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In this episode, Verdell shares her powerful story of how losing her mother led her on a journey of finding her on passion and purpose into a field of health and wellness.  Verdell uses touch therapy, somatic experiences and more in her work to help the body get out of it’s “dis-ease” and back into health. Verdell does readings for you, that will show exactly what your bodies needs from an energetic perspective, she is the translator for you, so that you can understand what your body is trying to ask for, and her message is don’t wait until things get really bad, if you aren’t feeling well, start to seek support to understand what your body needs now!

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About the Guest:

Verdell helps people to regain hope while helping them to heal with Feldenkrais Method, Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Touch and Body Readings (frequency work). She oozes compassion and empathy for those suffering and is constantly reinforcing that humans are not meant to suffer or live in pain. As an unwavering optimist, she believes every human has the innate ability to heal even from the most traumatic events or stressful experiences in life. Over her years in practice, she has witnessed miracles, individuals healing from what individuals believed was unfathomable, and their life sentence. 

Most recently Verdell Jessup is creating a name for herself working with individuals who have been injured by a vaccine whom are suffering from Myocardia and Pericardia and varying degrees of peripheral neuropathy or Ischemia. In addition, with individuals debilitated by long haul Covid symptoms.  Verdell has a gift with touch, and is able to locate the area of the body needing the most support and start to organically repair the damage which was done or to help forge new neural pathways.

Her empathetic nature allows her to provide unshakeable support to help all painful and terrifying experiences. She creates a safe container when we are all yearning for connection and just to be held to provide nervous system regulation. She is passionate about helping individuals to heal developmental trauma so that we can begin to repair early ruptures, which occurred prior to the acquisition of language. Some homes were stressful and our nervous systems did not get the healthy attunement and safe attachment which every human deserves.

She has spoken and taught Nervous System First Aid at Canadian Mountain Holiday (CMH) guide training. She was hosted on CJFC Kamloops, and Verdell may be best known for her podcast with Deandra Dey Therapy – I HAVE MY REASONS-S02EP02( Her most recent podcast with Blair Kaplan Venables – Radical Resilience (

She has extensive experience working and volunteering around the world teaching, which includes her time at the Health Environment and Literacy in the Himalayas where she helped to deliver relevant school books to remote villages in Ladakh. When she is not healing medical mysteries in person or virtually, Verdell is seeking adventure around the world.

Lastly, we can’t think our way out of trauma when experiences are held sub-cortically and in our cellular circuitry. In many ways her clients don’t need to be healed but instead held and to feel safe, not judged, not shamed or abandoned. She sees clients in her office in West Vancouver, Kamloops and travels to work with clients around the world. She has work with families throughout areas of BC(Bowen Island, Nelson, Golden), in the USA with private families and in Mexico. 


Verdell can be found at

Facebook: Verdell Jessup

IG: verdelljessup

LinkedIn: Verdell Jessup

About the Host:

Melissa is an Integrative Health Practitioner and Master Practitioner in NLP, Timline Therapy and Hypnotherarpy, helping people get to the root cause of their health issues and then get lasting results. Melissa neither diagnoses nor cures but helps bring your body back into balance by helping discover your “toxic load” and then removing the toxins. Melissa offers functional medicine lab testing that helps you “see inside” to know exactly what is going on, and then provides a personalized wellness protocol using natural herbs and supplements.  Melissa’s business is 100% virtual – the lab tests are mailed directly to your home and she specializes in holding your hand and guiding the way to healing so that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Melissa is the winner of the 2021 & 2022 Quality Care Award by Business From The Heart and is also the recipient of the Alignable “Local Business Person of the Year “Award 2022 for Whistler.

Melissa has been featured at a number of Health & Wellness Summits, such as the Health, Wealth & Wisdom Summit, The Power To Profit Summit, The Feel Fan-freaking-tas-tic Summit, the Aim Higher Summit and many more! She has also guested on over 60 different podcasts teaching people about the importance of prioritizing our health and how to get get started.




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Melissa Deally:

Imagine getting up every day full of energy is if you were in your 20s. Again, what would that be like? What would that be worth to you? What is your health worth to you? Think about it. Your health isn't everything. But without it, everything else is nothing. And yet too many of us are taking it for granted until something goes wrong. No one wakes up hoping to be diagnosed with a disease or chronic illness. And yet, we've never been taught how to be proactive in our health through our school system, or public health. As a registered health coach and integrative health practitioner, I believe it is time this information is made available to everyone. Combining new knowledge around your health and the ability to do my functional medicine lab tests in the comfort of your own home will allow you to optimize your health for today and all your tomorrow's don't wait for your wake up call.

