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I met Melissa at a point in my health journey where I felt lost and defeated. My gut health and overall diet was slowly killing me. Melissa took me under her professional guidance and walked me through every step of my detox. I never felt like I was doing it alone. I had her as a resource to ask questions and get answers. I recommend Melissa to anyone who is struggling with gut issues or general health issues. Her certification makes her specialized to take on whatever you need, and awesome human beings.

Lukas Baker

Butler, PA

I am so excited to bring this blog to you today, the first blog of 2023! Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that you were able to find some downtime for yourself – some time to reflect on 2022 as well as time to look ahead to 2023, and really envision your hopes and goals and dreams for 2023, and what you want to make happen out there in the world. Now aside from just what you want to have happen or make happen out there in the world, what is it that you are going to do for YOU in 2023 and is your health at the top of your priority list. In terms of looking after you, I truly hope that it is because if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that your health is your greatest asset. When you don’t have your health, you can’t get out there and do everything that you want to do in the world, because you’re lacking the energy, the mental clarity and focus.

Today, I am going to dive into what I’m bringing to you in 2023. I’ve been doing a lot of planning, I did a lot of training in 2022, and I’m really excited to be upping my game in order to have greater impact in the world and be able to bring so many more resources to you!

Optimal Health Optimal Life

There are several things that I’ve changed in what I’m offering, one of them is right on my website. You can go to to check out these changes.  On the top menu bar of my website, I’ve added some new menu options. First of all, I’ve always had “Programs”, but I’ve now added “Training”.  Under Programs you will find programs that you work through with me in your health journey. Under Training you will find courses that I’m teaching where you come away with the skills to be able to implement some health changes in your life.  These are skills I’m teaching you now, but that you will have for a lifetime. So, the investment is really in the rest of your life. Those are two tabs that you might want to check out. I’ve also added a SHOP button. For anybody who is a regular client, perhaps you are looking to buy your detox kits or other common supplements you can just click right on the shop button, and you will find the most common supplements there.

Under the My Recommendations page, which is under the Resources tab, you will find all my resources that you can go ahead and purchase for yourself. If you are looking for sources of toxin-free products, you can click here and see what recommendations I’ve made, and then go ahead and purchase them for yourself. There are different categories, there’s lifestyle, personal care products, laundry products, and there’s bedding too.  That’s one of the big changes that I’ve made that I’m excited to bring to you – easier navigation on my website!

Creating a Body That Is Inhospitable to Disease

Another change stems from research I did this past year. Some of you may have heard this from me before, the research that came out from Edward Jones that my financial planner sent to me is showing that in North America, the average person is spending the last 10 years of their life in a nursing home, and to me that is shocking!  10 years of your life, can you imagine that? Just think of that in perspective of what if you spent your entire 20s in a nursing home!  Just think of that span of your life, how much you accomplished – that’s a long time. That’s for the average person, which means some people are spending more time there and some people are spending less time there. Well, if you’re like me, you want to spend a lot less time in a nursing home. However, that means you need to be acting now, to create a body that is inhospitable to disease, so that you can avoid the nursing home, hopefully, all together. The cost of that nursing home is massive. Right now, in 2023, it’s roughly $108,000 per year, US dollars. The total cost for 10 years, is over a million dollars, it’s estimated to get to $141,000 per year by 2030, which is only seven years away. If you’re my age, mid 50s, you’re hopefully not even anywhere near the age of getting to a nursing home for another, say 30 years. What will the annual cost be by 2060? I don’t know. I’m guessing it’s probably going to be close to $200,000 or more, which means your 10-year stay is over $2 million. That is a lot of money, and that isn’t even covering your medical expenses. That is literally room and board because every single individual has individual medical needs, that isn’t quoted upfront. That is a back-end cost billed to you as needed.

