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“Melissa Deally is the Real Deal. She is an incredible healer, and she is the one that you want by your side to help you unlock the healer within yourself. She will walk confidently with you down the path, as she has already walked down it herself. She not only knows what she is doing (She is living proof of that), but she uplevels and upgrades her skills continuously through many different modalities to ensure that her toolbelt is better equipped than that of any other healer I have met. Not only is she the “Friendly Toxin Slayer”, but she also teaches you that you are in control, you are powerful, and you will prevail. A better Doctor, Teacher, and Human Being I have not met. Thanking you Melissa, so sincerely, you have helped me change my life and regain my control.”



In today’s blog I want to share a recent personal story with you, because life happens, and despite taking such good care of my health, detoxing my physical body, I still had a health hiccup.  Toxins don’t come in only one form; there can be the chemical toxins, the toxic thoughts, toxic emotions, heavy metal toxins, and many more. There are so many forms of toxins that can come in and negatively impact our health.

I call myself the “Friendly Toxin Slayer” because I help people to detox their physical body. We also delve into detoxing the stuffed-down emotions that have been stuffed down in the body sometimes for years, decades, which causes disease later in life.  Then we have what I call the ‘mental toxins’ or limiting beliefs, which are all those unconscious conversations we have with ourselves about not being good enough, being powerless, being unlovable or unworthy. Next, we have spiritual toxicity, and to me that’s being out of alignment with who you are truly meant to be. Are you living your purpose? Are you living your purpose with passion? When we don’t have that alignment and we’re not living our purpose, it’s often difficult for us to find true joy and happiness in our life. I have made it my mission to help people realign themselves with who they were truly meant to be and find that joy in their life.

Melissa Deally The Friendly Toxin Slayer

Doing this work brings me great pleasure, plus I’ve learned so much in the last 9 years since I’ve been out of the corporate world and embracing all of this knowledge while knowing that there is always more to learn. We say in the courses that I teach, that the learning is ongoing throughout our life, just like our health journey is ongoing throughout our life, and we’re not done until we’re dead. Since we don’t want to be dead, don’t close yourself off, keep yourself open to curiosity. Keep yourself open to learning whatever it is that interests you so that you can continue to grow and thrive in your life.

As I said earlier, life happens. We get curveballs thrown in our way. Things come up, and that’s what recently happened to me. That’s what I’m going to be sharing with you today. It’s how we respond to what life throws at us, that determines how we’re able to move through it.  With all the tools and the training that I have, this was a true test for me in being able to apply my own tools and use them to come through this test with ease and grace.

Let me back up a bit with my story, in January of 2024, I went to see a dermatologist for a mole that I had on my lower right leg. I’ve had this mole on my lower right leg for about 10 years, and, in fact, in 2014 I had a dermatologist look at it, and he told me that it was called ‘melanoma in situ.’  He explained that as being like thick icing on top of a cake that never goes down into the cake. So, he said, “We’ll watch it. However, it’s not really anything to worry about.”

The year prior, I had melanoma removed from my elbow of my left arm. After the plastic surgeon removed it, all the oncologists said was, “We got it all. You’re good. You’re cured perfect textbook scenario.”  And when he said, “you’re cured” in my mind I went, “How do you know it hasn’t spread throughout my body?” Now that question is what started me researching into detoxing and taking better care of my body because I didn’t know for certain if it had spread or not spread. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t feeding my cancer cells, and that instead I was giving my killer cells the optimal chance to be fending off any cancers.

I’m very fair skinned. The first 6 years of my life I lived in Australia, that was back in a time when we didn’t have sunscreen. I have many photos of me taken from that young age where my skin was beet red. The dermatologist had explained to me that it’s really the first 9 to 10 years of your life that if you get sunburned a lot, you will have a higher risk of melanoma later in life.  I am in that higher risk category, and so I’ve been seeing my dermatologist every year for checkups.