Melissa Deally:

Welcome back to another episode of The don't wait for your wake up call podcast. And I'm so excited to bring you another incredible guest today for Verdell Jessup. Welcome Verdell

Verdell Jessup:

thank you so much. It's so exciting to be here with your guided health journey.

Melissa Deally:

Well, we've just had an amazing conversation before we even got started and we could talk forever but let me introduce you to the audience and then I will share your amazingness with all of them. So overdale helps people to regain hope while helping them to heal with Feldenkrais Method, somatic experiencing somatic touch, and body readings, which is frequency work. She oozes compassion and empathy for those suffering and is constantly reinforcing that humans are not meant to suffer or live in pain. As an unwavering optimist, she believes every human has the innate ability to heal even from the most traumatic events or stressful experiences in life. Over her years, in practice, she has witnessed miracles, individuals healing from what individuals believed was unfathomable, unfathomable, and their life sentence. So for Dell, I love, love, love the work that you do. And it's so in alignment with the work that I do. And I also truly believe that our human body is designed to heal, we just have to create the environment for it to do so. And before we dive into your work, though, I'd love you to share your story of what brought you to this.

Verdell Jessup:h, it was like a catalyst. In:Melissa Deally:

Oh wow.

Verdell Jessup:

Third kings brother, that I had a visa for one year. I was like, Oh my gosh, was it that easy? So I ended up packing my stuff and moving to Bhutan in the end I spent two years living in Bhutan.

Melissa Deally:

And just out of interest, what years was this?

Verdell Jessup:Yeah, this was:Verdell Jessup:ully, I haven't fainted since:Melissa Deally:

I was just gonna say adrenal burnout is exactly what I hear there. Yep.

Verdell Jessup:s, if I didn't lose my mom in:Melissa Deally:nk in the show notes for only:Unknown:

It's truly priceless.

Melissa Deally:

I'd love to see you join the community,


check out the link in the show notes.

Melissa Deally:

I agree 100% with you and I see it too in the work that I do. And you know, there's there's so many different ways to heal, right. And when people are healing, it is a journey and there, you may start here and then that opens up this and then you you go to the next step, which is basically what you were doing as well. And so yes, when I work with my NLP tools and my timeline therapy, that's exactly what I'm tapping into is everything that's stored in that unconscious mind and helping to release it. But I love how you're working with, you know frequencies and energy, et cetera, et cetera. So let's just talk about that the importance of frequencies.

Verdell Jessup:

