drug, and that we are not going to get better, or that our only choice is to take that drug to manage our symptoms for the rest of our lives. There are so many other choices!

Maybe you see your doctor and you get a diagnosis, and they recommend a drug for you to take, I invite you to look for alternative solutions. Look for second  and third opinions, so that you have all the knowledge to be able to make the right decisions for you on your healing journey.

I want to start by sharing with you the healing benefits of Red Light.

Harness the Healing of Red Light

Benefits of Red Light:

  • Lowers Inflammation
  • Helps the body detox.
  • Mitochondria support (your energy powerhouses in your body)
  • Neurological enhancements
  • Renew & repair from acute injuries more quickly.
  • Improved pain management, wound and scar healing.
  • Improves the natural production of Nitric oxide in your blood which generally declines as we age.
  • Improved Circulation
  • Eye health
  • Anti-aging benefits, with improved natural production of collagen and skin enhancements.
  • Improved nutritional absorption, so that you will be better able to absorb the nutrition from that food that you are eating.

We get sick on a cellular level, and we heal on a cellular level so anything we can do to improve cellular health is a plus!

Brain Light Therapy

You can use an infrared or red-light therapy mat or pad for 21 minutes 3 x / week to start improving your neuro plasticity. That is all it takes.  When healing from a concussion / TBI / stroke, using this therapy they are now starting to get professional athletes back to sports in 2 weeks, post-concussion. That is powerful!

NIR & Nitric oxide

Red light and near infrared naturally produce this in the body, which will counter the fact the body produces less as we age.  It also improves the lining of our endothelial cells and super oxygenates our blood.

Now through a company called Therasage, you can choose from several products that use red-light and near infrared light to help you optimize your health and/or heal, such as:

  • Infrared Sauna that is soft sided, light weight and easy to move, and allows you to detox while experiencing the benefits of red-light therapy. You can set it up inside your home. You can leave it set up or put it down if you have a smaller space and you can’t have it up all the time. The benefits of saunas in detox for our body are incredibly profound, and now they have combined the benefits of making saunas affordable, accessible, and including infrared therapy.
  • Red Light – UV Therapy panels – I just purchased this myself and now enjoy using it when I’m watching TV or sitting in a chair, it’s called the Thera Tri-Lite Curve, it literally curves to fit the shape of your body and brings the healing benefits to that area. I love knowing that I’m supporting all the above benefits for myself, while doing other things!
  • PEMF Infrared light mat (PEMF = Pulsed electromagnetic field), that you can lie on to receive the healing benefits.

The other day I did a workout in the morning, and because I have been traveling a lot recently, I have been doing a lot of walking but not doing a lot of workouts. I was doing a strength workout, and later that evening when I was bending over and squatting down to feed the cats, I realized “oh I feel my quads, glutes, and my inner thighs from that workout that I did this morning”. What I did as I was reading in bed that night, I draped the Tri-Lite Curve infrared healing pad over each of my inner thighs, and I also put it under my glutes. I had it in each place for about 15 minutes while I was reading. The next morning, I woke up and all those aches and pains were gone. If I hadn’t done that, I can guarantee you I would have felt stiff, because normally you feel stiffer the following day after the workout then you do the day of the workout. I noticed how it was helping my muscles heal from the workout I had done.

I really love the healing benefits of redlight and infrared light. We naturally get redlight from the sun, early in the morning, and at dusk, but because we as humans are not spending nearly enough time outside as we did back in our caveman days, we are not getting those benefits anymore. These tools help support us in getting those benefits in our everyday life.

You can purchase directly from their website, and they’ll ship to you. If you’re reading this in November 2023, use code YGHJ20 to get 20% off when you buy directly from their website. 

Speaking of light, lets talk about the negative impact of indoor lighting on our health and what we can do about that. Light that comes into our eyes impacts our pineal gland in our brain which controls our circadian rhythm and autonomic nervous system – our rest and digest or fight and flight nervous systems.

Sunlight has a full range of light wave lengths, and the more time we spend outdoors, the more we get exposed to this full range, which can help signal to our brain when it is time to start producing melatonin for a deeper more restorative sleep, and when to calm our body for sleep.