Two years ago, I noticed that the mole was starting to change a little bit. When I went to my appointment I had him check it, and he said, “Yep, it’s ok, don’t worry about it, it’s all good.” Then in 2023, it started changing more, and it was getting kind of dark, and I thought, “Mmm, I don’t like what this is doing”, so I saw him again for my regular checkup, and he said, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it”.

Then January 2024, I had a new dermatologist because my previous dermatologist had retired, and the new dermatologist said, “maybe we should just biopsy it and see”, and so we did. That biopsy came back saying that this was malignant, invasive melanoma.

As a result, I was referred to a surgeon. Remember, I’ve had melanoma removed before, and last time I had the appointment with the surgeon, I drove to his office, he removed it then and there, and I left to go back home. Later, within a week or so, I received the pathology report and learned that they had gotten it all. It was an easy process to go through, so I didn’t think this was going to be any different.

I was referred to the surgeon, and it took a while to get an appointment, as I tried to go back to the previous surgeon, but now he only does plastic surgery. I was then referred to another surgeon who doesn’t do melanoma cases. Then the third surgeon, I got an appointment with, and all of that took a bit of time. In very early March I went and saw her and, in my mind, I’m thinking “I’m going for the surgery today. She’s going to remove it in her office, and then I’m going to drive home.”

However, that was not the case. When I saw her, she sat me down to tell me that because this was a malignant, invasive melanoma, based on databases in Australia and in New York it had a 9 to 12% chance of having metastasized to other parts of my body. She therefore wanted to take out 3 to 4 of my lymph nodes, to then inform my follow-up protocol after surgery, and I said, “Wait a minute. Are we not doing surgery today?”  to which she replied “No, no, no, you’re just here today to learn the process”, and she started telling me about all the negative side effects of having my lymph nodes removed.

As I am sitting there listening to the doctor explain the procedure I started thinking, “I really like my legs fully functioning. I really like my outdoor life.  I really don’t feel that I want to have my lymph nodes removed at this time. This is something that I need to investigate, and not anything that I’m agreeing to here today.” These potentially negative side effects did not sound good at all.

As I share this story with you, I really want you to understand, this is my story. This is me making the best choices for me and my life. This is not me telling you what you should do for you by any stretch of the imagination. I’m sharing this story only because I want you to realize that we can be empowered in our health journey, and that’s what I chose to be, and you can choose to be empowered in your health journey as well, and to advocate for yourself, however, you need to do it the right way for you.  You don’t need to do what I did for me, because that isn’t going to be the right way for you. We are all coming to our health issues from different places with different symptoms.

I also share this story with you, because if you’ve been listening to my podcast or reading my articles for a while, if you know me, you know that I do a lot to take care of my health, and yet things come up. Those little bumps in the road.  This melanoma had been in my leg for 10 years since before I got into health and wellness, and it had been lying dormant for that amount of time, and I’ll circle back to that in a later part of my story. My point is that I make my health a priority and things still come up, and that’s okay, because we can still address them. We can still be empowered in our health. Just because it comes up doesn’t mean I should just give up. You know I’ve done all of this, and I still have melanoma, so should I stop prioritizing my health?  That’s a firm no, for me. It further showed me how important it is to continue looking after my health, because remember when the damage was done?  It was done when I was a young child. I can’t go back and undo that. I can only do what I can do today to help prevent any more melanomas coming up, or if they come up, that I catch them early, and that I choose to be empowered in my health and do things my way.

So back to where I was – in the surgeon’s office, and she’s telling me that she needs to take out my lymph nodes. I can tell you that hearing those negative side effects was putting a little bit of fear in me, and I’m thinking, “I don’t like the sound of this at all.” Then she told me that even before she took out the lymph nodes that I needed to go to another hospital to their nuclear Medicine department, and they needed to fill me with some radioactive fluids so that I would glow so they could determine which 3 to 4 lymph nodes they would be removing, and the purpose of removing them was to determine if the cancer had spread and then, as I said, to inform the protocol for post surgery.

I spoke up and I said to her, “I’m not liking the sound of the lymph node removal here. However, I do know that I need to have the mole removed, so that we can have the pathology afterwards to say that you got it all.” To which she told me that she highly recommended the lymph nodes be removed.

