Are you looking for answers as to why you feel the way you do?

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Through the month of November 2021, I’m bringing you 3 podcast interviews as well as my blogs on this very subject. You all know that I’m passionate about helping people get to the root cause of their health issue, so they can rebalance their body at which point it will heal itself.

You also know that I’m passionate about bringing health education to you, in a format that is easy to understand and with tips that you can start implementing right away in most cases.
This is because I look at what I’ve learned over the last 6 years since I was guided into the field of health and wellness, compared to what I knew about my health when I worked in the corporate world…..

I knew nothing when I worked for corporate! I just went about my busy life, working long hours, being a Mom to 2 girls, a wife, Girl Guide Leader, trying to do the best I could. If I got sick, I went to the doctor and was offered a pill, but somewhere in there, I knew enough to know that wasn’t really the answer, it was a band aid solution and so I started seeing a Naturopathic doctor and venturing into holistic health for my own health and that of my daughters! Looking back, I guess that my journey to where I am today, started about 20 years ago!! Because I wanted to know “why” my migraines were getting worse or “why” my daughter had tummy aches, and wasn’t willing to continue accepting prescriptions as the only option.

And since going back to school to become a Health Coach, I realized in my very first course, that if the whole world just did this one course, we wouldn’t have all the chronic illness that we have today! I realize that the whole world doesn’t have time to do this one course, and as such, I do my part by providing content via my “Don’t Wait For Your Wakeup Call!” podcast and my “1 Minute Health Hacks” and this blog, aside from speaking at Summits and offering my group programs. It is my mission to shift how we think about our health… have people come to realize that it’s our greatest asset and to prioritize it, invest in it, rather than taking it for granted until we no longer have it.

I think it’s the Dalai Lama who said “Man can have 1000 dreams until he doesn’t have his health and then he has but 1.”

What is the cost of that to you as an individual, to society? Today, 74% of Canadians aged 65 and older have at least 1 chronic illness and 9.1 years of poor health in their lifespan. It’s not just those 65 and older with chronic illness, it’s affecting all age group now, even children are being diagnosed with Type II diabetes and obesity.

For adults, the cost of stress leave, of ongoing sick days due to illness, shouldn’t only be gauged in monetary value, what is the cost to you in lost time, in lost energy, lost productivity in living your passion, and fulfilling your dreams? What about the cost of missing out on social events, seeing your children get married, your grandchildren be born? That is a far larger cost, that is hard to put a dollar price on. Yet we continue to rely on medications from Big Pharma that don’t actually help us heal, but leave us in the state of “chronic illness”, because then you have to take the drug every day for the rest of your life, which provides revenue to them. If you actually heal, and no longer need their drug, then you don’t provide that ongoing revenue source. So they have no motivation to provide drugs that actually help you recover from your chronic illness.

I’ll leave you to ponder that and how the focus on dollars over health is impacting your health journey.