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Melissa Deally here to talk to you about the need to increase our Omega 3s for our overall health.

But first, how do Omega 3s benefit us? They have been shown to benefit heart, joint, brain, eye, skin, nerve, hair and nail health! The difference between Omegas 3s and Omega 6s, is that Omega 3s are known to be anti-inflammatory, whereas Omega 6s are inflammatory. We cannot make either of them ourselves in our body, and yet we need them or we’ll get sick, which is why they are called Essential Fatty Acids, we have to get them from our food sources or good quality supplements. There are a number of good food sources, fish, seeds, nuts, good quality oils, but if you don’t have enough in your diet, perhaps you’ll want to supplement. We also want to keep a good ratio (ideally 1:1) of Omega 6s to Omega 3s. In the standard American diet however, our levels of Omega 6s that we get through our food, are substantially higher than our levels of Omega 3s, making many people deficient in their Omega 3 intake. (Today the average is 16:1)

There are other health issues that Omega 3s are now known to help with such as asthma, depression and ADHD. A 2017, UK based study, has the following conclusion from their research:

ADHD is a frequent and debilitating childhood condition. Given disparaging feelings towards psychostimulant medications, omega-3/6 fatty acids offer great promise as a suitable adjunctive therapy for ADHD.

Whether you are dealing with something very specific like asthma or ADHD, or prefer to simply look after your heart, brain, joint health and more, and you are looking for a good quality supplement, you’ll want to know about Allysian Sciences’s Omega 3 + Resveratrol. This is the product I use and is sourced from the cleanest waters on the planet – the Antarctic waters, to minimize toxins, and it also bypasses the toxins in fish, being made from krill instead. This product has no fillers, and is so pure and bioavailable (easily absorbed by the body), that it cured my dry eye condition I’d had for years. I had been buying other Omega 3s as per my Optometrist, at the local health food store, and it helped alleviate the pain that came with dry eyes, however, it didn’t actually improve my eye condition in any way. When I started using the Allysian product, my Optometrist was surprised to find that 30 days later my dry eyes were improving and after a year, I no longer have dry eyes (as long as I continue taking my Omega 3 supplement.)

Allysian Sciences is a Canadian company, that ships to Canada, US, Australia and other destination. If you’d like to read more about their Omega product, they explain all the ingredients here You can buy them online from their website as well, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out and ask me.

To your health!