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I am so grateful for Melissa Deally’s nutritional guidance as a Health Coach answering my questions and supporting me through a safe detox process using Dr. Cabral’s Equilife shake and herbals. This 21-day safe detox protocol helped me experience greater absorption of all the foods and nutrients I consume; ensured I am daily receiving proper nourishment especially at breakfast and 3 pm snack with the yummy shake which has helped me reduce fatigue and body pain; assisted in creating more recipes and diversity in my diet daily to support my lunch and dinner meal plan; improved joint, ligament, tendon, and muscle flexibility; restored skin and tissue health; increased energy, vitality, and stamina. The Equilife compilation of ingredients is the first supplement and detox protocol which safely helped me detox my liver and gallbladder as well as, deeply satisfy and support my metabolism and absorption problems. Eating dinner at 6 pm or 6:30 pm is a profoundly healthy habit and game changer for improved sleep, absorption, digestion, and elimination.