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The 21-day detox with Melissa was sooooo good. Dropped a ton of weight (results vary, so I won’t say the amount), and have felt better and more productive during my day than I have in years. Best part is Melissa’s wealth of knowledge and her unwavering support. SUCH a good reset and kickstart for my greater health goals.

Elizabeth Purvis

Portland, OR

Release Your Toxins to Regain Your Health

If you’ve been listening to my podcast or reading my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I often talk about toxins and your toxic load  – and I will continue to do so, because I truly believe that it is such an important topic when it comes to optimizing your health, which is what I choose to do for myself and offer to all my clients on a daily basis!!  My mission is to build a healthier global community, and sharing this information is one way that I can do that.

This month I’m focusing on toxins and things we can do to counter the toxins in our life.   I’ll be bringing you a guest speaker on “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call”, to share his expertise on EMFs – electromagnetic fields, and the toxic effect they have on our bodies.   He is a national level sports coach and could see the negative impact on his athlete’s performance, just from their electronic devices, smart watches etc.  If they are impacted, so are you and your kids, so you’ll want to check out next week’s episode for sure!  The EMFs do not just target 1 sector of the population!  I’m also bringing you a pain expert in the form of a sports and orthopedic physical therapist, because so often the pain we feel in our body is triggered by inflammation which is caused by our toxic load.  I thought it would be helpful to learn some options from these experts so you can take preventative action against EMFs in your life and if you struggle with chronic pain or know someone who does you can share this content with them because living in chronic pain is literally that – painful!  It reduces your quality of life and reduces your mobility which negatively impacts your overall health and wellness.

Education Is Power!

For today, I want to discuss the impact of toxins on our health as a society over time.  Education is power, when you know this information, it allows you to make better choices, which is the sole purpose of me bringing you this information!

First, how do we even know that toxins are impacting our health?   The truth is we just have to look around and the see the massive increase in the # of cases of chronic illness in the past century to give us a really good clue and know that since WWII we’ve had 144,000 man made chemicals introduced into our world.  This is a massive number in a very short amount of time, that our human bodies have not yet been able to adapt to.  Instead this level of toxicity is getting stuck inside our body, bogging down our liver and it’s ability to do it’s job and eradicate them all.  The liver just wants to keep as many toxins out of our bloodstream as possible and so if it can’t get them out of our body entirely, due to being overloaded, it will simply store them in our fat closets. Yes, the fat in your body is toxic. This is why it’s important when doing  a detox program, you are using herbs that support the body in actually eliminating the toxins so they aren’t being dumped back into your bloodstream.

There are documentaries you can watch on the impact of chemical toxins on our health as well, such as “Erin Brokovitch” and “Dark Waters” or “The Devil We Know”.  However it’s easy to watch those and think, ‘that won’t affect me’, as it’s happened in another town, far from where you live, or because you don’t actually work in the chemical plant, but the reality is, it’s happening to all of us, each and every day as small amounts of toxins get inside our body and build up over time, causing inflammation and the onset of disease.

I know it sounds scary to hear it, but here’s the thing when you know this, you can choose to do something about it and that removes the fear, because you are taking positive action to reverse the health impacts of toxins on your body.  It’s more scary to not know this at all and go about your daily life and then get a diagnosis of a chronic illness and being told you have to live with that for the rest of your life (which by the way, is also not true!).  The body is amazing and we can create the environment for it to heal by removing the toxicities, discovering the deficiencies, eliminating them and bringing the body back into balance at which point it will heal itself.  We can do all of this with functional medicine at-home lab tests that will show where the deficiencies and imbalances are in your body. 

How Has Our Health Changed Over The Past Century

Let’s take a look at the change in our health over the past century since many of these toxic chemicals have been introduced into our world.

