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1 What was the biggest (health) challenge for you before working with me?
I had worked with a health coach in her group program for 6 months prior, and due to perimenopause, I was discouraged to find couldn’t keep the weight fully off. I also wasn’t motivated to increase my movement, and I didn’t feel good in my body at about 20 pounds over my goal weight, with most of it hanging out in my mid-section. I didn’t implement some of the strategies my coach was suggesting because I couldn’t wrap my head around stopping the keto way of eating I had adopted in the past 3 years that had initially worked so well until my body changed.

2. What were some of the strategies in Your Guided Health Journey’s Detox that made the biggest difference?The explanations of WHY my body was doing some of the things it was doing and the suggested way to specifically detox over three weeks initially, with a quarterly detox “tune up” week, broke through the “clouds” for me, and I was so enthusiastic about the potential results I did the 3-week detox straight away in December, right before the holidays!

3. What have been the results so far? I released about half the weight I desired to drop in just 4 weeks and felt so much better in my body that I started to create a workout space in my lower level for HIIT first thing in the mornings. One of my knees, which sometimes complains going down stairs, stopped complaining. So, I’m walking and moving more. Post detox, I continued with liquid smoothies that are super nutritious, which helps me eat way less than I was thinking my body needed beforehand throughout the day. And, my husband is more interested in having intimacy with me, which is extremely generative in many areas of my life, including business and money. In fact, my ability to manifest made a quantum leap while I was detoxing, and I energetically booted clients who were no longer a fit out of my ongoing program to make room for ones who are a fit. I embraced plant-based proteins for most lunches and leave the animal proteins for dinners, which are fun to cook together with my husband. I am eating according to my metabolic and blood types, which feels so much more aligned. Oh, and my husband has started replacing one of his meals now with shakes/smoothies as well, so he can shed some pounds, too!

4. What are some of your biggest insights, inner shifts and realizations? I realized that having a way of eating that honors your body is extremely important, especially as we age. Melissa’s method does just that and is an easy-to-live approach. I feel much less stressed about meal planning and prepping than before, am eating more fruits and veggies, and drinking the appropriate amount to stay hydrated. My whole system feels harmonized and ready to take on the world!

5. What’s up for you next? How will your experience impact your results in the future? I will continue with the smoothies for breakfast, because I like how easy, fast and delish they are as well as how I feel consuming them. I look forward to my quarterly detox “tune up” week and continuing that for the foreseeable future, as well as hearing my lab results for any additional tweaks I may need to make so I naturally and completely heal myself back to a healthy, harmonized physical system. I know this will continue to increase my ability to manifest whatever I desire. Thank you, Melissa, for being my guide on this wonderful journey!