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Melissa Deally

About Melissa

Meet Melissa, a seasoned Teacher and Trainer specializing in NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Timeline Therapy. She is also a Level 2 Integrative Health Practitioner and Health Coach. With her extensive and masterful expertise, Melissa is your go-to mentor on your coaching journey.

But Melissa’s mission goes far beyond personal success. She’s on a quest to heal the world, and she knows that this mission can’t be accomplished alone. Chronic illness doesn’t have to be a life sentence, and Melissa is here to guide you in helping others realize that truth.

She’s committed to helping coaches like you develop your skills and build thriving coaching businesses. With Melissa’s guidance, you can be part of a team that’s spreading awareness and guiding people on their healing journeys. Join Melissa and become a vital force for change in the world of coaching and wellness.

Jennifer Hasenyager

About Jennifer

Jennifer Hasenyager, a former conventional physician turned coach, embodies a courageous journey towards authenticity and personal growth. Leaving her roles as Dr. Jennifer, Professor, and Eye Surgeon marked a pivotal moment in her life, setting her on a path of genuine self-discovery.  Jennifer’s passion for knowledge integration led her from medicine to neuroscience-based executive coaching to functional medicine and eventually to shamanic energy healing.  She’s also been a healthcare technology consultant and author of a memoir chronicling her transformative journey.

Her own health challenges led her to functional medicine, and she’s a certified practitioner in this field. Jennifer possesses a powerful intuitive side, and she’s a trained shamanic healer and Divine Feminine priestess.  Jennifer’s academic background is impressive, with degrees from Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and ophthalmology training at UCSF. She’s an MBA holder, Registered Corporate Coach, and certified in Functional Medicine.

Her story from medicine to coaching and holistic practices serves as an inspiring example of authenticity and self-discovery, making her an invaluable mentor for coaches seeking to make a profound impact.


“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou