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I did the detox because I was feeling blah, menopausal, and was looking for more energy, more balance, more control, less inflammation in my body. As a result of the 21-day detox, I’m feeling much lighter, more clarity, great sleep, I’m getting lots of deep sleep that I never used to get and am waking up with more energy, excited for the day, happy to get out of bed! Digestive wise my stomach feels lighter, I have no more joint pain, I feel more youthful, and I have a lot more energy! Thank you so much for guiding me through this program.

Lisa Marie Gauder

I just completed my 5-week NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Teacher Training course, which was the most intense course that I have ever done, and so transformational.  I’m super excited as now I can not only use these tools,  I can teach these tools to others, who want to help their clients’ breakthrough and get the transformation they are looking for. In today’s world I know so many people are feeling stuck, and they are not sure why they are stuck, these tools are incredibly helpful in pinpointing that and literally helping you move through that stuckness, so that you can get to a place of  living your best life.

Or maybe you want to learn about these tools for yourself, they can be used across all areas of life, to improve your health, your finances, relationships, business / career, you name it!  They can also be used across all industries, the military and police often train in these modalities as do smart CEOs, some incredible teachers, and elite speakers such as Tony Robbins, and Brendan Bouchard. Anyone wanting to uplevel, who knows they are destined for something more in life and haven’t quite figured out how to get there – listen up, as this may be just what you’ve been looking for!

Unconscious Mind

Transformation can feel scary, it may be something we shy away from, because let’s face it sitting in our comfort zone is well, comfortable! When we start talking about wanting more, we may hear others questioning why? They don’t understand because it’s not their life and that can cause us to hold back and question our own dreams when the people closest to us are questioning why we are looking for more.  The nay-sayers are seeing you through their own eyes, with their own filters, rather than how you see yourself and envision the next steps in your own life.  Don’t listen to any of that, know that you are a superstar, and you need to shine your light, you just need the tools to get there and have it happen with ease and grace!  Choose to be the caterpillar that transforms in the cocoon into the beautiful butterfly. When you get the support of people trained in transformation, that is your own cocoon – a space where you can be free to discover who you really are and come to access all of your incredible assets and just what you can offer this world, without judgement. How amazing is that? It feels incredibly freeing, doesn’t it?  I know it did for me!

I remember sitting in a conference back in December 2016, when the speaker, a fellow by the name of Rod Jao said “Everyone one of us has been put on this earth to find our passion, be of service and never stop learning”, and that really resonated with me, and changed my life that day, because I had recently found my passion in health and wellness, and I was choosing to be in service and I decided I would never stop learning, so that I could be my best version of myself as I stepped up to serve. That is why I have continued to do so many training programs over the years and continue to add to my toolbox. Now I am in a position where I can be teaching and training others and having that greater ripple effect.

What it is, that is so cool about the NLP tools that I’ve spent the last 18 months learning about, (aside from my hypnotherapy training and my Timeline therapy training) – all of which when combined, create the most powerful mind-body tools on the planet, and now because you are reading this article, you can learn how to access them too.  Firstly though – why – why might you want to?

Well, you probably know about talk therapy, which definitely has its place, however that can take hours and hours of therapy sessions for someone to breakthrough and resolve whatever it is they are seeking help about.

Re-Wire Your Neurology

What if instead, we could simply re-wire your neurology to create a different outcome for you? And do that in minutes? Well, we can!

Too often, people are worried about “avoiding their triggers”, once they learn what their triggers are – thinking I can change my behaviour if I just don’t have the trigger – but guess what? Life happens, and that is when we get triggered and so invariably, we end up right back where we were – perhaps eating the tub of ice cream as we “self medicate” away our emotions, because of the trigger.   With NLP, one of the techniques has us USING the trigger to create a new positive response!

Yes, instead of avoiding it, we use it to re-wire your neurology to create a new outcome, with a quick “swish” – quite literally!  This is called the Swish pattern! The effect of this swish pattern is to create a new compelling future using that trigger and we are literally rewiring that neurology during the process. It’s quick, and easy.

Powerful Tools To Help with Triggers

Another useful and powerful tool provides you with a resource anchor – a tool that we create that floods your body with positive chemicals from feeling excited, curious, pumped up, laughing hysterically and more, that will set you up to walk powerfully into your next presentation, or into the next difficult conversation you need to have. You’ll be “resourced” by your resource anchor!

If you are triggered into mild negative states, such as irritation, frustration, annoyance, that you simply don’t want to feel anymore, you can use this resource anchor too! You know that person in the office that just irritates you, and leaves you feeling that way for hours, even though it was a 2 minute interaction – we can STOP having you be impacted by that, with a quick technique that has the resource anchor overriding your irritation anchor and in seconds, you are feeling empowered and happy instead of having that irritation taking you down. Isn’t this cool? This is fast, effective, and really powerful!