How to Avoid the Nursing Home

My invitation to you is, just don’t go there! For significantly less cost, not even 10% of that cost, you can work with someone like myself or many other holistic practitioners to optimize your health today to give you the optimal energy so that you can enjoy life, your work, your family, and feel great when you bounce out of bed in the morning and really feel alive! Our body is designed to function that way. In fact, the latest research shows that our human body could easily live to 150 years old, if we look after it properly. There are so many things that are getting in our way of doing that as we go about our daily lives, including toxins, poor nutrition and nutrient depleted soil systems, high stress, and poor sleep. When we understand this,  we realize that we can actually do something about this, we can choose to live our life differently, make some changes – small, daily changes in our habits that become lasting, and that aren’t a lot of effort. Most people don’t do them because they simply don’t know that the way they’re living their life is problematic and heading them on a path to 10 years in a nursing home. However, you’re here, you’re reading this blog, and you’re getting health education, you obviously are somebody that wants to do more.

I’m really excited to bring you a brand-new program in 2023 that is designed to absolutely combat this issue of 10 years in nursing home, I felt really called to put this program together. I’m so excited to do that. It’s called the “Start Now | Live Well”, program.  We have to start now, what you do today does matter in your health journey. Nobody goes to bed healthy and then wakes up the next morning and gets a diagnosis.  Our body’s been talking to us with signs and symptoms, we’ve been ignoring them, we’ve been pushing through, and disease has been building in our body over weeks, months, and sometimes years. Which is why what you do today, even if you ‘feel good’ matters. You might think you feel good now, but if you stop and think back – how did I feel in my 20s? Do I feel as good now as I did then? We don’t notice that slow, steady decline.  I invite you to ask yourself, just “how good am I willing to allow myself to feel?”  If you don’t feel energetic, happy, focused, pain free every day, you can take some action now regarding your health and start to feel better!  I feel better in my mid 50s than I did in my 30s because in my 30s I didn’t know what I know today. In the last seven plus years of my learning and wellness journey I started implementing all the learning, which as I said isn’t difficult to do. It’s a choice, a choice to prioritize yourself, your health. I feel better now than I did then. I absolutely love how I feel today. I love sharing this with people. I plan to live into my hundreds. I want to take anybody who wants to join me on that path with me.

Introducing the Start Now | Live Well Program

The Start Now | Live Well Program is all about bringing together a group of practitioners that I have met and worked with over the past two years and having us all in one place. It’s super easy for you to get the support you need on your health journey. You no longer have to go and find all the different practitioners for yourself, because you found the Start Now | Live Well Program, which is now featured on my website, under Programs.

In this program, you will be going through a physical detox, mental detox, emotional detox because we have to get the toxins out of our body. When we get the toxins out of our body, it lowers inflammation, it releases stress on our body, which allows our body to heal, as it does not heal in a stress state. For starters, when we lower the inflammation levels, that also helps us to stay in a healthy state because we know that higher inflammation levels will trigger our cells to turn on diseases that we’re genetically predisposed to. When we don’t have those higher inflammation levels, it won’t trigger the cells to turn on those diseases. It’s a switch, it can be turned on or it can be turned off. You may be genetically predisposed to something, but the switch still must be flipped. You can choose to create a body that is inhospitable to disease, and not have that switch ever get turned on.

Physical Detox and Mental Detox

A key starting point is a physical detox. We also want to go through a mental and emotional detox as well, because our body stores every interaction, every experience we’ve ever had in our cells, and how often  have we pushed down our emotions, not wanting to feel them or even as children being told not to cry.  You know, ‘little boys don’t cry’, or ‘be a big girl, don’t cry’, and being taught to squash our emotions and not feel them. All of that gets stored in the cells in our body. Over time as our physical toxic load increases, our emotional toxicity can also cause us health problems.