frequencies are more and more important in many ways that they have existed for forever. We see how the pyramids were built in not only in Egypt, but in other countries around the world, because there's other pyramids. And they were all using frequencies, they were actually also using the earth energy to create electricity. And so each individual, like right now I have a certain frequency, but I have the ability to shift my frequency. If I go and have a beer, I'm not going to raise my frequency, but I'm going to lower my frequency. If I continue to have multiple, and then repeated a few days in a row, I'm lowering my frequency. And so if everyone can understand that, so we can put stuff in us, that increases our frequency or decreases also the environment which we're in. So if I hang out with negative individuals, or toxic individuals, they are going to pull down my frequencies, yes. Which then I don't understand why I'm not sleeping very well, well, I'm constantly getting sick. And often as people's frequencies dive, they also get more and more attracted to black, and not having color. And so all the wardrobe is now black, or gray. And, you know, it's a great example here in the wintertime, maybe not so much in Whistler on the ski hill. But if you go to the streets of Vancouver, Toronto, or Ottawa, almost everyone is dressed in black. And that's really showing where their frequencies are, where if you try clearing out your cupboard of everything black or gray, and just putting vibrant colors, like your beautiful purple sweater, with yellows, oranges, greens, how different you'll feel, and also the different energy you will attract. This fall I went in this system to Somatic Experiencing advanced training in Portland quite short notice and love thrift stores. And so I went in and I was like, okay, gosh, it's all really dreary in here, where's the brightest thing and the brightest thing was this bright yellow dress. But I lifted it up and I was like, Oh my gosh, this is so not me. But can I pull it off, and I went into the changing room. And I put it on and I was like, I look like Little Miss Sunshine. Perfect. And I was like, Okay, it's $20. I wore it the next day. And I was staying at a little hostel kind of hotel and I was walking 40 minutes to the training every morning and night back. And I wore the yellow dress. I've never had so much attention, like people run out of their houses at seven o'clock in the morning and be like, Oh my gosh, that's such a cute color in the dress the color. Even at night, late at night, 10 o'clock at night walking back, every individual who saw me commented. And I was like, people want that color, but they just don't know how to shift the frequency in their life. Then I've also trained with Dr. Abram Kerim, who's the founder of biogeometry. And he is an Egyptian scientists and architect. And he's developed a bunch of symbols, shapes using colors, in order to balance whether it's our body environment, EMF, 5g, the ley lines as well. And that is profound. And that takes it to a whole other level when we're actually looking at where am I living? And what is the frequency of my home? And what Earth lines are? Is it on? And are these affecting my health, detrimentally? And we can actually look at research where say someone gets sick in their home and they developed, I'm going to use some type of a spleen disease. If they die, and the relative moves in and stays in the bed in the same location, they will end up with the same thing. And people think it's coincidence, but they don't think about where the bed is the bed could be on two detrimental Earth lines. That is creating such a disturbance that it's causing the kitten or the spleen, to get disease and to actually take someone's life. So frequencies are everywhere. And so when someone comes wants to work with me. And they're lying down on a table and I'm working with their kidneys and adrenal because I'm doing my favorite work is how traumas stored specifically in the body in the tissues in the fluid. So I'm touching as you can be talking and telling me about your trauma. But my frequency is a certain level, and I truly am mindful of what I am putting in my body. So I eat only organic food. I've never been a drinker in my life, I've never been drunk, I don't do any drugs. hallucinogenics I'm not micro dosing, because I can get to places in my own body and mind and brain chemicals without using any substances. So what often people say, well, that when I'm touching them, is almost like I'm bringing a flashlight, wherever it's like a beam of light is coming in. And it's like, I'm trying to remove or shine light to where we're need to be cleaning, and how I describe it as more like a UV light coming in. Right? I'm coming in and like literally, or Luke Skywalker, 's Yes. I'm cleaning out I'm bringing up the frequency of whatever's going on in the body. And it's amazing what can really happen. How I also use frequencies is for body reading, and a body reading, the best way to describe it is that I'm a satellite dish, your system is a radio station. And it's 99.1. And so I use a pendulum to tune in to the radio station with your permission. 99 point, point one, and your system will tell me specifically where it has access deficiencies, and where it needs support. So we're really looking for the DIS ease, he's a body. And it's an this work for me is profound. Again, the same friend who got me to do the other things, went and saw a practitioner in Burnaby. And said, you're going to do what she does, so you better go visit her. And so I went and she's like, why are you here? And I was like, because I'm gonna do what you do. And she says, You're right, no one else. Everyone I teach doesn't do it. They're too afraid of it, but you're gonna do it. And I was like, Oh my gosh, here we go again. So that is fascinating work. And so when I'm doing a reading for someone, I'm looking for the three top priorities. And I'm looking at is it in Oregon cell a tissue fluid a gland? Is it a body part? Is it a different type of a condition, and the pendulum will just swing. So if it's an Oregon, then I'm going to the Oregon list, and seeing what Oregon need support. And once I get that I don't need to know why needs support. I just need to know how it wants to be supported. So then I have like, probably 100 different sheets of different remedies, right herbs, tinctures, teas, flower essences, vitamins, sound therapy, color therapy, neurology is in there. And again, I'm just waiting for the pendulum to swing. And when someone contacts me with a typically a mysterious illness, I don't want them to tell me anything. Right? I'm just like, I just need your date of birth, your legal given name and a recent headshot. And I'm sitting down to do it. And when I send it back to them often I get back. How did you know that? And I'm like,

Verdell Jessup:

