Are you looking for answers as to why you feel the way you do?

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School has gone back whether it’s kindergarten, high school or university – September is always a time of new starts, at least in North America!  It’s the only other time of year when people think of goals for the year ahead, aside from January 1!   So what are you thinking about right now, whether it be finishing 2021 off strong, or for the entire next school year?

Remember that everything starts with a thought which triggers feelings you have around that thought, that leads to actions ( if you believe you can do it), which leads to results.   So how do you talk to yourself?  Do you cheer yourself on when you are trying something new or chasing your goals, or do you talk yourself down and don’t believe you can do it? If you do, that is totally normal…it’s not  your fault, it’s your brain doing it’s job!  And let’s be honest here, most of us wouldn’t have any friends at all if we talked to our friends, the way we talk to ourselves!  It’s time to start talking to ourselves the same way we talk to someone we love!

Our brain is charged with keeping us safe, and  it is only doing its job when it tries to keep us in our comfort zone, as it knows we are safe there – we’re alive after all!  When we start to move out of that comfort zone, forging a new path, going farther,  higher, than we’ve ever gone before, our brain notices the new behaviours and tries to call us back, as it doesn’t know where we are going and if it can keep us safe in that new place!

Our brain can be our best friend when keeping us safe, but our worst enemy, when holding us in our comfort zone when we are ready to grow!   BUT it is important to know, that YOU CAN TALK BACK TO YOUR BRAIN!   Yes you can, it takes practice, but simply notice those thoughts that are trying to keep you safe and respond with “I appreciate that you want to keep me safe, but I want to try this / do this / challenge myself and soon we’ll be in a new comfort zone, so just trust me on this one.”   Yes, you need to be in control of your brain and not let your brain be in control of you!  This is how you move forward!

Having said that, it isn’t easy, it does take practice, and honestly, it’s easier done with support, instead of trying to do it all on your own!  This is why I’m a firm believer in the fact that everyone needs a coach, someone who is in your corner that will cheer you on and remind you to talk back to your brain!  Whether it is a sports coach, business coach, social media coach, or health coach,  or some other coach, we all do better with coaches.  This is why I invest in myself and my growing business, by having a coach. I know I do better with someone in my corner and you will too!  It amplifies your results and then you can truly thrive!

If it’s time for you to set or give renewed focus to some health goals to finish off 2021 strong and having a coach sounds like a good idea (if you could have achieved your results on your own, you already would have right?), then click here to book a complimentary 30 minute session with me to discuss how I can help make 2021 your best year yet.