The mental toxicity is the way we talk to ourselves, that you’re probably not even aware of. They’re the unconscious thoughts that are constantly running in the background. We have 70,000 conversations with ourselves in any given day. What are you saying to yourself? What are your beliefs that are triggered because of you talking in this way to yourself? Maybe you have a dream but you’re talking to yourself saying I can’t do it. I don’t believe it. I’m not good enough. I’m not worth it. When this happens, I like to say “cancel, cancel, cancel” to all of that. Everything I say my unconscious mind also takes personally and I don’t want to implant that into my unconscious mind, and we don’t want it in yours either. So, you can also say ‘cancel, cancel, cancel’ as you are reading this article. However, I do want you to stop and think about how you talk to yourself, are there phrases that you’re aware of using, or do you need to start tuning in, in order to create awareness around the way you talk to yourself. That’s part of the mental detox process, where we need to go through and release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and implant, new beliefs that will serve you in reaching your goals and dreams.   

Spiritual Detox / Connecting to Your Intuition: Introduction to Cheryl Brewster

Cheryl BrewsterYou will also go through a spiritual detox or connect to your intuition.  We all have intuition. and yet, some people say “oh, I don’t, or I don’t know how to access it.” So, one fabulous practitioner, Cheryl Brewster, who was featured in Episode 70 of my podcast, (I encourage you to go back and listen to her and learn about her work) is an intuitive coach, a Reverend, among other things, and she will help you either connect to your intuition if that’s what serves you most, or help you with a spiritual detox, if that’s what you need most.  We do have four bodies and by the time we have symptoms showing up in our physical body, they’ve already moved through our spiritual body, our mental body, and our emotional body. As a result, as we heal the physical body, we need to address those three higher bodies to make sure that the healing is lifelong healing, and that you don’t just end up back where you were a year or two from now, because you didn’t address those higher bodies, and they are still in a state of disease. I’ve been calling myself the Friendly Toxin Slayer, because I work with people to do the physical, emotional, and mental detoxing, and then I hand you off to Cheryl Brewster for your spiritual detoxing and or connecting to your intuition. Once you’ve worked with us in this journey of healing, and it is a journey – your health is a lifelong journey and never ends, you always must focus on it,  you will then choose which other practitioners you’d like to work with for ongoing healing / wellness.   Here’s something that I heard someone say this morning that I thought was fabulous. “You are getting results, whether you like them or not.”

I Want To Ask You “What Results Are You Getting?”

If you’re not getting the results that you like, when it comes to your health, that’s indicative of you needing to find another way, and do something differently, and that’s where I love this program. I’m basically giving you a smorgasbord, or menu of practitioners to work with.

You will work with myself, you will work with Cheryl, and after that, you get to choose the practitioners that most resonate with you and your needs and where you’re at.  I will absolutely help guide you in this area as well. I just want you to know that there’s so many options here with nine other practitioners and I will continue to add others.  This allows you to fully customize your healing journey!

I’d like to introduce you to some of these other practitioners that are included in the program.

Meet Dr. Melissa Balizan

Dr. Melissa BalizanDr. Melissa Balizan has a podcast episode coming out with me soon. It’s episode 101.  She is a concierge pharmacist, and what she will be bringing to the program is helping people who want to come off their pharmaceutical medications and helping you do it safely. That’s what’s really important. You can’t just stop them cold turkey!   I’m not a doctor, I can’t guide you through that process, I’m not trained in that, but Dr. Melissa is, that is her specialty, her entire pharmaceutical business is developed around helping people come off their medications because so often we go on a medication, and then we have a side effect. Then we need another medication for that which triggers yet another side effect and it’s this rabbit hole of medications that you go down and some people are on 20 and 30 medications, and they don’t want to be, and some people are on only one or two, but they don’t want to be the on them for life. Dr. Melissa will help you come off them safely. She also will help you assess whether doing my detox program is safe for you to do, if you are on other pharmaceutical medications and if there’s any contraindications between my natural supplements and your pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Melissa has done my detox program, she’s very familiar with it and she has helped guide others in terms of their medication, and whether they can do the program, or the timing of when they take their medication versus the supplements with my program in order to make it work.  She is a great resource, and I’m excited to have her as part of this program as I am with every single practitioner here.

