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There is no question—Melissa Deally is the one to call if you want to do a functional medicine detox.  What a blessing that my breast cancer coach recommended Melissa’s services to me.  Since my diagnosis, surgery and radiation treatments a year ago, I knew it was time to turn my attention to integrative health care and to learn as much as possible about nutrition and detoxification.

For starters we needed to determine which tests I needed.  During our discovery call, Melissa figured things out right away.  Within days I had my test kits from Equilfe and got rolling.

Melissa has steered me through the detox process with clarity and care.  Turns out I did not have the estrogen dominance issue we suspected, but I had other issues, including mold in my gut.  Melissa recommended the 21-day detox designed by Dr. Stephen Cabral, followed by a yeast elimination protocol, and then a mold detox protocol.  Right away I said yes, yes, yes.  Let’s do it.

During the five months I have worked with Melissa, my health has improved dramatically.

I completed the 21-day detox two weeks ago, and I feel better now than I have in decades.  The steps for the protocols are simple, but I think it would have been challenging for me to undertake them had I not been highly motivated.  What a surprise–the protocols have all been smooth and pleasant, and now the reasons are obvious to me.  Number one, I love my life and I want to be as healthy and whole as possible.  Number two, Melissa Deally has provided highly personalized support to me every step of the way.

Melissa’s style is warm and friendly.  She is superbly well organized.  And by the way, she must be a great cook, because she gives you fabulous, easy recipes