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Melissa’s blogs and podcast episodes always seem to come out right at the most perfect time. I had a very stressful situation I was dealing with and felt like I was losing my mind. I was hyper ventilating, and just stuck in a negative mind-set. I kept thinking this is never going to end, and just bad thought after bad thought just kept going on in my head.

I took a few minutes and read her blog post “The Power of Your Unconscious Mind!” I just have to say that once again Melissa was right on point, and her message was on point right when I needed a kick in the behind, LOL. I calmed myself down, and things went much smoother as I told my subconscious brain to take a breather and just relax.

Thank you, Melissa for always being positive, and helping others learn to stay in the right frame of mind, so we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to. If you are having a hard time getting your subconscious mind to slow down, and stop making things worse, and you want to take your life to the next level…. I highly recommend reaching out to Melissa!

Rebecca White

Sylvania, OH

When I looked up the definition of peace, I found freedom from disturbance; tranquility, as one meaning and the second meaning is a ‘state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended’ and I want to discuss both of these with you here today, as to how they relate to your inner being.

Peace is at the highest level of our energy states, above love, and joy, while shame, guilt, apathy, grief, and fear are at the opposite end, weighing us down with heavy energy. It takes conscious choice and inner work for us to access our peaceful state as so much of the messaging we get through social media and media outlets is focused on driving the fear within us, as they know that is how they get our brain to perk up and pay attention as its job is to keep us safe, so it is always on the lookout for danger…. aka fear!

Finding Peace Within Yourself

However, as we do more inner work, and focus on our own growth and development we realize that we can choose how we want to show up in the world, we can choose to remain the victim, stuck in our story, or we can choose forgiveness (that doesn’t condone the event by the way), as it allows us to move forward in our healing.  We can choose to be happy, or we can choose to focus on the negativity in life, we can choose to practice gratitude, which lifts us up, or we can choose to focus on what we don’t have and feel sorry for ourselves.  You can choose to believe that everything happens for us, so that we can ask “What is it that I need to learn from this experience?” and move forward in your personal power or you can choose that everything happens to us and wonder “who am I to blame for this?”

Focus On the Good In Your Life!

Where we lay our focus expands and so if you want a better life, focus on the good in your life!  You probably all have someone in your life that is always negative, nothing ever goes their way, and they spend time complaining about it – guess what they are doing – they are focusing on the negative, so they get more negative! I’ve had friends like that, and guess what, I don’t spend much time, if any, with them anymore, because their negativity would drain me and I didn’t want to feel drained after spending my limited time with my friends, I wanted to feel uplifted. Again, who you spend time with is a choice!

Now back to our topic of today’s article – PEACE – it is a choice too.

How To Achieve Peace

How do you achieve peace – one of the easiest ways is to stop the war inside you!  You may think, “what war”….but how often do you feel like a part of you wants to do this, but another part of you doesn’t – for instance a part of you wants to go out and change the world, and a part of you wants to stay small, as you’re not really sure you can change the world, or a part of you wants to be really successful in your career or business and a part of you wants to stay home and be Mom to your young kids.  Or perhaps a part of you wants to work with holistic practitioners to guide your body into healing and a part of you thinks that is all woo-woo, and the other part of you wants to just go to the doctor and use the medications they want you to take for life.   We all have many parts of us within our being, and these parts are often at war with each other, making you feel like you are stuck in a “push-pull” mode, never actually moving ahead.  You aren’t because how can you, when you are being pushed and pulled in opposite directions?  Not only that, when you are in this state, you only have ½ of your resources available to you – whereas if your two parts could recognize they have the same highest intension for you (such as safety, wealth, freedom etc.), and come together, you would be whole, the warring would end, and you’d have ALL the resources available to you. How much better would you feel when your “parts” aren’t at war AND when you have all the resources available to you so you can go out into the world and do exactly what you want to do?   You’d feel pretty darn invincible right AND you’d feel at peace with what you are trying to accomplish. This is powerful work, and we can align your parts quickly with the NLP techniques that I offer so that you can truly soar! Does this resonate with you?  We all have parts, my question is, which of your parts are getting in the way, disrupting your peace and your ability to reach your goals? Let’s bring them together for you.