Meet Sheree Wirtz

Sheree WirtzSheree Wirtz was interviewed with me in episode 100! It’s coming out next week! I love, love, love her work. She’s a dental hygienist, and an Oral Health Coach. She loves to ask, where is your tongue? Now I bet that made you stop and think!  Is your tongue on the roof of your mouth or is your tongue on the bottom of your mouth?  This is indicative of whether you’re a mouth breather or nose breather. When you’re a mouth breather, that can cause all sorts of other medical issues down the line. There are also many people that are struggling with sleep apnea and using CPAP machines. They hate them. They’re uncomfortable. Sheree helps people learn how to be nose breathers with some exercises that she gives you and can help people come off their CPAP machines. I’m so excited to have Sheree in this program in order to help you!  If you struggle with mouth breathing, sleep apnea, CPAP machines, then you’re definitely going to want to work with Sheree.

Meet Trisha Parido

Trisha ParidoTrisha Parido was interviewed with me in episode 57 of my podcast. She is my go-to gal for addictions, especially since we are coming out of the pandemic. There are more addiction issues than ever, whether it’s drug or alcohol or addictions like shopping or eating. Whenever anybody has addictions, I love to refer them to Trisha, because Trisha has walked that journey herself, and then gone back to school, studied Psychology, received all of her certifications and has built very, very successful programs in supporting people at a really high level in releasing their dependencies and truly living free because they’re no longer dependent on that addiction in order for them to cope with their day to day lives. She’s another wonderful, wonderful resource in this program.

Meet Roberta Hughes

Roberta HughesRoberta Hughes and I met more recently, but I absolutely adore her!  Her energy is so calming, it’s complete Zen, when you are in a zoom room with Roberta, you just feel peace. And if you listen to my December podcasts, you will know they were all about peace. And it’s so important for us to feel peace. It allows our whole central nervous system to calm. Roberta has a membership, where she has yoga, pilates, and meditation classes. She offers both live classes and recorded videos for you to access so that you can tap into her resources to help bring peace into your everyday life.  Not only that, what I love about Roberta that she does differently, is that as a member, she will meet with you several times through your program in the first 12 weeks to help you find the time in your calendar to do this for yourself, because that is the thing, I hear the most from people – they are busy, and they don’t have time for their own self-care. Sometimes it takes somebody on the outside looking in at your calendar with you, in order to find the time, when we say we don’t have the time ourselves. That’s really a story we’re telling ourselves. It’s harder to tell that story when you’re working with someone else, and then she’s there to hold you accountable.  On your healing journey, self-care is incredibly important – finding that place of Zen and peace because the body doesn’t heal in a stressed-out state. We need to get you into this calm, stress free state in order for the body to truly heal, and if you don’t have a program that’s working for you already, then you’re definitely going to want to work with Roberta, in order to bring yourself out of chronic stress and be able to turn on your parasympathetic nervous system and stay there and allow your body to heal.

Meet Holly Middleton

Holly MiddletonHolly Middleton owns a company called Flow Movement Therapy. She’s an ex-dancer, and she had knee injuries that caused her to miss a major show and she was devastated. She started looking for new ways to heal herself and is now sharing that with others. What she’s bringing to this program is an assessment for your gait – the way you move when you walk, or an assessment for your actual foot movement. These are really, really important for preventing injury down the line. Or perhaps you already have an injury that isn’t healing, and you want support with a specialist, then Holly will be your person. Holly Middleton was also featured on my podcast in episode 90.

All these amazing practitioners are offering a complimentary first session with you, when you sign up for the Start Now | Live Well program so that you can meet them and determine what it is you need most from them. Some of them have a couple of different offers, like Holly can do a gait assessment which will lead you down one path or a foot movement assessment which will lead you down another path.  It’s very generous of them to offer you a complimentary session.  Included in your Start Now | Live Well program, you are getting all these resources available to you, and you can reach out to those that you resonate with that you feel can help you on your health journey.