As I left the clinic that day, she gave me paperwork to sign off for the surgery so they could book the surgery appointment. I did not sign off on the lymph node surgery at that time. She gave me the documentation to go home and read and told me that she would be getting a plastic surgeon, so I would have 2 surgeons during my surgery.  She would be removing the lymph nodes, and the plastic surgeon would be removing the mole and then closing that wound because it was going to be quite a large wound. I felt very comfortable with having the plastic surgeon there, as my previous surgeon was a plastic surgeon, and that part sounded good to me.

As I’m driving home, I’ve got a 2-hour drive home so of course my mind goes to the worst possible things, too much “undistracted time” to think. I catch my thoughts, and I say “No, I’m not going to go into a place of fear.” I don’t need to go into a place of fear, and I don’t want to, because fear triggers stress, and when we’re in a stressed state, our immune system is weakened, and I needed my immune system to be functioning really well at this point.

Instead, I decided to think “How is this happening for me, and what action steps can I take now in order to enhance this process of my healing and strengthening my immune system right now?”

While I was driving through Squamish, I decided to stop at my Naturopathic Doctor’s office and ask about high dose Vitamin C treatments. I was able to talk to her receptionist about this. I know that high doses of Vitamin C are very good for killing cancer cells, because the chemical compound of Vitamin C is very similar to sugar and cancer cells have 15 times the sugar receptors of a healthy cell. We don’t want to be feeding our cancer cells with sugar, as it only keeps them thriving and growing. With high levels of Vitamin C, the cancer cells will confuse the Vitamin C with sugar, and this then draws the cancer cells to the Vitamin C and then the Vitamin C kills the cancer cells, but it keeps all our healthy cells intact. I booked some high dose vitamin C sessions to help kill off some of these cancer cells that are potentially elsewhere in my body.

I came home, and I talked to my husband about not doing the lymph node portion of the surgery, and he agreed with it as it felt a bit early to be considering such an aggressive treatment. I reached out to another local practitioner in Whistler, who also ran an IV Clinic just to find out about what options are in Whistler instead of driving to Squamish all the time, and she’s trained as an MD as well.  I was able to talk to her about my situation, and initially she thought that I “should do the lymph node part of the surgery because you don’t mess around with melanoma”, and I agree you don’t mess around with it. However, I said, “I’m taking it seriously. I’m just going to take another path” and I shared with her my intentions. And she said, “I think you’re right. Do the surgery without the lymph node removal. Get the pathology from that and if they don’t get it all, then you can go to a plan B. However, if they get it all and you haven’t had to remove your lymph nodes, that’s going to be a much easier recovery for you.” Getting that second opinion made me feel much better about my choices.

I also reached out to an energy healer friend of mine to have him energetically remove cancer cells from my body and give my body the best chance at healing. We had a fabulous session together 2 days later, and after that session he also worked on me in the background, because, of course, energetically, he has my photo, and he can continue working on me, even though we’re not doing a session over the phone or Via Zoom.

I reached out to another practitioner who specializes in New German medicine, as I have some training in New German medicine in my world of NLP, we call it Meta Medicine. However, I wanted to talk with somebody else who could help me figure out the significant emotional events that were attached to this melanoma showing up in my body.

Remember earlier, I said, stuffed down emotions can trigger disease of the body?  Every disease is triggered by a significant emotional event. What I wanted to understand was what had triggered the change in this mole?  I knew about this melanoma for 10 years so something triggered it 10 years ago and then something triggered it about 2 years ago to start it changing again. I wanted to understand those emotions and those events, because once I understood those, I could then use Timeline Therapy®, one of my own techniques working with one of my colleagues to release that emotion from my body.

I had a great session with this lady, and we figured it out. We figured out why it lay dormant for 10 years, and that was because the trigger came from when I was in the corporate world and soon after that trigger happened, I was let go from the corporate world. After being let go from my job I was no longer having to work with that person and that’s why I believe it lay dormant for all those years. Then we figured out that I had another significant emotional event during the pandemic. We all did, right?  That’s what triggered this mole to start changing, and then turning dark and going down into the skin instead of just staying on the surface.

