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Melissa has been amazing to work with. For years, I’ve asked my doctor to just listen and help me figure out what was going on with my body. After years of no answers, I met Melissa. I finally have answers! I competed a detox with her and continue to coach with her along the way. I already have so much energy and feel like “me” again! I love working with her!

Amber Trail

Warfordsburg, PA

Unfortunately, over the past 50 years or so, we’ve been programmed to be victims when it comes to our health. We’ve been told that if your mother and grandmother had breast cancer, you’ll get it too. Or if your father had heart disease, you will too and as such we’ve come to believe that we are a victim of our genes.

This then causes us to have these negative thoughts running around in our mind, along with some fear, and that fear causes stress in the body and weakens our immune system and before long, we’ve actually caused ourselves to get breast cancer or heart disease, because our mind is so powerful, we unknowingly manifest what we were told would happen. Our mind gives us more of what we focus on. So, if we’ve been focusing on the fear, if we are focusing on the negative our Unconscious mind will give us just that.

4 Bodies - 3 Minds

For 50 Years We Have Been Set Up to Be A Victim of Our Genetics

That is the unfortunate situation with where we have been for the last 50 years where we have been set up as this victim of our genes or our genetics. The reality though is that it doesn’t have to be that way!  That’s the news I want to share with you today. This is so exciting because you have so much more control of your health than you have been led to believe.

Our unconscious mind has a blueprint of what our genetic make up is, and of course we get some of that from our mother and some of that from our father.  Yes, there may be genes there that can pre-dispose us to certain diseases, however the genes do not turn on all by themselves.  The genes have to be triggered by other events or conditions in order for them to get turned on and then cause that disease that we are genetically “pre-disposed” to, to start festering in our body.

This is the science of epigenetics, which states that only 5-10% of our health outcomes are in fact dictated by our genes. The other 90- 95% are dictated by the environment we create inside our bodies. This includes in our gut and in our mind!  Our mind, as I have said,  will literally give us what we focus on – this is manifestation.

What Are You Manifesting?

Are you even aware of what you are focusing on, or is it all purely coming from your unconscious mind? 

I love the new science of epigenetics, as it shows us that we have so much more power over our health outcomes than we have previously been led to believe.  We can choose to focus on healing, rather than focusing on disease, we can choose to focus on better choices of nutrition, to engage in more movement, to prioritize our sleep, to lower our stress and by doing so, we are also supporting our physical body in positive ways, that will reduce the risk of being in a state of “dis-ease” in our physical body.

What we also have to realize is that our chronic illness or “dis-ease” isn’t only impacted by the state of our physical body, but also by the health of our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.   This is even more important than the state of our physical body, as by the time the symptoms of “dis-ease” have shown up in the physical body, they have already moved through our other 3 bodies, our mental body, our emotional body and our spiritual body.   These 3 bodies are largely ignored by our medical industry and yet are critical in achieving optimal health.

If we heal the physical body and do not address the other 3 bodies, then the illness is highly likely to return within 12 – 24 months.  If, however we heal all 4 bodies, then that is when we achieve lasting health and the risk of recurrence is very low, as long as we continue to focus on the health of all 4 bodies, making healthy choices in our nutrition, our movement, our sleep, our stress levels, all of which can positively or negatively impact the health of our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as our physical body.

Choosing to positively change our emotions, causes positive physiological changes in our body, if we instead allow negative changes to our emotions, it will also cause physiological changes in our body, weakening our immune system.   Right now I would like you to imagine yourself, or an image of yourself, what life do you carry around in your mind’s eye?  Do you see yourself positively? Do you see a life of joy and fun? Or do you see doom and gloom? Whichever visualization you play all day long, that is what dictates your health outcomes.

It’s the movie screen of your life that you can literally see if you close your eyes.

What Movie Are You Playing In Your Mind’s Eye?

Think about this, 1 in 3 people suffer from cancer, and yet no 1 gene causes cancer. In fact Dr. Bruce Lipton says “90% of all cancers in fact have no family lineage”, and there are cases where adopted family members will get the same disease as their siblings, even though their genetic blueprint is completely different. It is because disease is triggered by more than just someone’s genes, disease is triggered by the combination of our physical health, mental, emotional and spiritual health. If our trash cans are overflowing in our physical body, as well as our emotional and mental bodies, then there is disharmony or “mis-alignment” in our bodies this will cause disease to show up in the physical body.  The environment in which we live impacts our health outcomes. Someone can be adopted into a family, and choose the same nutrition as everyone else in the family, make the same choices around movement or lack thereof etc. etc. Their spiritual learnings are the same because they grew up in the same household. Their mental and their emotional toxicity can be similar. This is why somebody who has no genetic connection, because they were adopted into the family, can still get similar diseases as their family members because their entire environment of their life has been intertwined.

