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Do you have clients living on Victim Island?  Would you like to help them move to Solution City?  In a previous newsletter I talked about being  “at cause” or “at effect” of life, and those who are at effect, are living on Victim Island, and they are working with you so you can help them get to Solution City. 

Walking My Talk Part 1

The question is do you have the tools to facilitate this journey to Solution City with ease and grace? Without them having to re-hash and trigger their trauma (again), and without years (and years) of therapy and without them having the best intention of taking action you’ve asked them to take, and then getting stuck (again.)   When we rely on the tools of the conscious mind, we are only accessing 10% of our mind and therefore 10% of the resources and so moving out of Victim Island is much harder.  When you instead learn the tools of the Unconscious Mind, you are accessing the other 90% with a myriad of tools that are far more effective to move your client off Victim Island and into a beautiful beach front condo in Solution City where the restaurants are better, AND they can shop in the “personal power” stores any time they like!

As a coach you can learn these powerful tools without taking months to do it, in fact you can learn them in just 8 days (yes it’s an intense 8 days), however I know you are up for the challenge!  This will change your life, because this work is for yourself first, and then you can help your clients. This isn’t “shelf-development”, it’s “self-development”, because you are getting both academic and experiential learning during this program. You will practice every modality you learn with your classmates, get feedback and be able to use these tools with clients immediately upon successfully completing the program, which will put you into the confidence > competence loop. As you practice your newfound skills you’ll build your confidence further, which boosts your competence, and that boosts your confidence in a beautiful infinity cycle

A recent student had this to say about his experience:

“I am an ICF accredited coach, and I want to share a wonderful experience that I had working both with Melissa Deally and Billie Aadmi on my practitioner training for NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. What a great combination the two of them are, they both bring their own flair and their own strengths to it and working with the two of them was fantastic. I highly recommend their combined program for certification, I came for the CEU credits and got so much more! This is absolutely the coaching program you need to take!”  ~ Deepak Saini, Deepak Saini Health,  Calgary, AB

If you would like to uplevel yourself, so that you can help your clients even more effectively,  and would like to learn more about this powerful program earning you 4 designations in 8 days in the Mind Body Practitioner Training, recognized in 42 countries around the world, send me a dm so we can connect and chat. This may be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

The 4 designations are:

  • NLP Results Coach
  • Practitioner of NLP
  • Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®
  • Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

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