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I started working with Melissa’s recommendations last summer, given some chronic health issues I had been dealing with on and off for years. After completing the 21-day detox, I noticed a dramatic improvement with my mood and energy. I no longer had the fatigue, I lost 11 pounds, and the depression symptoms were gone! Upon completing the food sensitivities test, it showed Candida Albicans in my gut. So Melissa recommended I pursue Dr. Cabral’s 12-week CBO protocol to get rid of Candida and rebalance my gut. Upon completing the protocol, I went to get my thyroid labs drawn recently. Not only am I feeling great, my TPO & TG antibodies from Hashimoto’s have gone down to <1 and 0. Wow, I am seeing the power 1st-hand of rebalancing my gut! I have proof now in the lab results which has not only improved my thyroid health, energy, and mood. It’s also helping to prevent any recurrence of Stage 1 breast cancer from 2018. My oncologist even remarked “keep doing what you’re doing.” Melissa has been instrumental in this process — supporting me to shift from being a breast cancer “survivor” to a real thriver! It feels so empowering and I’m excited to “pay it forward” with my clients to create the same transformational results.