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I just completed the 21 day detox. the thought of 21 days was a bit overwhelming to start with. Once I got started I was impressed how easy the program is to follow. I was expecting headaches, grumpy mood coming off sugar and caffeine, neither of these happened for me. During this detox not only did it reset my gut. it also reset my mind around water, food, and portion sizes. I was very dehydrated prior to starting the detox. Now I am drinking the right amount of water to keep the gut moving. The benefits from the detox included for me, clear mind, better able to focus, positive self talk, more clean energy, less pain and getting off pain medication, weight loss (24 lbs), getting back into cooking at home with delicious recopies and motivation to continue a healthier lifestyle. Melissa offers wonderful support answering any questions I had, as well as a wealth of knowledge when I experienced symptoms such as nausea and constipation during the program. Thank you Melissa for the support and guidance through this detox, I feel so much better having done it!