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As an Arbonne Consultant, I have been focused on being my healthiest self, eating clean, using toxin free products for more than five years. Recently, I had some health issues come up that I needed to address – a frozen shoulder, unexplained weight gain and sleep issues. I decided to work with Melissa Deally, run some labs and do her functional medicine detox. I’m so happy to say that working with Melissa has completely healed my frozen shoulder, in just 2 months, that I had been struggling with for a year! I can now fully lift my arm again and have joined a Dragon Boat team! I also enjoyed losing some weight, and am experiencing improved sleep. Melissa provided me with a personal wellness protocol to help re-balance my hormones, based on my lab results, and I’m feeling awesome, even as I can feel my body continuing to heal! I’m so glad I listened to my body and decided to work with Melissa to regain my health when I did!
Thank you Melissa!