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This month, on my podcast “Don’t Wait for Your Wakeup Call!” my theme is “intuition” – something we all have, but do we all listen to it?

Before I start talking about intuition,  I’d like to share a testimonial I received recently from someone who listened to her intuition concerning her stomach issues that were being caused from being on a prescription drug for way to long. She had been taking the prescription as prescribed by her doctor, however she felt that something wasn’t right, and what she needed to do was heal her gut.  After doing some research she found Dr. Cabral’s CBO protocol and purchased it but found following it was difficult as she didn’t know if she was doing it right or where to turn for support. She put a comment in a group on fb, which I was alerted to, and I reached out to offer the support she was looking for. Here is her testimonial.

Trust Your Intuition

Melissa found me last fall thanks to the natural healing of Equi-Life, since then she has been a God send. In June of 2021 I was having all kinds of stomach issues due to being told to stay on Prilosec for way too long following a stomach ulcer diagnosis. Fast forward to the fall of 2021 I had developed food intolerances and had constant indigestion type pain under my ribs. I was on my path to healing while doing the CBO protocol from Dr. Cabral when Melissa took me under her wings and guided me to healing.

It was a very long, hard, struggle with many frustrations and tears. Melissa was with me every step of the way. Her support and kind, uplifting words are something I will forever be grateful for. Fast forward to 2022, my gut has healed, I no longer have food intolerances and have never felt healthier or better. Not only did Melissa teach me about gut health she has also taught me it was ok to not be ok and to make time for me. I have learned stress relief techniques to calm the nervous system that I have also used in my feisty toddler. Melissa is a wealth of knowledge and truly cares about her clients she goes above and beyond. She truly cares! Thank you Melissa for all you have done for me and taught me! 💓💓💓


Rices Landing, PA

Let’s talk about the definition of intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

That last bit is key “without the need for conscious reasoning” – it is driven by our unconscious mind – that part of us that keeps us alive by keeping us breathing and our heart pumping, our digestive system breaking down our food, and so much more without us ever having to give it a second thought! In fact, our unconscious preserves the body, DESPITE the lifestyle choices we make and what we put in it!!!

Our unconscious mind is responsible for 90% of our brain function whereas our conscious mind is only responsible for 10%, which is where you hear that saying that we only use 10% of our brain…we use it all but are only consciously aware of using 10%.

We can tap into the other 90% and one way of doing that is to learn to use your intuition.  We all have intuition, but for some it’s stronger than for others, and there are several reasons for this:

  • They are open to listening to their intuition
  • They slow down enough to listen to their intuition
  • They practice listening to their intuition. It is like a muscle, the more you slow down and allow yourself to be guided by your intuition, the more you can be guided, as your awareness of it increases.

The way we “listen” to our intuition can vary as well, for some it might be a feeling in their gut – hence the saying “listen to your gut” for some it may be felt more in the heart area, for others it might be a random idea that just pops into your head. Intuition can be felt in different ways for the same person, I know for me, I feel my intuition in my gut, but also get the random messages / ideas / thoughts popping into my head.

Now I am no expert in the field of intuition, but I am learning. I’m excited to bring you two ladies who are experts in intuition to my show this month for episodes 70 & 72.  Cheryl Brewster, who is an amazing intuitive coach whom I’ve worked with personally as well as Laura Powers, who is an entertainer, celebrity psychic, actress, model, host of her own podcast “Healing Powers Podcast” and TV Show, “Behind the Scenes with Laura Powers”.  I’m excited to have them on the show to share their expertise on this topic.

Today I want to share a few of my experiences with intuition as you may relate!  Whether this is all brand new to you, or you are possibly afraid of it, as I was, or you might be dipping your toes into working with your intuition and looking for guidance to learn more.  Stick with me these 4 weeks, and I promise you will learn a lot!

When I was a very young child, perhaps 4 years old, I have a memory of my Mom telling me in the morning that she’d woken in the night and knew that my Dad had been in a car accident – we lived in Australia at the time and he had driven down to Thredbo, a ski resort and as I said my mom felt that my dad had been in an accident.   Soon after he called my Mom to let her know he’d been in an accident, but that he was ok, so she was able to get back to sleep.

As a 4-year-old this whole conversation frightened me – first the thought of my Dad being in a car accident was scary, but I also was confused as to how my Mom knew before he even called her? I decided I didn’t want to know stuff ahead of time like that.  Honestly, I don’t remember if I had the cognitive ability to make that decision at age 4, or if I made it at an older age, when I heard my Mom re-telling the story – that is a very conscious-mind decision!!   Regardless, I didn’t want to know about “bad things” happening, and so I unconsciously spent a lot of time blocking my intuition as that felt safer to me!