  • Obesity has seen a 35 fold increase in 115 years – from 1.2% of the population in the 19th century to 42.4% of the population being obese as of 2021 – that isn’t just overweight, but obese!
  • Heart Disease has gone from 8 known worldwide cases of heart attack deaths in the 19th century to 1 in 3 dying of heart disease by 2010 in the US alone.
  • Diabetes has seen a 25 fold increase in 80 years – from less than ½ a percent of people had type II diabetes in 1935 to almost 10% having it by 2015. 
  • Cancer has seen a 62 fold increase in the last 200 years, from 1/188 deaths in 1811 in Boston, to 1/17 deaths by 1900 in the whole US, to 1 in 3 deaths by 2010 in the US and we’re expected to reach 1 in 2 by 2030.

What else has changed over the last century to cause these massive increases in these types of chronic illness (and other types too?)

Our soil systems have changed and due to mass farming, our soils are now nutrient deplete, so our bodies aren’t getting all the vitamins and minerals they need in order to thrive, and have a strong immune system

Our food has changed, from being grown and eaten locally, largely organic to being mass produced, sprayed by pesticides to ensure bigger crops and then shipped all over the world (often picked before ripening, so it looks good in the stores – but that means there are even less nutrients, as the nutrients aren’t given as much chance to develop in the food if they are picked early). And of course we’ve had the introduction of fast food, which is convenient, but full of chemicals and GMO ingredients, to keep costs down, make it taste yummier so you want to eat more of it.  Prepackaged foods on store shelves, have chemicals added to enhance shelf life, so there is less waste.  These products are very often cooked with cheap oils, high in Omega 6s, which triggers inflammation, and while we need some Omega 6s in our diet, we are getting way too many and becoming inflamed.    We don’t want to be in a state of chronic inflammation, as that is the state in which our cells then trigger our genes to turn on disease!

This Is The Science of Epigenetics

We now know that it isn’t simply our genes that dictate our health outcomes, but the combination of our genes + the environment we create inside our body that will dictate our health outcomes.   The genes factor is only 5-10% of that equation, but the environment we create inside our body is 90 – 95% of the equation! This is very powerful as it gives you so much more control than you might have thought!   You cannot control your genes, but you can control the environment you create inside your body by your every day lifestyle choices including what you put into your body in terms of food and drink, but also the personal care products you use, the cleaning products you use, and what you do to help clean out your body – knowing that we can’t avoid all the toxins in our world today, but we can help our liver and kidneys from getting bogged down by creating a lifestyle habit of detoxing.

This is something I offer my clients, and every single person who has ever done my program, has loved it by the end! Ok they might not have loved every moment of the program and at times it might have felt hard, but with my high level of support, they get through it and by the end they feel so much better than they did at the start of the program, with more energy, more mental clarity, better sleep, less joint pain and the like. Some people say they cannot remember EVER feeling this good!

Our toxins bog us down and have us feeling like crap, and over time create an environment of inflammation in the body, which can then trigger our genes to turn on the diseases we are pre-disposed to. Here’s the reality though –  It doesn’t have to be that way! So helping get the toxins out of our body is really important AND it’s really important to be aware of the most common sources of toxins so you can make better choices in your day to day life.    I’m not a proponent of throwing everything out and starting over, and if you are, that’s great…..go for it, but for those of you who have toxic products in your house, be aware of them, and start researching options so that when you finish the product you have, you can replace it with a non-toxic option instead.   I have a  “My Recommendations” page on my website,  which is a great starting point for you to research cleaner products if you need help with that.

The Top 10 Toxins As Outlined By Dr. Stephen Cabral In “The Rain Barrel Effect” Are:

  • Heavy Metals
  • GMOs (Synthetic Food)
  • Pestisides and DDT
  • Tap Water
  • Stress
  • EMFs / Electrosmog
  • Home Sick / Sick Home Syndrome
  • Personal Care Products
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Gut bugs

In my next blog, I’ll go through these toxins in more detail with you, and be sure to tune in to the next episode of “Don’t Wait For Your Wakeup Call” to learn more about EMFs and steps you can take the protect yourself from their damaging effects.

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