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2 days after a horrible and scary accident, I had one of the toughest mental days of my life. 36 hours+ running on no food, no sleep and feelings of mental and physical depression, I felt at my lowest points and could see no light around me.

Melissa offered me the opportunity to do some energy healing with a new device she is using in her business, and after doing the initial vibration to get a reading on my energy field, the main feelings that were detected were so spot-on I was honestly taken back. What I needed most was the cleanse/calm vibration sequence and after completing it in full, I felt like I had been recharged. My body and mind felt like they were finally starting to relax. Over the next 4 days, I had completed 1-2 vibration sequences of the cleansing/calming vibration sequence and each time it finished, it felt like I had progressed so much. I felt like my recovery was very expedited because of this.

After one week of the vibration and energy work, I was so astonished with how well I felt versus the severity of the accident. I had been feeling so far down and deep in this trauma-hole, when I finally started seeing light again I knew that something inside me had changed and that my energy was healing.

Though I still have a ways to go in recovery, I would not be where I am today without the help, guidance and power of Melissa’s energy healing.