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I have been raving about the Self-Hypnosis Masterclass!  I have seen noticeable shifts in my productivity from our work on Friday. My suggestion was around giving and receiving love, but for the first time in soooo long, I had an extremely productive work day today. I was able to set clear expectations for what I would do, and I didn’t beat myself up for things that didn’t get done; I simply scheduled them for later in the week. I also saw some household things that I’ve been neglecting, I was able to prioritize them over work. I know that Ron’s love language for receiving love is acts of service, so it is related to my suggestions. My focus and happiness increased so much that Ron asked me what was going on with me today. Lol.

I admit that I was hesitant and fearful about hypnosis in the beginning, but the approach that you took in breaking down myths, sharing the history, and really making the information relatable before diving into the practice made me comfortable. I also appreciated being in a small group that I felt safe with. You shared so much information and reminders that I could put into practice immediately. For instance, I’m much more aware of what I watch and listen to before going to sleep.