However, our intuition can also keep us safe. Another event occurred also when I was 4, that I remember clear as day (we tend to remember traumatic incidents that occurred before age 6, which is why I remember this one so well).  I was baking in the kitchen with my Mom, and her intuition kicked in.  She told me to run to check to see if my 2-year-old brother was with my Dad who was in the garage.  I ran out looking for him and he wasn’t with my dad.  My Mom then ran outside to our pool that we had just built and fenced, and she looked over the fence at the pool, and couldn’t see him, so we ran around the house looking for him and then she ran back to the pool, by which time he’d floated out of the sun and into the shade and she could now see him (he is very fair skinned and fair haired and in the bright sunlight couldn’t be seen).  My mom ran through the gate and dove into the pool, fully clothed and with her shoes on to get him out after telling me to run and get my Dad.  I watched in horror, thinking my Mom would die because you don’t dive into the pool fully clothed and wearing shoes, but I ran and got my Dad.  By the time he got there, my brother was out of the pool and he started giving mouth to mouth to my brother. I was told to run next door to get the neighbor who was a doctor. Fortunately, he was home, and called for an ambulance and he came running over and my brother was taken away in the ambulance.  My brother spent 2 days in hospital while they monitored his symptoms, watched for possible pneumonia, and then he was released to come home.   The great news is he survived falling in the pool with no negative side effects, all because of my Mom’s intuition kicking in and her knowing something was wrong and we had to find him NOW!.

Imagine how easy it would have been to think, I’ll just get the cookies in the oven and then look for him. Turns out the dog had dug a hole under the fence, which was big enough for my 2-year-old brother to follow him through. He had a Matchbox “Harvester Truck” that he decided to throw in the pool, but once he did that, he wanted to get it back, so he jumped in after it. After this happened my parents started us in swimming lessons and it became a long high level swimming career for both of us, in fact my brother still swims at a World Cup Masters level!

Thank goodness for intuition when it can save us from danger and save lives.

Fast forward to when I was 13, my father passed away suddenly after surgery when he developed blood clots in hospital.  Yes, it was shock and yes, we were grieving, but I think I started tapping into my intuition then, because somehow I knew he was still with me.   I couldn’t see his physical form anymore, but I felt like he was with me, as if he was perched on my shoulder. Whenever I had a difficult decision to make, I felt I could consult with him and get an answer.  Is this intuition? Is this my spirituality? Or is it a blending of the two?  I’m not sure, but I know it helped me make some tough decisions over the years and feel confident in the choices I was guided to make.

What about you?  Is your intuition something you turn to often for guidance, or something that guides you to safety or the safety of loved ones like my Mom’s did, or something you haven’t really tapped into yet?

Intuition can absolutely guide us with our health as well.  In re-writing my bio recently, as I went through the process I was reminded of a story where I used my intuition when it came to my own health.  This time, my intuition told me not to panic, but instead get a second opinion and with the knowledge I have today, I’m very glad I did, because when we panic, we set off our sympathetic nervous system, our fight or flight system, which shuts down other systems in order to give us the energy needed to fight or flee!  One of the other systems it shuts down is our immune system – not something you want to have shut down when dealing with a diagnosis of melanoma!  Melanoma was what landed my Dad in hospital for surgery.

In my case, when I was given the diagnosis, the doctor was panicked, it was a Thursday and she wanted to book me in for surgery on Monday and she was going to do the surgery herself at our local clinic.  I was supposed to go on a business trip on Saturday, she told me I had to cancel, and I had to have this surgery immediately. In my gut I felt this was wrong, that I needed some time to assess my options, and not takes months to do so, but taking a week to do that while I was on my business trip felt right to me – and I really felt I should get a second opinion on all of this.  I told the doctor I’d go home and think about it and get back to the clinic about the surgery booking.  Even the front desk staff seemed panicked by the word melanoma and yet my gut told me to remain calm, not to get caught up in it, that it would be ok, I had some time and didn’t have to rush into a decision without understanding my options. When I got home, I called my skin cancer specialist, the one who had taken the biopsy of the mole that had now come back as melanoma and left him a voicemail. He called me back later that evening and I was able to ask him if he felt I needed to immediately have surgery on Monday morning, or would it be ok if I go on my busines trip and have surgery when I’m back.   He replied with something I hadn’t even thought of – this will be a large incision to ensure we get it all, it needs to be done by a plastic surgeon and not a GP. I will submit the referral and you will be top of the list, but you won’t get in for a couple of weeks, so go on your business trip and you’ll have the surgery once you are back.  My intuition had told me that my 1st option wasn’t the right path, and that made me seek out a 2nd opinion, which gave me an option that made much more sense to me and all of that allowed me to stay out of panic mode, and not weaken my immune system!  The great news is the melanoma was fully excised and it’s been 9 years, and I’ve embarked on a path of health and wellness since then, including detoxing, which helps ensure that I haven’t had any further problems since.

When I teach my Health Kickstart +Detox program, one of the greatest benefits my students talk about is the new awareness they have around how their body feels in relation to the food they are putting into their body, their sleep, their exercise, as they learn how to tune into their body. In this process they are tapping further into their intuition too.  Working as one with their body, instead of just being in their conscious mind and ignoring symptoms and the intuition which is suggesting you should take some action steps to reverse the imbalances causing those symptoms.

This is powerful information that you can learn from your body when you allow yourself to be guided by your intuition.  Even the signal of being full so you can stop eating even if your plate isn’t empty, can be considered intuition.  It is the result of hormones sending the signal, but when you understand the message without any conscious thought it is also intuition.  It is your body talking to you, so you can take the appropriate action.

I am just touching the surface here on the topic of intuition, so please join me again next week, when I have Cheryl Brewster on my podcast “Don’t Wait for Your Wakeup Call!”, when we’ll be talking about the ABCs of intuition and diving deeper with her, as she is a real expert on this topic.  Her business is called The Intuitive Life!

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