What Else is Triggering Illness or Disease?

Not only do we have a genetic blueprint we also have programming.  From the time we are in the womb through to about age 7, we are simply downloading programs to run on the hard drive of our mind.  These are all part of our unconscious programming, learned from all our experiences during those first 7 years, as well as what we witnessed during that time. We are programmed during those years to learn by observing our family members, friends and to simply download it all, so that we can follow the societal rules.  These programs become our habits, that are then run by our unconscious mind, and depending on what we downloaded, they can set us up for success or a more difficult time in adulthood. If you watched your parents constantly arguing over money, you will have developed programming around money, quite likely that you don’t want it, as it causes arguments and as such you may have a hard time making money, or perhaps you may be able to make lots of money, however your programming also has you get rid of it very quickly, because it causes arguments, and as such you don’t build any wealth in your life.  As a fetus you were taking on your mother’s emotions, if she was happy and relaxed during her pregnancy you got different chemicals flooding through your body through her blood than if she was anxious and frightened during pregnancy.

As an adult now you spend 95% of your day in a state of trance, where you are being run by the programming that developed before you were the age of 7.  Think about that for a moment. Could someone under the age of 7 run your life right now for the life that you want? Probably not, right? So, that is where we can get stuck, held back in adulthood because we have been running these programs that we are not aware of because they are unconscious, and when we start to understand all of this we can start to make changes, and take action.

Your conscious mind wants health and longevity; however, the programing of your unconscious mind gives us our patterns and habits and 60% of the time it is self-sabotaging, and we aren’t even aware of this as it’s unconscious.  It takes someone else to point this out to you.

This is where it is very helpful to work with someone who can see your blind spots and gently share them with you, and help you move out of the patterning and habits that are preventing you from living the life you truly want. This is why I love the tools of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TimeLine Therapy and Hypnotherapy as they are the most powerful mind-body tools on the planet. They can help us negate these changes and create new neurological ways in your unconscious mind, and do it very quickly and easily.

When we tap into the unconscious mind, keeping the conscious, thinking mind out of the process, we can literally re-program the unconscious mind to erase the old patterning that no longer serves and re-program it with what you do want.  As I said it’s very quick and easy to do.  It may sound too good to be true as you’ve never heard of this before, however, trust me it works. I love using these tools with my clients.  Unfortunately this isn’t taught through our education system which is why you likely haven’t heard any of this before, and I truly wish it was taught in our education system as teaching this information to our elementary and middle school aged children would really accelerate their success in life.

Women With Breast Cancer: Lower Your Stress, Find Community, Decrease Your Risk of Dying by 75%

Going back to cancer, I learned a stat the other day – that women with breast cancer can decrease their risk of dying by 75% simply by finding a supportive community and lowering their stress.  The lowering of their stress causes chemical changes in their body, which will boost their immune system. By finding a supportive community it can also lower their stress levels, because they aren’t feeling alone and focusing on their fear, instead they can feel heard and hear stories of others who have healed themselves, which gives them hope.  This shift in mindset, shifts the vision they have of themselves in their mind’s eye, they can see a future for themselves, and that vision is what the unconscious mind will deliver to them, especially if they really focus on that positive vision and attach positive emotions to it (again positively impacting their physiology).  Taking the next step to clear out the toxic emotions and limiting beliefs embedded during those years of 0-7, they can further enhance their healing and reduce the risk of the cancer coming back.  This is how we get to lasting healing.

  • What do you want out of your life?
  • What vision do you hold of yourself in your mind’s eye?
  • Do you believe that you will get whatever illness your parents had, or do you realize that you can absolutely change that for yourself?

I know I can change that for myself, and I focus on detoxing all of my bodies, to ensure that they are in alignment and harmony, and you can do this too.

If you want to learn more, please reach out, this is powerful work, which I love offering my clients. I would love nothing more than to set you on the path of optimal health and to let you know that you can be empowered in your health.  You don’t have to be like the average person in North America today, spending 10 years of  your life in a nursing home, you can choose differently, because you’ve read this article and learned that you don’t have to be a victim of your genes!

Please Share This Article with Others Who Are Looking for Hope!

Thank you for reading this article, and caring enough to look for help, and learn with each article that you read here on Your Guided Health Journey. Hopefully you are implementing what you are learning and also sharing it with others that can benefit, because my mission is to reduce the amount of chronic illness that we see in the world today. Please, let people know that there is way, and that your “dis-ease” is not a life sentence, even if you have been told that there is nothing that can be done for you by your doctor. That isn’t necessarily true. There are so many ways of healing, and when we address all of our bodies, it is powerful!

Please share this with people who need to hear this message, so that every human being on this planet knows that they really are their own best doctor. They have lived in their body their entire life, and there is so much more that can be done to help support you on your healing journey.

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