After discovering my triggers, I was able to use Timeline Therapy® to remove the stuffed down emotions. By chance, I had a session scheduled already, and I was able to address these specific events to clear the emotions attached to them from my body. That was so incredibly freeing to do that. The other thing that I cleared was doubt. Remember, I said, driving home a little bit of that fear crept in. The little bit of doubt of doing my own path, advocating for myself, and whether choosing to do things my way was the right thing, or was that making a mistake?

We’re so programmed that with cancer, there’s only one way and that includes radiation and chemotherapy, and in this case the doctor telling me we must take out 3 to 4 of my lymph nodes. There was a little tiny bit of doubt that was still there niggling, so I cleared that in the Timeline Therapy® as well, and that was really empowering for me, because after that I knew that I could stand in my power on my health journey. I could ask for things to be done the way I wanted them to be done.

I have a lot of empathy for people who are on their own cancer journey, and who don’t have all the training and health knowledge that I have.  I feel like our medical industry has us at the top of a luge track, and it’s very, very quick! They’re like “this is what you must do, boom, boom, boom, boom! Boom! Let’s do it. Let’s get it done.”   You feel like you’re on a luge track going straight down, and there’s no exit, and there’s very little room for you to be able to do your own research, ask your own questions, get second and third opinions. However, I do really want to encourage everybody to do your own research, get second or third opinions, because you need to have the knowledge. By taking the time to breathe and do your own research this will give you a little bit more information to be able to make a better decision that is right for you. That’s what I did. Talking to these other healers, and this other MD, that was my way of getting second opinions.

I was doing my high dose vitamin C’s. I was doing my energy healing. I changed my diet to support more cancer fighting foods and boost my immune system.  I needed to meet with both surgeons less than a week before my surgery, and I also had to meet with a plastic surgeon first and let her know that I’d made my decision that I wasn’t going to have the lymph nodes removed. I was going to have only the mole removed, and so I said to her “You can do that portion of it, you’re all busy people, there’s a lot of people that need you. I am perfectly comfortable with just having you in the surgery. I don’t need the other surgeon there. I’m sure she could better use her time serving somebody else.”

I also said to her that “I don’t want to be under general anesthesia because I was just having a mole removed, and could I have it done under local?” She said it “was too big of a surgery for local. However, I could have a nerve block if I wanted”, which I agreed to.   I also said to her “I would like to use my NuCalm healing frequencies which drop me down into theta state rather than any kind of anesthesia to support me through the surgery process. I would need my phone and my earbuds and an eye mask through the process. Would that be, Ok?” And she said, absolutely, that’s fine. That really made me feel confident in being able to move forward with having the surgery the way I wanted to have the surgery.

I then had to speak to the oncological surgeon, and when I told her that I wasn’t going to be having the lymph nodes removed, she said, “I just have to let you know that that’s not my recommended protocol”, and I said, “Yes, I understand that. However, this is my choice.”  I also let her know about the NuCalm sound frequencies, and how I wanted to use them during the surgery and clarified with her that that would be okay, and she said, “Yes, no problem.”

The following week I headed to the hospital with my husband, and I had an incredible experience, and I’m happy to share this.  The people that worked with me – I had 9 different people support me during that day for surgery, that was only 50 min long! I really appreciate all of them. From the nurse that checked me in to the practitioner that put an IV in my arm. I however was questioning why I needed an IV, as I wanted this to be as least invasive as possible and he said he just needed to set it up in case of emergency, that they could quickly get something into me if that was needed and given that, my husband had an anaphylactic reaction in the OR 11 years ago, I decided, okay, fair enough. I’ll let you stick the IV in my arm, not attached to anything.