Peaceful Environment

Another source of peace is a peaceful environment – what kind of home environment have you created?  Have you created space for peace – a room where the moment you walk into it you feel a sense of calm come over your body?  Or perhaps it’s a practice of peace, through yoga or meditation, that you stop and practice in your day, giving yourself some mental peace in your day.

We all need mental peace in our fast paced world today!

Perhaps it is finding a place in nature that you go to because nature is so calming on your nervous system. You feel peace when you step into nature. I am very fortunate that I am surrounded by nature, and yet I still notice when I take the time to step into it, instead of just being surrounded by it. I have shared this story before but, one time when I was really aware of it was after I had spent an entire day in Vancouver, dealing with traffic, going into different stores, getting my errands done, dealing with crowds, and on my way home I stopped at a local campground to celebrate my niece’s birthday, as her family was camping there. I pulled into their campsite, got out of the car, and I walked over to the port-a-potty washroom, and as I walked back from there to the campsite, which was all of 100 meters. I realized “wow! I can already feel my nervous system calming” I had only been there for two minutes. That’s how powerful nature is at helping us drop into peace. So, go for a walk, step into the woods. Allow yourself to be surrounded by trees, whenever you can. It will really help you to create that feeling of peace within.  

How to Bring Peace to Our Overwhelmed Brains

100 years ago, we didn’t have all the distractions and interruptions we have today – no TVs, no phones, computers, or tablets, constantly pinging at us, demanding our attention. It becomes overwhelming for our brains and because our phones go with us everywhere, we really aren’t giving our brains a break – in other words they aren’t getting any peace – even when we sleep, our brain Is working, so it’s important to give our brain some peaceful time in our day.  For me, that means doing some yoga, focusing on my breath, on my movement, on how my body feels, so I can release all the other thoughts about my day that would otherwise barge in.  I also love to meditate, usually just for 10 minutes at a time, at the beginning or end of my day, as right as we are waking up, or just as we are falling asleep are the best times to meditate and so it allows me to gently drift into sleep or gently wake into my day and giving myself a peaceful transition in the process – where my brain doesn’t have a steady stream of distractions, it simply gets to slowly wake up or slowly wind down, and feel at peace during the meditation.

I know many people worry about whether they are meditating “properly” or doing it ‘right” if you are having those thoughts it is creating stress….and right there your brain can’t be at peace if you are having these thoughts – my suggestion is to use a guided meditation, listen to what you are being told in the meditation and try to follow it as best you can, if your mind wanders off and you get distracted, don’t beat yourself up (that isn’t peaceful), instead recognize that it happened, know that it’s totally normal and gently bring your thoughts back to the guided meditation and keep going. It can be helpful if you notice your mind is wandering away to just label it as “thinking”, as in “I was thinking.” That is what your brain is supposed to do, it’s supposed to think, so it’s doing its job. There is no reason to beat yourself up for it, so just label it as “thinking”, now you are aware of it, and then go back to the guided meditation and listen again. Your brain may wander off again, so just label it again as “thinking”. Then just gently bring your brain back.

Some days you’ll be better at concentrating on the meditation than others, but the more you do it, the easier it will become, and you’ll notice that your brain thanks you for those moments of peace in your day.

Lesson for Today: Want More Peace? Start by Creating Peace Within Yourself

The lesson from today’s article, is that if you want more peace in your life, start by creating peace within yourself in the ways I’ve mentioned above.  If you’d like more support with that, please do reach out and connect with me at

Next week on “Don’t Wait For Your Wake-Up Call” my guest is someone who is helping to bring peace into our school systems with bully proof classrooms. I invite you to come on over and listen as he shares his personal struggle in finding peace within himself and how he now helps others in a very profound way that will make a huge difference to our youth and teens in the world today. I hope his work can spread far and wide quickly which is why I want to have him on my show and help him get his message out there.

Have a wonderful week ahead. I hope you incorporate some of these tips to start finding peace within yourself during a busy holiday season.

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