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Melissa found me last fall thanks to the natural healing of Equi Life, since then she has been a God send. In June of 2021 I was having all kinds of stomach issues due to being told to stay on Prilosec for way too long following a stomach ulcer diagnosis. Fast forward to the fall of 2021 I had developed food intolerances and had constant indigestion type pain under my ribs. I was on my path to healing while doing the CBO protocol from Dr. Cabral when Melissa took me under her wings and guided me to healing. It was a very long, hard, struggle with many frustrations and tears. Melissa was with me every step of the way. Her support and kind, uplifting words are something I will forever be grateful for. Fast forward to 2022, my gut has healed, I no longer have food intolerances and have never felt healthier or better. Not only did Melissa teach me about gut health she has also taught me it was ok to not be ok and to make time for me. I have learned stress relief techniques to calm the nervous system that I have also used in my fiesty toddler. Melissa is a wealth of knowledge and truly cares about her clients she goes above and beyond. She truly cares! Thank you Melissa for all you have done for me and taught me! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“