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The service that Melissa is providing the community is invaluable. In a destination community where so many people are without the support of their families nearby, she offers that much-needed supportive approach that empowers the individual to be at the helm of their healing journey. Concussions are a very muddled subject, with a great deal of conflicting information. Her research has enabled her to offer up-to-date, thorough, helpful, and positivity-based advice towards an action plan of progress. This enables the individual to utilize proven methods to ensure an effective, encompassing, proactive recovery.

I learned so much from our session, even after seven months of recovery and information from several other specialists – about how the brain works and how it recovers.

I had just had a very discouraging relapse in symptoms 6 months post-concussions and after 4.5 months symptom free. She helped me understand what contributing factors made this possible, how to deal with those and avoid another such strong response, and gave me the hope that I now feel I am doing everything I can, vs a previous ‘am I better yet?’ wait-and-see approach.

If you or a loved one has suffered a concussion, I could not recommend a session with Melissa more!