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In this episode, I share why your unconscious mind can be your best friend and also your worst enemy! Once you understand that, you can reprogram your operating system so that it is no longer holding you back in your comfort zone, but instead helping you achieve your wildest dreams! There are so many benefits to mastering your unconscious mind in this way, the first step is knowing that you can do this, and then listening to this podcast to learn the benefits of doing so. If you like what you are hearing and want more of that in your life, then reach out and book a call with me to determine if you are ready for some operating system updates!

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Melissa is an Integrative Health Practitioner helping people get to the root cause of their health issues. Melissa neither diagnoses nor cures but helps bring your body back into balance by helping discover your “toxic load” and then removing the toxins. Melissa offers functional medicine lab testing that helps you “see inside” to know exactly what is going on, and then provides a personalized wellness protocol using natural herbs and supplements.  Melissa’s business is 100% virtual – the lab tests are mailed directly to your home and she specializes in holding your hand and guiding the way to healing so that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Melissa is the winner of the 2021 Quality Care Award by Business From The Heart and is also the recipient of the Alignable “Local Business Person of the Year “Award 2022 for Whistler.

Melissa has been featured at a number of Health & Wellness Summits, such as the Health, Wealth & Wisdom Summit, The Power To Profit Summit, The Feel Fan-freaking-tas-tic Summit, the Aim Higher Summit, and many more! She has also guested on over 60 different podcasts teaching people about the importance of prioritizing our health and how to get get started.




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Melissa Deally:

Imagine getting up every day full of energy is if you were in your 20s. Again, what would that be? Like? What would that be worth

Melissa Deally:

to you? What is your health worth to you?

Melissa Deally:

Think about it. Your health isn't everything. But without it, everything else is nothing. And yet too many of us are taking it for granted until something goes wrong. No one wakes up hoping to be diagnosed with the disease or chronic illness. And yet, we've never been taught how to be proactive in our health through our school system, or public health. As a registered health coach and integrative health practitioner, I believe it is time this information is made available to everyone. Combining new knowledge around your health and the ability to do my functional medicine lab tests in the comfort of your own home will allow you to optimize your health for today in all your tomorrow's. Don't wait for your wake up call.

Melissa Deally:

Welcome back to another episode of The don't wait for your wake up call podcast. My name is Melissa Deally, I am the host of the show. And today I'm continuing to talk about mindset and the power of your own mind. And do you know the power of your mind, especially your unconscious mind, and I just want to start off with a recent testimonial that I received. This is from Pat er on Vancouver Island, and she says I have always had a love for sweets. And at times they just seem to call out to me. Recently, Melissa guided me through a process linking to very specific items that I like to two very specific items that I dislike. Having worked with Melissa for some time on several aspects of improving my overall health, I have found her to be knowledgeable and her One to One approach is very supportive and effective. I am happy to say I have lost interest in both the specific chocolate and licorice treats. And more importantly, I know I have the power to change my thinking so I can change my behavior. Thank you, Melissa for showing me the power of tapping into the unconscious mind. You truly are a trusted guide. Thank you so much Pat for sending me that testimonial. And it's such a beautiful segue into this episode today. Because I want to ask the audience, do you know the power of your own mind? As I said in Episode 86, one of my all time favorite quotes that I go back to over and over again for myself is whether you think you can or think you can't You are right, by Henry Ford. What stories are you telling yourself in your own mind? Are you telling yourself that you can't? Or you're telling yourself that you're awful? Are you telling yourself that you're a loser that you're stupid? If you stop and think about the way you talk to yourself for a moment? Would you talk to a friend like that? If you did, would you have any friends, I'm pretty sure that you probably wouldn't talk to another person, the way that you talk to yourself, because we are so often unkind to ourselves in our own inner dialogues. If we're, if we haven't yet created the awareness and the skills to change our thinking, we're beating ourselves up telling ourselves, we aren't good enough, we don't deserve it, we aren't smart enough, and so on. And the more we do that, the more we create the habit of doing that and accepting that as being our normal, and then finding ourselves stuck in this negative loop. This is very normal human behavior driven by our brain that is responsible for keeping us safe. So you are not alone. If this is you, but you probably don't want to just live a normal life. You want to live an exceptional life, full of joy, vitality, good health service to others. So let's start shifting your mindset today. But first, let's understand how you get stuck in that negative pattern. And it's all because your brain is trying to keep you safe. Your brain knows you are safe right now as you are alive. And right now you are probably sitting very comfortably in your comfort zone. It's where we spend a lot of time. But whenever you start taking new action to learn something new, whether it's at work a new health routine, like my detox program, or maybe it's a new hobby or stepping outside your comfort zone and your brain will take notice. It will start chatting to you with comments like what are you doing? This is new. Do you even know what you're doing? This feels hard. Maybe you should just give up and go back to what you were doing before because this way your brain can get you back into your comfort zone where knows it can keep you safe. And if you listen to this regular internal dialogue from your brain, you might just give in and give up and go back to your comfort zone, not even aware of how your brain just manipulated that outcome.

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It's truly priceless. I'd love to see you join the community,

Melissa Deally::Melissa Deally:

Mastering your unconscious mind is highly effective and quick. You just have to be willing to let go of control of your conscious mind. And trust in the fact that you are here listening to this podcast for a reason. And the resources you need to take your life to the next level are being shown to you right now. The beliefs you have right now trigger the thoughts you have and the words you use, which then trigger your actions that get you results. So if you aren't getting the results you want, you need to go back to the root your beliefs. Just like when I work with clients and their physical health, we go back to the root is the same. When I'm dealing with the mind, we must go to the root. And from there we detox the beliefs that are no longer serving, and reprogram new beliefs that trigger different language and thoughts to cause different action and get the results that you want. So if you'd like to know more about these techniques that I use to update your operating system and reprogram your unconscious mind, please book a complimentary call with me. I'd be happy to help you discover whether you are ready to master your unconscious mind to be able to live the life you really want. And in my next episode, I will be interviewing Denise de Lille, a Positive Intelligence expert and serenity coach