There was a fellow that was only in charge of driving me in the hospital bed from my check in area to the room where I was going to get the nerve block done!  I offered to just walk, and he said, “just lie down, let me drive you.” That was kind of a fun experience. The doctor that did the nerve block, which was done through ultrasound was lovely, and she also allowed me to use my NuCalm frequencies while she was doing the block, although she offered anesthesia. I said, “I’ll just use my frequencies. I think I’ll be fine. She said, “if you find it’s hurting in any way, shape or form, or you want anesthesia, just let us know and we can get that into you right away.”  I then tuned into my frequencies. I could hear them talk to me when they needed me to answer a question. I could respond, I could also vaguely hear them talking, however, I had no idea what they were saying, because I was in my theta state.  I was just chilling, enjoying the music, and not feeling any pain. That was a really positive experience.

After that, the anaesthetist from the OR room came to ask me what I would like during the surgery, and I said, I don’t want anything. I have my nerve block now done. I have my healing frequencies which will drop me into the Theta state. That’s all I need.  He asked if I was sure and I said, “Yes, I’m sure, I have a nerve block? What else do I need?” He replied that people generally want an anesthesia in the OR as well as it’s a scary place.  I said that I preferred not to, and he said, “No problem. I’ll be right behind your head in the OR, if you need something, you just let me know.”

Then the OR nurse came to take me into the OR, and she was the only one that gave me a little bit of difficulty about using my phone, earbuds, and mask for the frequencies. As soon as she came to my bed to wheel me away, she saw that I had them in my hand, and she snatched them and said, “You can’t have these in the OR”, and I said, “They’ve been approved”, and the other doctor was still there and said, “They’ve been approved, they’re part of her anesthesia protocol. She just used them getting her nerve block, and so she’s good with them.”   She gave them back to me kind of grumpily, and we went into the OR and when we got there, the plastic surgeon said, “Hi, how you are feeling?” I said, “I’m feeling great because I’m awake and my leg is asleep, and that’s exactly how I want this to go.”

The team laughed and then she asked if I had anything I wanted to give to her for safekeeping, and then the nurse grabbed my things again and said, “I’ve been trying to take this away from her”, and the Surgeon said, “She’s allowed that. It’s part of her anesthesia protocol.” So, the nurse had to give it all back to me again!

Then they moved me to the bed, and I tuned into my sounds using my earbuds. I put my eye mask on. I was lying on my side. I was comfortable, in fact, they were putting warm blankets on me and pillows and tucking me in and I said, “you guys are making me so comfortable. I’m may never want to leave here!

The surgery went without a hitch. I was listening to my tunes. I heard a phone ring at one point, and it was ringing for so long that I started thinking, ‘Is it my phone that’s ringing?’ Then somebody answered, I heard the ‘Hello’, and I didn’t hear anything more after that other than just a little bit of background noise and then I heard a ‘goodbye’. You know our brain is tuned to those words, we always say hello and goodbye on the phone and so my brain picked that up, however it couldn’t pick up anything else, while in my theta state.

When the surgery was over, I thanked the anesthetist as I was being wheeled out, I said, “I would like to thank you”, and he goes, “What for, I didn’t do anything for you today.” I said, “Yes, you did, you let me do this my way, and I didn’t have to have anesthesia. I didn’t need it and I really appreciate that.” Of course, I thanked the surgeons and everybody else that was in the OR.  I was then taken to the discharge area, and at that point there was another nurse. So, this is the ninth person that I was dealing with!  She was looking at the computer at the end of my bed, and then she looked at me with a quizzical look, and then she looked back at her computer with the same quizzical look and said, “You didn’t have any anesthesia today?” And I said, “No, I had a nerve block. I didn’t need any anesthesia.” It wasn’t until that point that I thought it was any big deal that I hadn’t had anesthesia, and she said, “I’ve never seen that before. Everybody has anesthesia just to get the nerve block, and then people have anesthesia for the OR too.”  I just said I didn’t need it. I had my sound frequencies.

To which she replied, “This is the easiest discharge ever, because I don’t have to have you sign any waivers, I don’t have to give you any documentation, you can literally get dressed and leave.”

The surgeon came and saw me quickly before I left and gave a heads up on painkillers that she wanted me to be taking and staying ahead of the pain, and explained what kind of pain that I could be expecting as I went through this healing journey.  I took the painkillers before I left the hospital, because I did agree with staying ahead of the pain. It took 2 hours to get home, and I would say the last 10 min of that drive on the bumpy highway was a little bit painful. Once I got into my bed, I had no pain. I did take pain medication again the following morning as instructed. Then, when I was supposed to take more at lunchtime, I decided I didn’t need it, as I’d had no pain since I’d been home, and I had no pain at all in my recovery beyond the last 10 minutes of the car ride home.

I had a tingling sensation for about a month. They said that was normal, for up to 2 months or so. My wound has healed beautifully. I used my infrared healing pad on it a lot at the very beginning. I was told to elevate it for the first week as much as possible, and I did. I didn’t go skiing. I didn’t do any workouts. In fact, I didn’t do any jumping on it for 4 weeks, so I followed all the surgeon’s recommendations for expediting my healing and when I spoke to her one month later, she said that clearly, I had followed her instructions well, because the fact that I hadn’t had any pain was impressive.

I just share that because post-surgery, or when you are receiving wellness plans, there’s always a reason behind why someone’s asking you to do something, and I’m that person that always asks “why?” When I understand the why, then that motivates me to do it.

I am honestly so grateful for this whole experience for so many reasons.  One of them is that it truly has given me the opportunity to use my own tools, to call in the network of people that I’ve been working with over the last 9 years and to walk my talk even further than I already was, and to now be able to share that with all of you as a source of inspiration, motivation, and hope to let you know that you can be empowered in your health.

You must be an advocate for yourself. It’s okay to ask questions. It’s okay to get second opinions, and it’s okay to take a little bit of time to do your own research, or to reach out to people that can support you and help you on your healing journey. I find our medical system, at least in Canada, means well however, they rush you through, and that rushing puts stress on you. The last time around, I really felt the rushing when I was given the diagnosis. My family doctor wanted to do the surgery, to remove the melanoma from my elbow, and she wanted to do the surgery 3 days later!  I was not even going be in the province as I was leaving the next day on a business trip, and I just said, “No. Can we just put the brakes on for a minute here?”

I went home and called the dermatologist, and he called me back later that evening, and I told him the diagnosis, and I told him that my family doctor wanted me to do the surgery on Monday morning, but I was going to be in Ottawa. I asked what his thoughts were on that.  He said, “That’s a big surgery. You need that done by a plastic surgeon. You shouldn’t have that done by your family doctor,” and so I was grateful that I listened to my instinct, and I asked for a second opinion instead of just rushing into what was being told to me.

I want you to know that you can do that too, and it doesn’t mean that you do nothing for 6 months, however you can slow things down a bit, to give yourself time to think, get second opinions and decide for yourself.  Your intuition will never lead you astray, if you don’t have your own network of healers around you like I do, because you don’t work in health and wellness, that’s okay. Please feel free to reach out to me so that I can connect you with all the people that I have in my world. I thoroughly enjoy connecting people in need with the people who can help them move forward on their healing journey,

If you don’t have any healing issues right now, as you’re reading this article, kudos to you, that’s awesome. I love the fact that you’re looking after your health, and that you are healthy right now and you will know this information when you need it.  Start building your network of people around you now, so that you have them for if and when you need them, and if you know anybody else that is dealing with a health issue right now that could benefit from additional support that is looking at holistic ways to heal, feel free to share this article with them and have them reach out to me.

Thank you for letting me share my story here. I feel it’s important for people to know, because in that moment of getting a diagnosis fear will jump in.  However, if you know one person who’s healed, or can access resources that can support you, to step out of the fear state and get into, “How is this happening for me, and what action steps can I take to move me forward?” and know that your body is designed to heal, we  just need to bring it into balance so that it can do so…when you are in that place of hope, when you’re in that mindset of, “I can do this”,  you are going to get through because, remember “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”.  I chose to ‘think I can’ and I hope that you will too.