What about triggers and food – would you like to have more control over the food you eat – rather than opening a box of cookies and then lo and behold the whole box is eaten before you know it? Or would you like to have your child love doing their homework as much as they love hanging out with their friends? Would anyone like that to happen? We use the same technique to resolve both of these, and many more issues!

We literally re-wire the neurology of what you do want onto the behaviour you want to stop and that is what your brain goes to next time!  (Of course, when working with kids or teens, we need their permission for this too – Mom & Dad can’t demand it against the child’s agreement! This only works with the agreement of their unconscious mind!).

Help Resolve Relationship Issues

Another incredibly powerful technique helps resolve relationship issues – whether in marriages, between friends, siblings, parent / children, or the relationship you have with colleagues or your boss, in fact any relationship you may be struggling with! It also doesn’t matter if you’ve been struggling with it for a week, a month a year or 10 years or more – this technique will allow you to have a whole new perspective around the core issues, which allows you to take different action to resolve it.  Guess what, the moment you do something differently, they change too and just a minute shift, is enough to create the opportunity for resolution.  Well, that is a whole bunch of weight off your shoulders isn’t it?   It’s non-confrontive, you are guided through the process by yourself, the other parties are not even there, and you create the shift that allows you to get to solution. I used this myself without even telling the other party I was doing this and WOW, what a difference it made in the relationship, because I was able to show up differently, leave behind the need to be right, the hard feelings, the mistrust, and instead show up in a place of joy, happiness and love and then have a conversation from that space, which they were totally open too. Guess what, we both wanted the same exact things, we were just coming at it from two opposing sides, however once we knew we wanted the same things, the entire issue simply dissolved!

Have you ever said to yourself “part of me wants to do this and part of me doesn’t want to?”  We all have, right?  Guess what?  We are made up of so many parts, and ultimately, we want to bring them back together, as when our parts become whole, they have access to all the resources, which means we can get what we want. Just like in the relationship example above, we very often find that the intention of each part is exactly the same anyway, and they just need to be shown that and brought back together.  This is so much easier for our unconscious mind, as if you have lots of parts, it’s like having lots of bosses telling you what to do, which can get very confusing, especially if they aren’t saying the same thing!   Bringing those parts together, makes you more congruent, more in alignment with your true self! I just brought 2 of my parts together – the part of me that wants to get it right and the part of me that wants to go out and rock my world! How much easier is it if these 2-work hand in hand?  I do want to rock my world, as in doing so, I’m creating impact, making a difference, and helping others to be their very best, whether in their health or some other aspect of their life. I don’t need to be held back because I’m trying to get it all perfect before I get started. I can bring those parts together and step out into creating that impact.

Don’t Accept Being “Stuck”

You might be thinking this all sounds really cool, and it is, and you may not understand everything that I’m sharing here and that’s ok, I just want you to envision what is possible for yourself.  Don’t accept being “stuck” as just the way it is – it isn’t, you just need the support of someone trained in these tools to be able to show you where you are stuck (guess what – you very often can’t find it out on your own, as you are used to your own SHIT…you don’t see it – it takes an outsider to hold up the mirror for you and show you – and then show you the way out of that stuck state, or as a colleague of mine likes to say – “show you the path off victim island”.  Don’t camp there – choose to find the way forward. Life is short, you are here to fulfill a specific purpose, don’t waste time trying to figure it all out on your own and getting stuck, enlist the support of others who can show you the way, as they’ve done it before you and learned the tools and it will save you sooo much time!

As we learned in our training choose to “go there”, so you don’t have to “go there”! In other words, taking the quickest route by choice, will save you a lot of time and energy of having to do this the hard way by yourself.

Starting in October, I will be offering 8-day Mind-body practitioner training course that will give you the tools to use with your clients to help them “go there” quickly and get the results they want!  It’s a designation course, that is recognized in 42 countries and the coaching portion is a higher-level certification than the world-renowned Int’l Coaching Federation trainings.  This is the journey I started in March 2022 and haven’t looked back, because I saw the potential of these tools, have loved working with my clients using them and to have bigger impact, I want to train others to be able to do the same.

Whether you want to use these tools for yourself or for others, it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to be a coach working with others in order to take this practitioner level training.

I hope this information excites you to let you know that there are fast and effective ways to transformation in yourself and in others. I hope you can hear or feel the passion in my writing, as I talk about this. I would love to have a chat with you if you would like to learn more. If you know of someone else in your life that would be interested in learning, please share this article with them.

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