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My husband and I have been impressed with Melissa right from our first meeting.My husband is a retired doctor and we have a supplement business so we are well-educated in both the medical arena and the health industry.Melissa was confident and thorough in her explanations of what she offered. There was no pressure to buy or commit to anything until we were educated and knew the next step was the right step for us.We opted to do the 21-day detox as Melissa suggested and to have certain lab tests done.We are now on day 20 of the detox and it has been amazing. My husband was concerned that as it was a massive disruption to his normal eating and sleeping pattern it would be a negative experience. On the contrary, he adapted quickly and by day 5 he was feeling better, eating better and sleeping better.I was worried that I would be hungry but that wasn’t the case. The shakes are filling and nutritious and kept me satisfied even on the fasting days.

I have lost 9 pounds, my clothes fit better and my face looks slimmer which I am happy about because I teach on Zoom much of the day. But best of all, I am sleeping through the night most days which I haven’t done in years.I am now looking forward to having our test results analyzed by Melissa and we look forward to following her protocol as she has truly been professional, knowledgeable and helpful in every way.Her service is first-class and I cannot recommend her highly enough.I firmly believe that Melissa’s work has enhanced the quality of our lives significantly and probably added a few more years also!