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Thank You Melissa for your intentional care and concern for all of us participants in the January group of your Health Kickstart and Detox Program. Not only did you make the material and steps easy to follow, you provided WAY more support and information than I could have ever expected.

I have done a variety of health cleanse programs the last several years but your 21-day Detox program is legitimately and by far the most comprehensive and most realistic cleanse I have ever completed.

Your guidance and availability as I figured things out the first week were above and beyond! Having the APP to remind me when to take supplements as well as tracking water intake, exercise and sleep was a bonus that I quickly learned to rely on to keep me on track.

I highly recommend this Health Kickstart and Detox program to people who are serious and committed to taking care of their nutritional health and who feel like they need a nutritional reset.

Furthermore, I highly recommend Melissa to be your coach/practitioner as you navigate the program. She is intentional, articulate, has a wealth of knowledge, and is truly invested in helping her clients attain their health goals.