Meet Anu Morgan

Anu MorganAnu Morgan is a fitness trainer. She’s also a nutritionist, among other things too. In this program, she is supporting those of you that are looking for guidance in your fitness journey. Some people might already have a fitness trainer, great, you can keep working with your fitness trainer. That’s why this is fully customizable, but if you don’t have a fitness trainer, and you feel like that’s your next step and you need the accountability and someone to create workouts for you, then meet with you in another month to tweak the workouts because now your stronger and fitter, then you’ll want to work with Anu, as that is what she is offering to you. She will meet you exactly where you are at.  If you haven’t done any kind of exercise for the past three years, she’s going to start you off gently. If you have been doing workouts, but you want to elevate your fitness routine, then she will meet you there. All her work can be done on Zoom. In fact, every single one of these practitioners can work with you on Zoom, that was a requirement because my business is 100% virtual and everything is done on Zoom.

Meet Andee Robb

Andee RobbAndee Robb is all about helping people transition from toxic products in their home to nontoxic products, whether that’s personal care products or cleaning products.  (Personal care products is anything you use in your skin, your hair, body and the average woman is using putting over 200 toxins on their body with the use of personal care products every day before they head out to work), because most of the products bought at your local pharmacy have toxins in them. There are, however, many other products out there today that are much cleaner, but sometimes it’s confusing and you don’t know how to switch over. That is Andee’s specialty. She is including a complimentary call so she can find out what you’re currently using and make recommendations for a really good clean product alternative that you can switch to, as whatever you have runs out. Then you have a plan and it’s much easier to follow through, you can even order it in advance so that you have it on hand, and you don’t even have to go shopping or be in a panic because something ran out.

Meet Mandy Gefle

Mandy GefleMandy Gefle is a holistic nutrition practitioner.  I’ve included her in this program because she has a wonderful membership portal that makes meal planning really easy for you. I know a lot of people struggle with this, they want to eat clean, they have the intention, but they’re not finding the time to do it or they’re just finding it takes too long. Mandy makes it easy. You go into her system, and she puts out new recipes every week, you pick the recipes you want, and the system creates a meal plan and a shopping list for you. Then all you have to do, is the shopping, and you’ve got your whole meal plan laid out for the week, and you don’t even have to think anymore, it’s just execute now! So often we get stuck in the thinking mode.  “I don’t know what to make for dinner tonight”. You ask your family for ideas; they don’t have any ideas either. And you waste all this time and energy trying to think of what you’re going to make for dinner. When you get to choose from Mandy’s delicious recipes, (and it doesn’t take very long to go in and choose) then the meal plan is automatically made and can be printed out. You know what you’re doing, the shopping list is done. You get the groceries or order them in. It just saves a lot of time and a lot of mental energy trying to figure it all out. This is a wonderful program that people can use anytime, anywhere.  Again, I just want to help people create a lifestyle around their health, by making this easy and simple and giving you tools to use, I hope you will be able to make it happen for yourself and make it become a lifestyle. Because it’s easy.  On another note, Mandy was interviewed with me on episode 14.

Meet Jaci Finneman

Jaci FinnemanJaci Finneman was on my podcast episode 49. Jaci has become a very dear friend of mine. She’s been an accountability partner of mine in our business coaching program, and she is a parenting coach. You might think ‘what does parenting have to do with health’? Well,  a lot of my clients are parents, and as parents, if you are working on your health, you’re modeling that for your children, which is wonderful. If your children have health issues, and you’re helping them with their health, then you still need to be doing what they’re doing. You can’t be eating at McDonald’s while they’re not allowed to have gluten or dairy.  You’re all in this together. That’s why I wanted to bring Jaci into this, because if you’re focusing on you, and your health, your children’s health, it’s not just your physical health, but the health of your relationship with your children, and that’s where Jaci is amazing. She works with the parents and gives you incredible tools in order to be able to better communicate with your children. When you better communicate with your children, your life is more peaceful, you’re not in that stress state, the yelling isn’t going on in your household. The frustration of not being heard (either the child or the adult) is not happening in your household, and as a result, that is helping to lower your stress level and bringing you out of that chronic stress state, which allows for more healing on your health journey.