I still don't know it. I just wrote down where the pendulum swung. And some even some of the remedies. I'm getting better now when something comes up. But I had one client from Saskatoon contact me on all of her legs, she had blood pooling underneath her skin. And she had been through every medical procedure to try to get it to stop even radiation. And everyone was like this is just something you have to live with. And so I was like, I don't believe there's anything that we have to live with. Right? So I did a reading for her and a bunch of it wanted to remove some things out of her diet. A big part of her reading also wanted to help gently start to get the fluid moving again. So like time t is a really big one to help gently start to flush your system of toxins. And again, the key word is gentle because we don't want to create things moving and have it down because it's not open. And then another piece that her body wanted what she wanted is shepherd's purse tincture. I was like shepherd's purse tincture. Like you know your body wants seven drops in the morning and water and seven drops at night daily for three months. And I was like, I just have to trust and I send it to her. I don't think anything of it. Or the body readings are typically for three months. In three months time she writes me and she's like it's gone. And I'm like, that's fantastic. In the meantime, In my own backyard and Kamloops because I have a house there that I rent out, I bring someone there to do landscape. And the guy looks down on the ground, he picks it up. He's like, Oh, you have shepherds purse growing in your backyard. And I was like, I have What? What? Like, and again, I come back to the universe is really mysterious of how it puts things in my own backyard where most people would be like, Oh, you have invasive weeds. And I was like, No, I have a lot of things that have tons of medicinal properties that are showing up for me to learn in the most organic way. And so when I'm working doing body readings, we're really looking at supplements that come in or you know, we're taking things food out or beverage out for a while, that actually starts to help bring the frequency up. A lot of times, whatever the supplement or tincture that your body wants to take, if you read up on it, it might not even match the reading. Because it's looking at it's a specific frequency that your body is requesting, right? Not specifically that tincture, right. And so we have to be really open with our mind when we get our body reading and being like, Oh, she's so off or I had a prof from a university in California get a body reading. And when she received it, she wrote to me and she says this must be wrong. Because when I look at that color, or listen to that sound therapy, it makes me sick. And I said, No, I guarantee you we got the right one. You have to tolerate it. Because it's moving, it's so blocked, that it's going to feel horrible, like you just want to move away from it. But what we really need to do is we need to move through it. Yes. And I'm sure with your own health. When we go to Western doctors, they want to give us a pill that wants to suppress it and move around it as opposed to going organically added that we actually need to go into the middle of it and figure out what's going on. How do we shift this? So I love frequency work of like and just start noticing even of like, when you go to a friend's house? Does that friend's environment lift you up? Or does it bring you down? And does that particular friend lift you up or bring you down? And that's really, I guess the best explanation for frequency.

Melissa Deally:en do, and looking at it with:Verdell Jessup:

Far too often, people are saying oh no, you know, I just don't feel well today. It's okay. And we keep putting off going and getting support. And if there was one thing I could say to anyone, advice for anyone younger than me or older than me is don't wait till it's an emergency. When you feel your system being a little bit off, that's when we need to reach out for a little bit of support. We're humans, we all need a social system, and support. And it doesn't mean any less of us. If I go see a counselor, I go for hypnotherapy, I go and sit in a sauna, whatever it might be, we need to figure out how to take care of the little dysregulation early on. Because there's far too many people who end up with a wake up call where they're having stage four cancer and they said I didn't know about it.

Melissa Deally:

So true. And when we do deal with it early on, it's so much easier to bring the body back into balance out of that disease state. So yes, now how can people get in touch with you if they would like to learn more and possibly work with you and I know you have a gift for my listeners as well. So please share all of that.

Verdell Jessup:

Yes. So for the first 10 individuals who reach out they get 50% off a session whether that's in person, and I work virtually I work in Kamloops. I have an office I go up to once a month and I also see clients in West Vancouver. And so that can be virtual or in person or a body reading. So the first 10 people who reach out to me and the easiest way to reach out to me is through my website and so it's for Dell and for Dallas spelled ve R D E L L and there's not too many of riddles in the world. So you're most likely to have one of my, like my website pop up pretty early on in your search engine. And I love I absolutely love helping people because we are not supposed to be suffering, there is a way to heal and to feel hopeful again, and not spend any time in the hopelessness.

Melissa Deally:

And we're also not supposed to do it alone, right, we can't possibly know everything. And so having, you know, a network of people that can help us in our health journey is is equally as important as having a network of people in our social life, our business life, etc. So yeah, thank you so much. And just as we wrap up, is there any last message you'd like to share with the audience?

Verdell Jessup:

Yes, one is to actually to men, if there's any men listening is that often men won't go to therapy, they'll buy another toy, they'll go for another drink the watch another sporting event. And it's far too often that men aren't getting the support that they need. And in my office, when I have a man come in, I asked them what their social network is, what is their support team. And most of them don't have, they might have buddies that go drinking with but they don't have anyone that they're telling their pains and their strains and the relationship stuff, too. And so far, too often, we're seeing men, family members, husbands, dads, commit suicide, and please don't let it get to that point, reach out and get the support that you need early on, it doesn't mean that you're less of a man or that you're weak. We all need support.

Melissa Deally:

We do all need support, and it actually takes strength to reach out. So thank you for sharing that message. It's a very, very important message. And to the listeners. Thank you all for joining us here today. Thank you for Fidel for all of your wisdom and sharing. And if this episode resonates with you, and you know someone that needs to listen to it, please send it to them. Because all Verdelho is trying to do all I'm trying to do is provide resources to people and give them options. And as you said, riddle, give them hope. Because when we have hope the body can keep healing is when we give up and we lose that hope that the body will see we will not heal anymore. So this message of hope, please share it. And thanks again so much for Dale for joining us today.

Verdell Jessup:

Thank you so much. It's such a pleasure to be with you.