Are you looking for answers as to why you feel the way you do?

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Would you like to help others, if you could? Is that simply in your nature like it’s in mine?

I want to share a secret with you….something so few people are talking about in the media, but is a HUGE problem in today’s world and if only more people knew, they could choose to take action. So I am sharing this as far and as widely as I can to help you and everyone in your life, and the domino effect will be huge if you would share this too.

This problem is our TOXIC LOAD – what is that you might ask? That is the burden our body is under from the barrage of toxins in our world today, from the almost 100,000 chemical toxins introduced since WWII, getting inside our body via water ways, air ways and our food, as well as the lotions we put on our skin, EMFs all around us everywhere we go, to the toxins our body makes itself. That toxic load is added to by high stress, poor sleep, and emotions we shove down and hold inside. The human body was just not meant to cope with this level of toxicity, and our livers are trying to get them out, but getting bogged down in the process, creating inflammation in our body. Not to mention our liver is undernourished, due to our depleted soil systems, meaning they don’t get the nutrients needed to do their job properly, just from our food anymore. Why does any of this matter?

It matters because we now know that our risk of disease is triggered not only by our genes, but also by the environment we create inside our body, in other words our epigenetics! If we create a toxic, chronically inflamed environment, that triggers our genes to turn on the diseases we are pre-disposed to. If however, we create an environment that is clean and have healthy levels of inflammation, those genes don’t get turned on! So you are in control of your health outcomes, far more than you realize! In fact only 5-10% of all diseases are based on genes alone. The rest are the result of genes + the environment inside your gut. Amazing right? This means you have a CHOICE! A choice as to the kind of environment you create inside your body!

My question to you, did you wake up today, hoping to be diagnosed with a disease? I don’t think so! Did you wake up today, knowing that you have a choice, in the environment you create inside your body? Perhaps not, as they may all be new information to you! The great news is that now you do know and now you can take action to create a body that is in-hospitable to disease and you can start right now!

Firstly you can do my FREE Toxic load quiz here, to assess your toxic load, and secondly, you can check out my 4 week online Health Kickstart + Detox program starting July 6, that will teach you how to lower your toxic load and more. Once you take this course once, you will have this knowledge for the rest of your life to share with your loved ones! How powerful is that?

Here are some of the results my clients frequently achieve:

  • Crystal clear thinking
  • Deep rejuvenating sleep
  • Revitalized / youthful energy
  • Improved memory recall
  • Weight loss that happens naturally & effortlessly
  • Re-balanced hormones
  • Repaired digestion and bloating is eliminated
  • Lower inflammation levels
  • Increased libido
  • And more….

Like I said, I love to help people heal, but even more so I’d love to help people not even get sick in the first place, that is why I am sharing this information with and have created this online program for you! Choose to take control of your health with this simple secret of helping your body detox with a proper functional medicine detox guided program, that will have profound impact on your health outcomes, and share this with your loved ones today.