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I Just Want To Be Me Again! | Ep 168

🔥 Join us for an enlightening conversation with Jeanne Andrus, aka The Menopause Guru, as she shares her personal journey through menopause and how she’s been helping other women navigate this transformative phase of life for the past 10 years. 💃 Every woman will experience menopause, yet many are left in the dark about how to gracefully navigate its symptoms and impacts. 🌸 Discover how you can rebalance your hormones and embrace menopause as the gift it truly is! 🌟Having this knowledge in your 30s will set you up to move through this phase of your life with elegance.

Protect Your Heart Health: Tips to Beat Heart Disease! | Ep 167

❤️ In this episode, we’re tackling the leading cause of death in North America head-on. Learn simple yet effective strategies to reduce your risk of heart disease and safeguard your heart health. From lifestyle changes to the importance of lab testing, we’ve got you covered. Don’t wait to become another statistic – take action now to prioritize your heart health and live your best life! 💪 #HeartHealth #Prevention #HealthyLiving #TakeAction 🏥