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Welcome to the “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call!” Podcast!

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Join us for a fun episode where Sabine shares her story of a health scare, and how she overcame that. She also shared the blessings that came as a result of the initial heartache. We then unpacked what she does to maintain optimal health that has her feeling amazing, as well as how she now helps her clients share their stories to help others, as she has done here in the podcast to help those struggling with a health issues have hope that they to can overcome it. Sabine is a wonderful example of our ability to do that because our body is designed to heal itself. Check out her free gifts below if you’d like to share your story.
I want to talk to you about how the body heals itself and provide some resources for you.
The last reason or the last important piece to your healing journey is having compelling reasons to live and not give up, even when it feels hard.
I am continuing my conversation around the multiple steps that can be included in your healing journey in order to enhance that healing journey because the body is designed to heal. Today, I want to talk about your spiritual connection. This is another key piece in many people's healing journey
In this episode, I introduce you to the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and re-wiring your neurology to get you “unstuck” and create transformation in your life. I love using these tools with clients and I can now train others to use them, which is what I’m most excited about, as it allows for a positive ripple effect and greater impact in our world today. Too many people are miserable in their jobs, stuck in a relationship, and not sure how to move forward, these tools can make a powerful difference and resolve the situation in a very gentle and effective way. Tune in to learn more, as this may be a game changer in your life or the life of a loved one.
Today, I want to talk about social support. When you're healing from any disease of the body, sometimes it can feel really lonely, especially when you're not feeling great. Social support can be crucial in your healing journey.
Today I want to talk to you about detoxing mental toxicities and how we talk to ourselves.
Today, I want to talk about detoxing suppressed emotions that are being stored in our bodies.
In this episode, Lynn shares 3 myths about laughter as well as the healing benefits of laughter. It truly is the best medicine, it’s free and you can start laughing, anywhere, anytime! How easy is that? Tune into this episode and start your laughter challenge today and notice the powerful benefits on your health and life!
  • “Self-care is the most selfless act, as it allows you to show up and give the world the best of you, instead of what is left of you”.