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I am starting a new series today, on the tools of the unconscious mind, which I will be running for the next four weeks or so. Our unconscious mind is so incredibly powerful, working for us every second of every single day, yet, we haven’t been taught the tools in order to harness the power of our unconscious mind.

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Melissa is an Integrative Health Practitioner and Master Practitioner in NLP and Timeline Therapy and a Board Designated Hypnotherapy Teacher Trainer, helping people get to the root cause of their health issues and then get lasting results. Melissa neither diagnoses nor cures but helps bring your body back into balance by helping discover your “toxic load” and then removing the toxins. Melissa offers functional medicine lab testing that helps you “see inside” to know exactly what is going on, and then provides a personalized wellness protocol using natural herbs and supplements.  Melissa’s business is 100% virtual – the lab tests are mailed directly to your home and she specializes in holding your hand and guiding the way to healing so that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Melissa is the winner of the 2021 & 2022 Quality Care Award by Business From The Heart and is also the recipient of the Alignable “Local Business Person of the Year “Award 2022 for Whistler.

Melissa has been featured at a number of Health & Wellness Summits, such as the Health, Wealth & Wisdom Summit, The Power To Profit Summit, The Feel Fan-freaking-tas-tic Summit, the Aim Higher Summit and many more! She has also guested on over 60 different podcasts teaching people about the importance of prioritizing our health and how to get started.




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Melissa Deally:

Welcome back to another episode of health hack. I am Melissa Deally and I am starting a new series today, on the tools of the unconscious mind, which I will be running for the next four weeks or so our unconscious mind is so incredibly powerful, working for us every second of every single day. And yet, we haven't been taught the tools in order to harness the power of our unconscious mind. And use it in order to allow us to live an easier life a life more in flow with access to more resources, and to show up as our best selves each and every day. And that's why I want to share this information with you. Because when I started learning this information two years ago, it was literally blowing my mind how much more there is than what we've been led to believe. Now, as I'm sure you know, you are aware that your unconscious mind stores all of your memories, and it stores them in order as if in a filing cabinet. Without any judgment of from any memory or any experience that you've ever had. It will also suppress your memories from traumatic events, until it feels that you are in a safe place where it can release these memories to be dealt with in the conscious mind. And until that time, it represses them, which is why military folk in war zones don't get PTSD until they return home. And the unconscious mind deems it safe to bring them forth. The unconscious mind also has your blueprint for perfect health. It also has your map of the health of the body, that of the health in your body that you're experiencing today. And when it has that blueprint for perfect health, you can get there, when you have the tools to be able to access this. Your unconscious mind is the other 90% You've probably heard that saying that most human beings are only using 10% of their mind anyway. Well, the 10% is the conscious mind, it's your thinking, problem solving logical mind. Your unconscious mind is the other 90% is where all of your emotional body lies. It's where your imagination and creativity lie. And it's where you have access to so many more resources, when you have the tools to know how to access your unconscious mind. And that's what I've been learning and training in in the last two years. And now I'm loving sharing this with people teaching people, whether they want to become practitioners in these modalities or working with it to regain their health, improve their life, their business, get achieve the dreams they want to be achieving with ease and flow instead of doing it the hard way, which is only relying on the 10% the conscious mind. It only has access to willpower in terms of moving us from a thought to an action and then maintaining that action that behavior. And we know willpower doesn't work because every year people make New Year's resolutions and they're completely relying on willpower. And guess what most New Year's resolutions have fallen off before the end of January. When we add in the ability of to access the unconscious mind and the imagination. We can create new behaviors in simply seconds as we rewire the neurology. This is powerful. And I invite you to stick with me binge listen to these health hacks if a few of them have been recorded or tune in every Monday, Wednesday, Friday on YouTube and follow along so that you can start to learn the tools of the unconscious mind and the impact that can have on up leveling you and everything about your life. So come back, listen to more. I love sharing this information and I hope you get excited about it as excited about it as I am