Indoor lighting however has a narrower range and as such it doesn’t signal to our brain when to calm, when to produce melatonin etc.  This is something I talk to my clients about all the time. I have been recommending Blue Light Blocking glasses, and having night shift on your phone, iPad, and having a download called Just Get Flux on your computer that helps block all the blue light from your screen.

At the conference, I met the founder of Vivarays, and what he has done is create glasses with different coloured lenses that we can wear indoors, and it will mimic the light we get into our eyes from the sun and protect our eyes from the damage from indoor lighting.

They have a daytime lens with a yellow tint that reduces the side effects of being exposed to LED lights and digital devices all day that leads to eye strain, fatigue, headaches, and migraines, blurred, double vision and neck pain.

They have an evening orange lens that mimics the light of a campfire, or just the light the sun naturally goes through at sunset. You have all seen the sky go from beautiful blue skies to different shades of pinks and purples. This lens is what you wear in the evenings to mimic that natural  change in daylight, and then 1 hour before bed, you snap on a red lens, which filters out all green and blue light and decreases the brightness by 20 times, to allow your brain to know it’s time to get ready for bed and produce melatonin and calm your nervous system.

This has been proven to be very productive for people in improving their sleep, calming their nervous system, and allowing people to wake up feeling refreshed, and rejuvenated simply by changing how their brain is receiving light by wearing these glasses.

You can check those out, and I am going to have the founder of Vivarays on my podcast either in January so be sure to not miss that episode. You will hear his powerful story and the shifts that he has created in his own life as a result of discovering how we are being negatively impacted by all of the indoor light and this narrow range of light that we are exposed to.

Now, I want to share with you something else that I learned and experienced while I was at the conference, and that is called EWOT.

EWOT Training with Live02

EWOT stands for “exercise with oxygen therapy”. There was a company there called Live02. I was able to experience this while riding a bicycle and my body was being flooded with different levels of oxygen.

Oxygen Therapy Is Very Beneficial As It Can:

  • Make you feel 10-20 years younger!
  • Exercise less – Achieve More
  • Be smarter every day (the additional oxygen to your brain is literally allowing your brain to function at more optimal levels.)
  • Perform better
  • Tolerate stress better
  • Never get sore or tired from exercise

With EWOT, we are using adaptive contrast of high dose O2, oxygen, (90%) and then low dose (13%) – normal 02 levels are 21%, (that can vary if you live high in the mountains it could be a little bit lower than that, but generally it is around 21% at sea level)

What happens first is you hop on the bike and start peddling and you put the oxygen mask on your face, and you have monitors on your fingers on each hand so you can see when you are in the zone. You start flooding your body with high dose oxygen as you warm up and then after a few minutes getting all that great oxygen you can flick a switch to then reduce the oxygen to 13%, you will feel a temperature changes and you can feel that it is a little bit harder to breathe.

This is putting you into oxygen deprival while still exercising on the bike.  This low oxygenated air with this physical challenge, activates blood flow throughout the body, which will flush out toxins, deliver oxygen and drive nutrients much more deeply into the tissue than is normally possible. Then after a few minutes in this state you flick the switch, and you again flood your body with the 90% oxygen.  You can continue to do this throughout your workout based on the meters that are on your fingers letting you know when you are in the “zone” for each state.

By maximizing blood flow to various organs, and combining this training with specific nutrients as well, you can experience incredible healing results in your skin, hair health, digestive system, healing from concussions and TBI, as well as helping reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s / Dementia and Parkinsons. They have an addiction protocol as well as performance protocols for elite athletes. They have a protocol for cancer as well that has been shown to help shrink cancer – reducing the capacity for metastasis by 70%.

These are just some of the new tools and technologies that are available to us in the here and now that can enhance your healing, your health, and I invite you to check them out. For every individual there is more than one way to heal, as I said your health is a lifelong journey. It’s great to be aware of the latest advances, even if you do not need them today yourself, you might know someone who does, or you might just need to hear this information today because at some point it may be of benefit to you.

I love sharing everything I am learning with you, as I learn it, and helping spread this message of the possibilities for every person to be living in optimal health, healing from whatever diagnosis they have received and using the latest advances in science in order to get you there.