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Help Your Kids Eat All The Colours Of The Rainbow With This Fun Tracking Chart

Print out the chart, put it on your fridge and have your kids check it off each day! Get them involved in choosing produce at the grocery store too! The more involved they are, the more “buy-in” you get in the process of “eating the rainbow”!

About Melissa

Melissa is an Integrative Health Practitioner and Registered Health Coach.  She is dedicated to helping people get to the root cause of their gut health and food issues, and then helping them feel fabulous again.

Our modern lifestyle triggers many of our health issues today, poor sleep, high stress, our toxic load, and the lack of nutrients in our over used soil systems, and therefore food, plus easy access to cheap processed foods, all combine to create the struggles many people are dealing with today – feeling pain, discomfort, bloating, after eating, not to mention unreliable bowel movements.  Whether it’s acid reflux, food intolerances or bacterial overgrowth, parasites, yeast or mold, we can’t keep “hoping it will go away”.  We need to determine the root cause, in order to provide the right protocol to help you achieve true healing.

Melissa helps her clients discover their toxic load, as well as uses the power of Functional Medicine lab tests, that are mailed to your home, in order to understand where your body is out of balance, and then provides a personalized wellness protocol, that removes the toxins, and supports the deficiencies with natural supplements and herbal remedies.  Through her guided journey, Melissa provides an emptathetic, supported approach that helps her clients bring their body back into balance, so that it can heal itself, just as it would a cut finger or broken arm.   A body in balances does not hold onto weight, get sick or harbour disease.


Health Is Your True Wealth.