Start Now | Live Well Program: Customized Program Just for You!

As you can tell, I’m super excited about the Start Now | Live Well Program. It’s on my website, under the Programs tab, you can go through and see the whole program as well as the links to all these other practitioners so that you can create a fully customized program for yourself to focus on your health in 2023 and beyond.   When you look at it all, the price of that program, compared to the cost of just one year in a nursing home is nothing!  It’s so worth it. I’ve got payment plans, so we can make this work for you and support you on your health journey. I want to be empowering people in their health, letting them know that there’s so much more that we can be doing in order to get to a place of “Optimal Health, Optimal Life”.

Learn Self Hypnosis Courses

That leads me to one more thing I want to share with you today. Over the course of 2022, I completed my NLP Master Practitioner and Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner and my Hypnotherapy Teacher Training courses. What all that means is that I can now work with groups in teaching programs for hypnosis, so I’m going to be running Learn Self Hypnosis Courses, and then also an Unlimited Power of Hypnosis weekend. Anybody can do any of these courses. In fact, you spend 90% of your day in trance already. The difference when we do it in a course and when you learn self-hypnosis is that you are choosing to implement the change work in the state of trance, versus just being in trance driving, or watching television or going about your day. And when we’re working with your unconscious mind, and  giving it the suggestions for the change work you want to do, it is incredibly powerful and effective.

For any practitioners and coaches that may be reading to this, you can add this to your set of tools as well for working with clients if you do the Unlimited Power Of Hypnosis weekend program with me because that’s a designation optional course, which anybody can take. If you would like to be designated in hypnosis to work 1:1 with your clients, you just need to write an exam at the end of the weekend course and pass the exam and then you will be admitted to the American Board of Hypnotherapy and be allowed to work with your clients 1:1 and your designation is recognized in 42 countries!  That’s a great new revenue stream for your business as well. Not to mention, it will really help your clients achieve their goals, because hypnosis gives you 10,000 times more focus and 50,000 times more accountability in getting to where you want to go. It’s been around since the 1500s, but just like plant medicines it got “poo pooed” and pushed out of acceptance. In fact, back in the early 1900s chiropractors and naturopathic doctors were pushed out by the medical industry too. But the reality is, hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool, that when you learn how to use it, you can do it anytime, anywhere, because you always have your unconscious mind with you! It’s a great, great way to also relax and get yourself out of that chronic stress state. I’m excited about 2023!   I really hope you are as well.

Changes To My Podcast: “Don’t Wait for Your Wake-Up Call!”

One last thing that I’m changing for 2023 is the format of my podcast, “Don’t Wait for Your Wake-Up Call!”. Until now you might have noticed that every month, I had a theme, and I did two teaching episodes. Then I did two to three interview episodes based on whether there were four or five Saturdays in the month.  Starting this month, I’m going to do one teaching episode, the rest of the month will be interviews so that I can be continuously introducing you to other amazing practitioners, or people that have healed themselves naturally, because that gives you hope. If you’re someone who’s struggling on your health journey, this will bring you hope, knowing others have done it and so can you. The biggest part about healing is your ability to believe that you can heal because your body is designed to self-heal. We need to create the environment for it to be able to do so and you need to be able to believe that you can. That might mean taking on my belief or another practitioners belief until you start to see results and develop your own belief, but that’s the key. The key to healing is, first you must believe that you can because think about it, if you believe that you can’t, of course you won’t. Right?  It comes back to that Henry Ford saying, “Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” Lots of great new resources coming your way with my podcast too!

Wishing You A Fabulous 2023!

I want to wish you a fabulous 2023 and if you need anything at all, when it comes to your health, please reach out, I really do want to be a resource for you, and if I’m not the right person to work with, because I have surrounded myself with so many other amazing practitioners I am sure one of them is going to be the right person to work with you. You just need to reach out and connect, and then I can help guide you into your path on your healing journey. Know that you’re supported. Have an awesome healthy 2023.

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